Sylvia Day Crossfire series order

Sylvia Day Crossfire series in order

If you are seeking the Crossfire series order it is because you are willing to read an erotic new adult romance story. Sylvia Day books have all the ingredients for that, this is why the first novel in this series sold five million copies in a single year. You will find the Crossfire novels in order here.

And that is not all, you will find an amazing Crossfire book set recommendation in the second section of this post, make sure you don’t miss it because it is what most readers choose to start reading Sylvia day’s series.

Sylvia Day Crossfire series in order, what is the best way to read these books?

I suggest you read the Crossfire novels in order of publication since it is the way author Sylvia Day recommends reading it.

Here you have the Crossfire books in order. Want to get any of them? then you only have to click on its cover, the link takes you to Amazon (opens in a new tab):

Now that you have all the Crossfire novels in order, take a look at this awesome book set

In case you want to get all Sylvia Day books then this book set is perfect for you, since it collects all the Crossfire books! This set has a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating, so it’s the best one out there:

With this not only you can start reading Sylvia Day’s series but also the books look so great that they will be a great addition to your bookshelf, do you have a bookstagram? the Crossfire books will look gorgeous by taking some decent pictures of them.

A list with all the books by Sylvia Day for the Crossfire series order

Here you have a list with all the Crossfire books in order, this series is published by Berkley Books (an imprint of the Penguin Group).

Crossfire series order

Crossfire novels order

Sylvia Day Crossfire series order


  • Berkley

Reading order:

  • Bared to You
  • Reflected in You
  • Entwined with You
  • Captivated by You
  • One with You

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What is this series about?

The Crossfire novels center on Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross, both have had abusive past and they ended up meeting each other. Having a similar past created a bond between them, and from that came passion, lust, and romance.

Gideon Cross is a young billionaire with lots of demons in his past, having a normal relationship will prove to be a difficult achievement, but they will try to overcome all difficulties.

This is a best selling series, some of you might have noticed that Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series have a similar premise to 50 Shades of Grey, however, the story of Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross is actually pretty different.

There you had it, all the Crossfire novels in order. If you want more romance then take a look at this list of books like 50 shades of Grey and Bared to you. Also, in case you like vampires mixed with romance then you have to check out this post with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series order.

Before you leave, aside from this amazing post with the Crossfire series in order make sure you check the following related post because some of them may be of your interest. Also,have you read any of the Crossfire books? tell us what you liked about them by leaving a comment, we love to hear from you.

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