Magnus Chase books in order

Magnus Chase series in order: Rick Riordan books

It is time to discover the Magnus Chase series in order don’t you think? this saga is written by Rick Riordan, an American author best known for the Percy Jackson books series. The Magnus Chase order of books you need is here.

The real name of this series is actually Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. Such a long name for a book title, but given that Riordan’s most popular series has a long title as well (Percy Jackson & the Olympians as you know) it makes sense. Let’s see Magnus Chase series in order.

Magnus Chase series in order

The best order to read the Magnus Chase series is in publication order. This series is a trilogy, but there are also two supplementary works. One, Hotel Valhalla, is a guide, that you might enjoy if you like reading about the lore. 9 From the Nine Worlds is a collection of short stories:

Here you have Magnus Chase series in order:

magnus chase order

Magnus Chase series in order

Magnus Chase book order
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Reading order:

  • The Sword of Summer
  • The Hammer of Thor
  • The Ship of the Dead
  • Hotel Valhalla: Guide to the Norse Worlds (Supplementary)
  • 9 From the Nine Worlds (Supplementary)

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You should read at least the first three books. If you enjoyed them you can give the short stories and the lore guide a chance.

Now that you have Magnus Chase series in order maybe you want to buy them?

If you want to start reading the series, here you have all the Magnus Chase books. If you want to buy any of them you only have to click on the book cover, the link will take you to Amazon:

What is Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard about?

This fantasy novel is set in the same universe as The Kane Chronicles and the Camp Half Blood Chronicles, The story follows Magnus Chase, a 16 year old orphan who happens to be the son of the god Frey as well as the cousin of Annabeth Chase, a character who you will be very well aware of if you are a fan of the Percy Jackson series.

Magnus Chase books are influenced by the Norse mythology and this series has a similar to Percy Jackson, that is, this is a young adult fantasy series with gods, demigods and mythical creatures.

Hope this article was useful to you. You might want to take a look at the Percy Jackson reading order if you like this series.

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