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Will there be Eragon 2? let’s find out!

Ever wondere what happened to the Eragon film series? An adaptation of the first novel of The Inheritance Cycle,  a young adult high fantasy series written by American author Christopher Paolini. However, there was never a sequel, Eragon 2 never saw the light. Why did the Eragon movie fail?


The novels focus on the adventures of a teenage boy named Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, as they struggle to overthrow the evil king Galbatorix.  Set in the fictional world of Alagaësia. A book series that has sold over 33.5 million copies worldwide.

But in this article, we are not going to focus on The Inheritance Cycle but on the movie adaptations. A lot of questions to be answered, will there be Eragon 2? why were the sequels not released? or why did Eragon film fail? it’s time to answer all those questions

If you want to start reading the books so you can know how this series ends you can take a look at this post with the Eragon series in order.

🎞️ A bit of info about the Eragon film

Eragon was released as a film in 2006 and was directed by Stefen Fangmeier. The main role was played by Ed Speleers, while the Eragon cast included major stars as  Jeremy Irons, Sienna Guillory, Robert Carlyle, Djimon Hounsou. Additionally, Rachel Weisz was the voice of Saphira.

Fox filmed Eragon in locations of Hungary and Slovakia and this movie was covering the events occurring in the first book of The Inheritance Cycle. The two next books in the series, Eldest and Brisingr, were going to be shooted back-to-back; however, as we all know, the Eragon sequels were not filmed.

The film had a budget of $100 million,  which is a standard amount for this kind of fantasy movies. The Eragon movie grossed a75 million in the USA and $173.9 million in the rest of the world,  grossing $249 million worldwide.

🐉 Will Eragon 2 movie be released?

No, this planned franchise was canceled so there are no plans to release Eragon 2. Eragon’s sequels were already programmed but given the bad results of the first Eragon movie, they were not even filmed.

But, where the numbers of the Eragon film that bad? Looks like the movie managed to recoup its budget at least, they why there weren’t any Eragon sequels? Let’s go deeper.

🎥 Why did Eragon film fail?

One of the reasons the movie failed is simple: Eragon film was significantly different from the original story. Was this well-received by the book fans and the critics? time for some reviews:

Tomatometer: 16%. So far the lowest score of all the movies we have analyzed.

Metacritic: 38.

Lots of aspects of the movie were the reason for its failure:

As said before, one of the main aspects, why this film flopped, was because the plot was drastically different from the book. This implied not showing major events of the books, excluding some races such as the dwarfs. Also, some minor issues that for some reasons were changed in the adaptation such as Sapphira’s scales being blue, Arya not looking like an elf…

The special effects were not good either, not for a movie released in 2006 at least. Let’s not forget that Jurassic Park was released more than a decade before Eragon and still the T-Rex looks way more real than Saphira.

As a result, the movie was not well received by both fans and critics and the sequels were canceled. True, the movie seemed to recoup its production budget, but let’s not forget marketing and distribution costs are not included in such numbers, so maybe such thing plus the bad reception made the producers made such a drastic decision as canceling Eragon films.

Will Eragon movie be remade?

It has been speculated more than once that Eragon will have a reboot, Christopher Paolini was also asked about his thoughts to redo the Eragon movie and start a new franchise, these were his words:

If I knew, I’d tell you. Let’s just say there have been a few inklings of interest in Hollywood, but Hollywood being Hollywood, it could be a long time before we get a reboot. Or it could happen tomorrow.

Also, he said that if Eragon had a reboot he would retain some control over the direction of the movie:

You bet. I would write the script, produce, etc. (Assuming my other projects let me the time, of course.)

So, Is it possible that Eragon films will be rebooted? Seems so, but this will depend on Hollywood studios.

How does the author Christopher Paolini feel about the Eragon film?

Christopher Paolini said the following about his feelings regarding the film of Eragon:

“Heh. Well, I’m glad it was made, since so few books ever get made into movies, and it introduced millions of new readers to the Inheritance Cycle. That said, the movie reflects the studio and the director’s view of the story, whereas the books reflect mine, and everyone is free to enjoy them on their own merits.” See full answer in his blog.

