The story of how Ommwriter helped me to write

It is far to say that Ommwriter has made the difference. One of the worst nightmares for writers is not being able to focus on their writing, sadly, this is quite a common issue, and I was no exception. I couldn’t focus for some reason, anything, and I mean literally anything, served as an excuse for me to stop writing and doing something else.

I needed help to focus on writing. And, luckily, I found Ommwriter. It really made the difference for me, since it helped me to focus on my story and somehow set the perfect scenario to expand my creativity.

What is Ommwriter?

Ommwriter is a simple yet effective tool that helps you to focus on writing. It creates the perfect scenario for you to stop writing, isolating you from any other programs on your computer as well as from the internet.

You can choose different chilling melodies, which help you to concentrate.

How does Ommwriter work?

It is pretty easy to use, you will learn how it works in less than two minutes. You only have to click on the program, then it will open, so you can start writing.

The program has different natural backgrounds (you can choose the one that you like or inspires you the most).

You will see you can choose ten different audio tracks, that will help you to write. My favorite is the one with the sounds of the sea, it’s super relaxing.

Mind you, this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share how this great tool helped me in my writing.

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