the bourbon kings series in order

Bourbon Kings books in order by J.R. Ward

A family with lots of secrets… you’ll discover them all because we have the Bourbon Kings series in order, a story that tells us about the Bradford family, who happen to be the rulers of their kingdom, and how their servants work to ensure that the reputation of their masters is always spotless.

The Bradford siblings have a lot to tell you… so get ready to unravel all the mysteries of this royal family.

Bourbon Kings series in order by J.R. Ward

This series happens to be a trilogy, the best way to read the Bourbon Kings series is in order of publication. Here you have all the 3 volumes following that recommendation.

This series is concluded, so once you start this journey you’ll be able to keep reading until you discover how this story ends.

Now that we revealed the order of the Bourbon Kings series don’t miss these books

Each of the volumes in this series is around 450 pages long, which means that you’ll have it finished in a few weeks. What then? well, here you have 3 great series that we recommend to you, the first one is also written by J.R. Ward, while the other two are similar books to Bourbon Kings.

J.R. Ward’s writing style is brilliant, so if you enjoy her prose you’ll really want to read other works by this author. You should start with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, since it’s the most notorious work by this American novelist. This tale is about vampires, and is more steamy than the Bourbon Kings novels.

What is this tale about?

bourbon kings books in order

The Bourbon Kings series centers on the siblings of the Bradford family (the rulers in this kingdom). There’s a lot of secrets in this royal family, and they will get uncovered one by one. In the first book in the series, we will meet Tulane, the prodigal son of this dinasty, who has come back home after two years unaccounted for. A homecoming that will leave no one indifferent, especially the members of his family.

This story has a lot of characters and several subplots take place simultaneously, which may make this series to be quite a complex lecture for the less experienced readers.

Also, if you are a fan of the TV soap opera Dallas then you’ll be captivated by the Bourbon Kings books, because they surely have a similar plot.

A list with the Bourbon Kings series in order by J.R. Ward

Do you want to know which novel goes next? then we have a great list for you with all the basic info about this series. Here goes our list with all the Bourbon Kings books in order of publication:

bourbon kings jr ward

Bourbon Kings series in order

Bourbon Kings – J.R. Ward


  • Berkley 

Reading order:

  • The Bourbon Kings (Bourbon Kings book 1)
  • The Angel´s Share (Bourbon Kings book 2)
  • Devil´s Cut (Bourbon Kings book 3)

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Have you started to read the Bourbon Kings novels? then tell us if you are enjoyed it, and if you have read other books by this author.

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