Seems like we discovered the reason behind Eragon’s film failure! Do you want Eragon to be rebooted? comment and say hi! If you like to know about other movie adaptation that went wrong, check this post where we answer why did they stop making Percy Jackson movies .

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25 Comments on "Will there be Eragon 2? let’s find out!"

  • I am a HUGE Eragon fan. I personally agree that the movie was a MAJOR flop. It never even came close to the book. I would LOVE to see a reboot of the movie as well as have the sequels made. But, theyd need a director who can acomplish a major undertaking as these books deserve. Such as Peter Jackson (L.O.R.) Or even Michael Bay who did an awesome job with Transformers. Also, to do them justice they would have to be “extended cuts” 3 hours per movie (like L.O.R.) THEN the series would EXPLODE at the box office!

  • I love the Inheritance Series.
    Saw Eragon at the salon, and remembered seein it years ago. Piqued my curiosity as to what happened. (Seeing a young Ed Speelers was a surprise, I know him from Outlander.).
    Yes, the movie was a far cry from the book. The book was so rich in visual images and characters. The details we looked for weren’t there..Arya’s ears, etc.
    No harm in a remake, even a TV series with more time for plot and story line. This way it can carry on for the five books, and five seasons.

  • Yes would lobe a reboot! Or a tv series! That would work! I liked the film, but I remember thinking it could of been soooooo much better. There is huge potential there! Just need some really good actors on board and some great effects. I really hope one day it gets remade.

  • I loved the movie Eragon. I know many say it flopped in comparison to the books but the story line was great. The book had so much more vivid details though. I would REALLY REALLY LOVE to see a reboot. And yes let Paolini work HIS magic by directing the film and produce and write the script. This would allow him to give it to us in fikm as he did in the books. This would be a real hit guys! And then sequels to. I dont know about a series. They tend to screw up in series form but still this story is so vast and so entailed it coyld be a sreies if they keep the cast the same through it all. Anyway, please, please, PLEASE Mr. Poalini do another movie! You are a great writer and this story deserves another try! With you be all in i think you will have a huge reaponse! In a very good way! Thank you for the movie though, to me it was not that bad but you could make it better! Hope to see or hear something soon

  • I think that a reboot would be great in general since the movie has such a bad reputation and I don’t like it when one of my favorite books gets made into a movie that doesn’t even include an ENTIRE part. Hello the dwarves may be short but that is no reason to forget them! Aaaaaaand what is the point of Arya being an elf if she doesn’t have pointed ears!!!

  • I love the film! I hadn’t read the books so I can see a reason why i like it so much, i have no other source of info that makes me complain about how bad adapted is.
    I was born in 1999 and I grew up with this film. I dont see such bad CGI tbh and i like the plot a lot and all its characters (again, i havent read the books). The best for me is Jeremy Irons rol as Brom. Love the actor and love what he did with the character. My favorite character in the movie.
    I have watched it a lot of times and I have played with my dragon toys a lot of times to that film. I’ve played with my big sister, who loves the film just as much as I.
    Now I’m 20 and i hadnt seen it for years, so I decided to watch it yesterday and I felt like i was 10 again. I felt the same things i did and I cry just as bad when Brom dies and I get as emotional as i do every time I watch it.
    To me is part of my childhood and I always have a very good memory of that film.
    It may differ from the books, Im not denying it, but for me, a non reader, I love it. I dont n¡know what would I thought if i had read the books before watching it, guess Ill never know. BUt I can tell you that if I read the books in some future, I will still love the film till the end of my days.
    I understand there was no way they could make a sequel that fit the book’s plot, but i would have watched every single one if they had been released. Sad they didnt because of bad reception and low intake in the box office.
    At least we still have the film and I love it just as much as I did as a kid. Got nothing bad to say about it

  • I’ve been in hopes they would make eragon 2. I guess since I never read the books, I really liked the movie

  • I simple love the books and alot of times the scripts are changed and when this happens it usually doesnt go well with the books fan base. If they revamp this into a new movie with all new characters then they must stick to the book as close as they can. If they do this I know it will break records cause the books are magnificently created. I really hope Hollywood does recreate it and takes the chance.

