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What is the best The Witcher gift? here goes a list with some cool ideas

Are you seeking the best The Witcher gift? it actually doesn’t matter if it is for a friend, a relative or for yourself. Also, let’s not care if you know this series thanks to the videogames, the books or because of Netflix; you are fan of Geralt of Rivia and that is all that matters here. You will find some cool The Witcher gifts here, are you ready?

This list has lots of The Wicher gifts, there are lots of different options so you can choose. A bit of everything so it is diverse and therefore you have lots of alternatives so you can find the one that fits best.

Trying to find the perfect The Witcher gift

Geralt of Rivia’s story has lots of iconic items, this is why some of these will work great as a gift. Here you will find The Witcher gift ideas for books, videogames of the netflix series fans.

You will find the perfect The Witcher gift in this list

Here you have the best The Witcher gifts:

≫ The Witcher wolf medallion: The classic The Witcher gift

There was no way Geralt’s famous wolf medallion would not be on the list. Maybe not the most original, but this is probably the coolest The Witcher gift for a real fan.

Here you have two alternatives for this medallion, being a replica of the one shown in the videogame and in Netflix’s adaptation respectively:

Hard to choose one right? I know the feeling…

≫ The Witcher hoodie sweatshirt: an unexpected The Witcher gift

You probably didn’t expect this one. This hoodie is just incredibly amazing, with this one on it will look like you are all covered in light armor. It is unisex by the way:

Imagine yourself wearing this along the street, cool uh?

≫ Nendoroid figures

Ever wondered how Geralt or Ciri would look if they were anime characters? these action figures by Nendoroid are the answer. Look how cool these are! this is the perfect The Witcher gift for somebody that loves this series and also manga or anime.

Sadly, there are no more figures from this series, a pity.

≫ Book collection set

If you are seeking a present for someone who hasn’t read the books then this book collection set is the perfect The Witcher gift:

An easy way to have all the books and start reading the series.

≫ The Witcher funko pop

Probably not the most epic The Witcher gift, but this one is trully funny. Geralt here looks both cute and angry:

Oh, Geralt, always surrounded by women…

≫ Witcher World Map (1,000 pieces puzzle)

This is a well detailed puzzle of The Witcher world as was depicted in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Looks challenging isn’t it?

The Witcher high quality figures

If you are looking for high detailed The Witcher figures then Dark Horse has an amazing collection for you featuring the most popular characters in the series.

They all look like in the videogame!

≫ Flask Set

An amazing option for drinkers! with this set you will be able to share a shot with your comrades while you al sing toss a coin to your witcher.

Did you like this list?

I hope this list helped you to find a cool gift that please a Witcher fan. If you know any other items that you think deserve to be on the list just leave a commend and they will be added for sure.

Since you like this series, take a look at The Witcher reading order if you haven’t read it yet.

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