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Spiderwick Chronicles movie 2: this is why there was never a sequel

Did you Watch The Spiderwick Chronicles movie? A feature film of the book series by the same name written by  Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.  How come Spiderwick Chronicles 2 never came out? This is why it never had a sequel.

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A bit of info about the film: who plays in the Spiderwick Chronicles?

The Spiderwick Chronicles movie was released in 2008. The film was directed by Mark Waters and cast Freddie Highmore playing the main role of the Grace twins.  Sarah Bolger played Mallory Grace, Simon and Jared’s older sister.


The budget of The spider Chronicles film was $90 million, a similar amount to other big productions of other fantasy book adaptations. This fantasy adventure film is a production by Nickelodeon movies that was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Filming location

For those who were wondering where was The Spiderwick Chronicles filmed, it was in Montreal and Quebec (Canada).

How well did The Spiderwick Chronicles film in the theatres?

This adaptation grossed $162.8 million, which means it had good results. Similarly, the film was well-received by both the audience and the critics, more specifically, Freddie Highmore was praised by his performance, being able to play the role of the twins Simon and Jared.

Seems like the audience went to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles and not only that. They loved it. As usual, let’s take a look at the score this movie has in some well-known review-aggregation websites.

Rottentomatoes: 80%.

Metacritic: 62.

As you see, it was well-received by the critics. Where is Spiderwick 2 then?

Spiderwick chronicles 2

We have seen entire franchises being canceled for different reasons: filming rights, bad results at the theatres or even being subject of a boycott campaign. However, this is not so for Spiderwick featured films.

The spiderwick chronicles film
The spiderwick chronicles film

The original book series is five books long. However, the producers decided to cover all the events in a single movie. As a result, this is why there is not Spiderwick chronicles 2, the basic overall plot is told in a single movie.

In summary, for those who were wondering how many movies of the Spiderwick Chronicles series the answer is only one. Therefore, no Spiderwick 2, no need for a sequel after all.

What did the authors think about the movie adaptation?

This is what one of the authors, Tony DiTerlizzi, said about the film:

The filmmakers did a great job of adapting the stories. I got to witness firsthand what goes into making a film and understood many of the changes from the source material. The screenwriter couldn’t jam everything from all five books into one film. It would have been really long, and really expensive. Perhaps one day the studio will re-examine it as a television series.

Similarly, Holly Black seemed to like the film also:

I liked it a ton. I thought Mark Waters did a great job directing and that Freddie Highmore and Sarah Bolger played the kids pitch-perfectly. They really seemed like the characters from the books. I was also extremely happy that the faeries seemed organic and a little bit frightening.

Is the Spiderwick Chronicles on Netflix?

Additionally, for those who want to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles full movie online, you are lucky. This movie is available on Netflix.

So here it is, the mystery of why  Spiderwick 2 was never filmed is solved. However, there are lots of complimentary books in this series, do you think they would work as a sequel?

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3 Comments on "Spiderwick Chronicles movie 2: this is why there was never a sequel"

  • The movie was great and all I love the movie but I wish they made a sequel because the book has so many creatures and stuff but what they did not show if all the creatures they only throw about three or four actually they showed 6 creatures but the book had so many more creatures than that so I hope one day if you guys reading this comment I wish you guys can make another one because I think it will be interesting to have a sequel that has a new monster that wants to try to get the book and that will be interesting to me but it’s up to you guys I just kind of got a little upset because there was not going to be a sequel but once again that was a really good movie

  • Loved the Spiderwick chronicles movie, trouble was like a lot of films there was not enough of it,a sequel would have been great,let’s HOPE.

  • I really wish there was a Sequel because it feels… unfinished. They did a great job on this one but it feels like there should be another problem. Like a evil wizard who summons dragons and wants to show the world that these things are real. I don’t know it could be I just don’t want it to end

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