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Eragon books in order, Christopher Paolini series

In case you are seeking the Eragon series order here you will find a great list collecting all the books in this high fantasy adventure written by American author Christopher Paolini. This series is actually titled The Inheritance Cycle, but most readers call it by the name of the first volume due to the popularity of its movie adaptation.

We’ve got great news, there are more books in the Eragon series than you expected. Some believe it’s a tetralogy, it’s not anymore, keep reading to find out how many Eragon books are there.

Eragon book series in order by Christopher Paolini

We recommend you read the Eragon books in chronological order, so far this series is composed of six volumes. Here you have all the novels, click on their cover to get any of them or check the book set shown just below:

In case you want to get the first four books in the Eragon series this set is the perfect choice for you. This Eragon book set collects the four books in the Inheritance Cycle series, it has a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating and has more than 1,400 reviews.

This Eragon book set comes in different formats, so you will be able to choose between hardcover, paperback and Kindle formats. Also, in case you are concerned about the difficulty of this series, you will find the Eragon reading level at the end of this post. Speaking of the covers, they look amazing, we believe it makes sense that the last two volumes have a different design, a clever way to tell us they are not part of the original series (they are a sequel and a spin-off).

Now that you know the Eragon series order you have to take a look at this book set

Itching for more fantasy? of course you are, that’s why we are here. Now that we told you how many eragon books are there it’s time for us to make you discover new incredible adventures, make sure you don’t miss these 3:

Christopher Paolini is best known for the Eragon books, but that doesn’t mean he has not published anything else. That’s we we decided to include the first volume of his Fractalverse series. However, this happens to be a science fiction story.

Also, given that you like YA fantasy, take a look at the Magnus Chase series in order and of course check out this post in which you will find The Wheel of Time reading order.

Let’s know a bit more about The Inheritance Cycle series

Eragon books in order
Eragon books in order

The Eragon book series takes place in a fictional place, Alagaesia, in which there is an order known as the Dragon riders, who have sworn to protect the world and make sure peace reigns everywhere.

One of these riders, Galbatorix, had to witness the murder of his own dragon by the malicious Urgals. After being denied a second dragon by the Council of the Elder Riders, the man blamed the council for the death of his beloved creature and created an evil organization known as the Thirteen Forsworn so to take revenge.

The story centers on Eragon, a Dragon Rider who, together with his dragon Saphira, will face Galbatorix and put an end to his insanity. Will good be able to defeat evil? probably, it may depend on the dragons.

The first book in the series was written by Christopher Paolini when he was only fifteen years old. It was published in his family editorial, and two years later it was republished by Alfred A. Knopf Books, a publishing editorial that has published books from several notable authors including  Albert Camus, John Banville, Carl Bernstein, Robert Caro, Willa Cather, or Julia Child, among several others.

Book 6 in the Eragon series, Murtagh, was released in November 2023. This story is not starred by Eragon and Sapphire, but by dragonrider Murtagh, and his dragon Thorn, of course!

Eragon series order, what is the best order to read these books by Christopher Paolini?

Here is a list of all the Eragon books in order of publication. This is one of those inspiring cases that shows us how you must never lose faith that your favorite series will extend in the future, the first volume in The Inheritance Cycle series was published in 2002, and 21 years later here we are with a new addition to this fantasy collection.

Here you have a list of all the books in the Inheritance Cycle:

Eragon book series order

Eragon series order

Eragon – Christopher Paolini
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  • Knopf Books 

Reading order:

  • Eragon (Eragon book 1)
  • Eldest (Eragon book 2)
  • Brisingr (Eragon book 3)
  • Inheritance (Eragon book 4)
  • The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm (Eragon book 5)
  • Murtagh (Eragon book 6)

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What is the Eragon reading level?

The reading level of the Eragon books is grades 3 to 8. This series is addressed to teenagers between twelve and fifteen years old.

Hope this guide was useful to you. Will you start reading this series? don’t forget to leave a comment telling us if you liked the movie adaptation or not!

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