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The best crime law books

Get ready for the most complete list of law books you will find! in this post you will find the best crime law books, the ones that you must read if you are a lawyer or if you like lawyer books.

In case you want to be a lawyer here you will find some books to read before law school, they will help you to open your mind. But don’t think that by reading these you will become a lawyer, you have to study for real in order to get to that!).

Law books, what will you find here?

If you are seeking a good law book to read you will find it hard to choose one from the following list, they are all great and each has its own style and purpose.

Some of these law books will help you to understand the intricacies of law, other books will help you to learn to persuade the jury (please use this power for the sake of good and not evil) while others will serve as a way to think different and discover new perspectives.

A list with the best crime law books

This list with crime law books has no particular order, so let’s show them:

Winning Arguments by Jay Heinrichs: one of the best law books for lawyers

Best selling author Jay Heinrichs introduces us in this the book the powerful art of persuasion in order to win arguments. This is not actuallly a law book, since having the knowledge of how to win an argument can be useful in different scenarios of our life, but it is definitely useful and powerful when it is applied in court in order to convince the jury.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: a classic law book

This book is probably included in every single list of recommended law books, and there’s only one reason for it: it’s that good. This is the story of Atticus Finch, a local lawyer who will risk his career and his reputation to defend a black man who has been accused unjustly for a terrible crime.

A great book to learn some lessons, and understand the importance of morals and to do the righteous thing despite what others think.

The Rule of Law by Tom Bingham

A book that will bring us a definition of the Rule of the Law and tell us about it’s origins, and history as well as illustrating these expositions with some examples and real cases. This book is actually suitable for everyone, not only lawyers.

Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories by Thomas Grant

This is a biography of Jeremy Hutchinson, one of the most popular barristers of all times. This book shows us different relevant cases in which Hutchinson was involved as is the case for Vassall Trial, and the George Blake case, among others.

The book includes real quotes extracted from the transcripts of the real trials, which makes this law book even more interesting.

  Bleak House  by Charles Dickens

This book revolves around the court of Chancery  which has to determine the inheritance of Jarndyce and Jarndyce, a case that has been open for generations but that now might be finallly closed thanks to a new piece of evidence.

One of the most popular books by Charles Dickens that just had to be in this list of lawyer books.

The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law

This book is adressed to all those lawyers who are not happy, and tries to lead them into the path of happiness. A different approach for a lawyer’s book that will help you with depressoin and dissatisfaction as a lawyer.

A way to understand better what makes a lawyer happy, spoiler alert: it’s not all about money.

The End of Lawyers by Richard Susskind

A lawyer’s book that centers on how the world is drastically changing and how the legal services should (or could) adapt to such a change.

Do you know any Law books that should be in the list? leave a comment!

If you know any crime law books or books to read before law school do not hesitate to leave a comment telling us a bit about to the book so I can include it in this list!

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