  • I loved the movie. Its still one of my favorites. I would welcome eragon 2 or a reboot i guess. Eragon 2 would be best though

  • My wife and I enjoyed the books very much, on the strength of that we went to the flics to watch the film , we “walked out” after about 35 minutes . A reboot sounds good, but with so much detail and so many characters would probably end up being as long as The Lord of the Rings.

  • Remake the eragon movie it did not follow the book made it boring an uninteresting would be nice to have a reboot make it more like the book when make people want to watch it more especially eragon fans

  • I have read the book series of Eragon twice and I loved it both times. I also watched the movie several times and was a little disappointed at the amount of things left out and the change in characters that just didn’t bring the story any justice. Hollywood tends to do a lot of screw-ups when it comes to making what people read in the books see it as visually as written by the auther. So with that said someone needs to take another try without cutting the true story to pieces. Let the writer have the bigger say in the screenplay and production. I hate a butchered story.

  • Ed Speelers did a great job and also the The John Malkovich and Sir Jeremy Irons appearances are great as well.. Please have the reboot.

  • The movie was terrible but the books are great, I recommend them to anyone who wants to know how the story goes on

  • 5 stars
    So this is why? omg that is sad, I loved it. When can I find the books?

  • I thought the movie was great and was shocked there is no sequel! I have not read the book so wasn’t disappointed it wasn’t like the book. I loved Ed Speleers and Jeremy Irons too! Robert Carlyle makes a great evil sorcerer too! We didn’t get to see much of John Malkovich and I wish there would have been more. I hope someday there will be more movies!

  • I really hope to see a reboot, the books are incredible. The movie was good too but would like to see a reboot en the cycle to continue.

  • I never read the books, with that said loved the eragon movie many critics that read books over think the process. Obviously you can put a novel into 2.5 hours or even an 1.5 hours so stuff is left out. I feel sorry for all the people who loved the movie like i did that never read the books.

  • I loved Eragon and had wondered why there wasn’t a sequel. Please reboot Eragon along with Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance. THANKS!

  • I have read the books and they were great. Yes it was a little different in the film but it was still fun and great to watch. I been aching to see the sequels to it. The ending of the first movie led perfectly into the second one and was disappointed that they didn’t follow up with it. It was amazing and I’d love to see a reboot.

  • Hey , i would love to see a whole lot more of earagon . If there will be a remake from the first movie i will sureley watch it, i ordered the books also , i absoluteley wanna know what happens next and how this will end. I am a great fan of long movies in this genre and hoping and looking forward to see when the next part or the remake will brought out.

  • I’m a big fan of eragon. The movie was good for what it was, but compared to the book yes was a flop. I would hugely love a reboot to the movie as well as the sequels made. I’m sure that there are plenty of us to urge this message to those that need to hear it.

  • Hi! I’ve read all the books of Inheritance and I loved the movie despite the major differences from the book, deviations of the plot line, major details left out; but I agree with others. A TV series or remake of the first movie to give the rest of the series a chance would be stupendous.

    The movie was a solid show, I wished it was longer as to really capture the same journey in the books; but unfortunately it seems to be the case with books becoming movies.. there is always too many opinions going into the making of it.

    I have hopes that we’ll see more of it, an adventure I never wanted to end.

  • Movie was great. Could be the as big of a box office seller as harry potter if made with a better directer a nd allowing the author be more hands on with the movie. Or even a series would be great so the story can be explained alot better! Each eragon book can be easily made for 2 movies so it can show waaay more detail of each book. Loved the books loved the movie!

  • You can already get the books. There wouldn’t have been a movie if the books hadn’t been published.

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