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Best books for hair & beauty salon owners

Books and magazines are present in many places. It is a way of having your customers entertained, enjoying some reading while they are waiting for their turn. Of course, the kind of magazines and books you should have at your store will be different depending on the profile of the customers that frequent your business. For example, what are the best books for hair & beauty salon owners? let’s take a look.

List of best books for hair & beauty salon owners.

When you open a salon it is important to know how to deal with your customers. Books can help you with this, there are lots of Hair Salon management books that will be really useful. Here are some recommendations:

The Salon Building Bible

This is more than a book, this is a must-have business tool for first-time salon owners. In this book, you will find many useful tips about design, but it also focuses on start-up costs and will help you to plan your project. A great resource for everyone interested in building a salon.

Salon Buzz: Marketing and Management Ideas for Ultimate Success

This book will provide you many marking and management ideas so you can set yourself apart from other salons and define your brand. Also, it includes lots of social media strategies that will help to make your salon a success.

Make a Six Figure Income Doing Hair: How To Do It, Really

This book will tell you how to be a real professional in a salon, you will learn the best ways to work with clients and justify your pricing. If you know anyone who is about to graduate in the cosmetology school this will be the perfect gift.

Salon Client Attraction: Attract More Clients, Earn More Profits

An informative book that will provide you different marketing strategies in order to attract more clients. With this book, you will have a complete understanding of how to deal with your customers, so you make them come back.

Which books could your customers read?

Let’s focus now on hair & beauty salon customers. How can you have them entertained? You want them to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, the better their experience the more they will want to come back for more.

As a result, if you have books or magazines in your salon you want these to make your customers stay calm. Here are some book suggestions that will keep hair and beauty salon customers relaxed and entertained.

It is important to know how to communicate with clients in a salon but also, knowing how to have them entertained is crucial as well. With these books, your customers will be turning pages like crazy, so hooked that they won’t even remember they are in a hair & beauty salon.

The Art of Racing in the Rain By Garth Stein

This adorable story centers on a dog, Enzo, who believes that he will be a human in his next life. As a result, he watches and learns from television as he wants to be as much as prepared as possible for his human life.

Enzo sees his owner, Denny Swift, go through marriage, career changes and other daily events. Narrated from the dog’s perspective, you realize how it’s like to be in such moments. A fair warning, this book might make you cry.

Twenty Love Poems: And A Song Of Despair by Pablo Neruda

Your most romantic customers will definitely choose to read this book. This poetry book is only 68 pages long, so it’s an easy read that also shows the original text in Spanish so you can also enjoy the original version.

The Little Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

An enjoyable story for both adults and kids that have made this story being one of the most read books in the world. Adults will realize that The Little Prince touches topics such as love, technological progress, consumption and the decay of modern society.  Kids instead might not understand the book, but they will enjoy a fun read that will keep them distracted.

The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway By Ernest Hemingway

This is a collection of short stories. An ideal reading while you wait for your turn at the beauty salon because, being a short story, you can finish it relatively fast so your costumers won’t leave the salon without knowing how the story ended.

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