My story Redwright

This is my story: I.M Redwright

So here it is, with a bit of delay, true, but here it is after all. As I promised on Twitter, I would talk about me when I got 1.000 followers. As you might have assumed, either because this post exists or because you follow me on Twitter, I already achieve such a magic number. Until now, I have told you about books, movie adaptations, authors, everything I love related to reading I have shared it with you.

Now, It’s time to get a bit more personal. This is how I decided to become a writer. This is my story.

How it all began

I have always been a creative person, I don’t think I have a lot of virtues, but creativity is surely one of them. This has been always a two-edged sword, if any writer is reading this I think he/she will relate with this, when your imagination is above average, you just make up scenarios that for other people might be inconceivable.  Some may think this is great, and sometimes it is for sure, but lots of times you just get worried for scenarios or situations that are nearly impossible. Your mind plots like crazy, and your life gets harder than it actually is.

Such inventiveness lead to a weird situation: I had too many projects and I didn’t know on which to focus on. Really, I had the following projects in mind:

  1. A movie script
  2. An electronic invention
  3. A fashion design project
  4.  A computer program
  5. Writing a book
  6. A Youtube channel

There are a few more, but these are the ones I had already started, each of them at a different phase. I know, some of them sound more serious than others, but when I have an idea I want it to be real. Unfortunately, I had to make a decision, time is limited and I couldn’t focus on all of these while having a regular job. I had to make an important decision: I had to prioritize.

Setting a priority

I read somewhere, sadly I can’t remember where, that the word priority originally existed only in singular form, it had no plural.  Which makes sense, if you have more than one priority, then you don’t have any priority at all!

In order to prioritize,  I used a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and set all my projects. This was my list:


A pretty simple one isn’t it? but it helped me to make a decision. As you might see the most advanced project was the movie script, followed by the fashion design project. I also considered money, some of these projects required quite a high amount of money, and not only that, I needed help for some of them. Also, when I would have these projects finished, or at least in an advanced state,  was also something to consider. There was another thing I considered, don’t stare at the image, no column for this one. It was my heart.

In my heart, there were three major projects, the book, the movie script and the invention. The movie script was the first project I started, which lead somehow to writing a book. The invention is just, in my opinion, a great idea I would love to develop some day.

My first choice

So, after considering all of this, which do you think was the first project I decided to focus on? well, it was the movie script. I had it written already, it was for an animation movie, so I only had to email Pixar.  They would love my script, then buy the script no matter the price, and then the movie would win at least 10 Oscars and… nope, no need to say this didn’t happen but instead, it got way more complicated than I expected. Remember what I said previously about too much imagination?

I realized this is getting longer than I wanted to! and it actually was fun, this is where it all began but there is still a lot more to tell.

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