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Where is Kingkiller book 3? We want Rothfuss’ new book now!

It is not a secret, The Kingkiller Chronicle is probably the next mass media phenomenon, and The Doors of Stone is one of the most anticipated books of the Fantasy genre. Patrick Rothfuss’ fantasy series will not only have a web series adaptation (a prequel story probably) but also a film adaptation. Even so, the last book in the series, The Door of Stone, has not been released yet, where is Kingkiller Chronicles book 3?

Some people call this book The Name of the Wind book 3, that is not accurate. Notice that such is the title of the first book, but the series is The Kingkiller Chronicle. Anyway, no matter how we call it, let’s focus on why we can’t read it yet, we want to know more about Kvothe and want it now, isn’t it?

Can we predict when Kingkiller Chronicle book 3 will be released?

We did this kind of prediction with A Song of Ice and Fire series, so let’s see when the first two novels in the trilogy of The Kingkiller Chronicle were released.  The Name of The Wind was released in 2007 while The Wise Man’s Fear in 2011.

It is also important to consider the number of words since, at least in Fantasy, the word number per book usually increases as the story progresses. Word count increases in this series, while The Name of the Wind was 250,000 words long, which is long even for fantasy standards; The Wise Man’s Fear is  400,000 words long, just so you can put that into perspective that is almost as long as The Lord of the Rings!

With all this information, it is fair to think that The Door of Stone would take much longer to be written, it is the last book in the series and of course, Rothfuss will want the plot to be as smooth as possible, a well deserved ending for Kvothe. However, eight years have passed since the last book in the series was published, why is Rothfuss’ new book taking so long? It is hard to know when will the third Kingkiller Chronicle be released since the author does not like to talk about release dates.

Kingkiller Book 3 news: when is the next Kingkiller Chronicle coming out ?

If you take a look at Patrick Rothfuss’ blog, you will see that there are no news about the progress of The Doors of Stone, so when is the next Kingkillerbook coming out? Funnily, in July 2019 he published a job offer, seeking for a Full-Time Business Manager. Rothfuss has stated more than once he is not an organized person, he is actually described by a friend of him as a chaos generator. This business manager would take care of lots of tasks that so far Rothfuss took care of. Having a professional performing all these tasks is a great decision that will allow Rothfuss to focus mostly into his creative role and therefore write The Doors of Stone as fast as possible.

Nonetheless, in march 2019, Rothfuss said Kingkiller book 3 is moving forward. It is not much, but at least one way or another it is good to know that Kvothe’s book 3 is somehow progressing. We all know that Rothfuss has always been reluctant to give us a release date for  Kingkiller Chronicles book 3 so we will have to wait and wish he writes as fast as possible.

Is Rothfuss focusing only in Kingkiller Chronicles book 3?

No, Patrick Rothfuss is being involved in a lot of different projects. Not only he is assisting to events, he was at PAX West (the late days of August) where he was signing book copies for example, but he is also participating in other different cool projects. One of the most shocking is the Dungeons & Dragons and Rick & Morty cross over. Yes, it is true! Rothfuss put these two different universes together and the outcome couldn’t be more amazing. In this story, Rick and Morty will dive into an alternate universe governed by the rules of this role playing game. If that is not an interesting premise for a story, I don’t know what it is!

How will The Kingkiller Chronicle end?

Well, we know how the sequel of The Name of The Wind ends since it’s the very same Kvothe who tells the story. So he ends up in a tavern telling his story to Chronicler. Jokes aside, we will have to wait for the third book in the series to know the answer, what will happen with Denna? how will things end with Kvothe? a lot of stuff to know yet.

Let’s hope Rothfuss new book (no matter if you call it The name of The Wind 3,  Rothfuss book 3 or whatever) gets released soon. Any bets about when will it be published? 2020 anyone?

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