Super hxeros manga volumes

How many Super Hxeros volumes are there?

Dive into a unique world of heroes and villains with Super Hxeros manga volumes! An intriguing story awaits, packed full with eye-catching illustrations and an engaging plot that will keep you hooked from the first volume right to the latest. This manga series is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, sure to capture your heart with its compelling narrative.

If you’re wondering how many Super Hxeros volumes there are, hold onto your seats because this series is continuously growing, with new releases keeping the adventure alive. Each volume brings you closer to the characters, immersing you further into the world of Super Hxeros.

All Super Hxeros manga volumes in order

We collected the entire collection in English, so here you have all the Super Hxeros volumes in publication order:

The English version, while slightly delayed compared to its Japanese counterpart, brings a spectacular manga experience, thanks to the top-notch translation quality that faithfully captures the essence of the original.

As for the artwork, it’s a visual treat, with a drawing style that’s both distinctive and engaging. As for a fun tidbit about the series, did you know that Super Hxeros shares its author, Ryoma Kitada, with other popular works like “Doukyuusei no Macho-kun”? Despite their differences, you might find some thematic similarities with these other series if you dig a little deeper!

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What is this series about?

How many super hxeros volumes are there
How many super hxeros volumes are there

The world of Super Hxeros manga is filled with vibrant energy, exciting battles, and a unique blend of genres. This shonen series, tinged with elements of comedy and ecchi, follows the life of Retto Enjō, a high school student with a heroic secret. Ideal for readers aged 16 and above, the story is a blend of action, adventure, and intrigue, with a sprinkle of romance.

As we talk about Super Hxeros volumes, it’s worth mentioning that this series has made a significant impact on its readers. Its intriguing premise and engaging character development have garnered a steady fanbase, contributing to its commendable sales figures.

The manga’s popularity even led to an anime adaptation, expanding the reach of Super Hxeros to a broader audience. The anime has faithfully followed the manga’s storyline, amplifying the story’s intensity with vivid animation and sound.

How many Super Hxeros manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

Super hxeros volumes
Super hxeros volumes

The Super Hxeros manga has unfolded over 12 volumes in its original Japanese version, and the story i already concluded (it was finished in 2021). It continues to engage readers with its unique plot in the pages of Jump SQ, a popular magazine known for publishing action-packed shonen manga.

On the other hand, the English version trails slightly, usually by about a volume (the last volume in the series will be released in late 2023). But the dedicated translators and publishers work tirelessly to bring the latest adventures of Retto and his team to English-speaking audiences.

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Do you have any questions about Super Hxeros manga volumes? Perhaps you’re curious about the future of the series or want more insights about the characters? Whatever your queries, feel free to ask! We’re here to ensure your journey with Super Hxeros is as enjoyable and enriching as possible.

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