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Will there be a Black Dagger Brotherhood tv show or a film?

You probably heard the rumors, but is there actually going to be a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie? we’ll discuss the possibilities of an adaptation to J.R.Ward’s most prominent work. This bestselling series definitely deserves to be on theatres or on the most popular streaming platforms, don’t you agree?

Experience a breathtaking medieval fantasy series with elemental magical swords, perfect for teens and fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Let’s talk about this series and about what would be the best way to adapt J.R. Ward’s novels. Maybe a movie is not a great idea? yeah, we have some buts…

Is there going to be a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie?

So far there is no news about a movie adaptation of this series, author J.R. Ward has not mentioned any projects related to a film franchise yet.

However, is a film project the best way to adapt the Black Dagger Brotherhood books? think about it, this is an ongoing series that consists of more than 20 volumes (and that without considering the Legacy ones).

If the producers decided to make a movie adaptation of this series it would be quite likely that not all the volumes would be adapted. 20 movies? unlikely to happen.

A movie adaptation would also mean that there would be a lot of changes, the script would look way different from the original content, and we know that when this happens neither the fans of the books or the newcomers are pleased with the results, this is why there was never Maximum Ride movie sequel for example.

Is a tv show a good alternative to a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie?

black dagger brotherhood tv series

Definitely. Long book series are easier to adapt in a tv series format, notice that movies are usually about 2 or 3 hours long, while a tv show season composed of 10 chapters of one hour each would equal 60 hours of content.

This is why Game of Thrones was not made into a movie, and the same happens with the adaptation of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (which consists of 14 volumes) that is being produced by Amazon.

A Black Dagger Brotherhood tv show sounds like the perfect way to adapt this paranormal romance story written by author J.R. Ward. Having more hours of content would allow the screenwriters to make a faithful adaptation to the original source.

We need more vampire stories


Let’s not forget that fans of vampire stories are in need of a new tv series starred by some powerful creatures thirsty for blood. Now that both The Vampire Diaries and the Sookie Stackhouse adaptations came to an end it’s time for a good replacement. And The Black Dagger Brotherhood, while a bit more steamy than the aforementioned, might be a good replacement for those.

It is kinda shocking that the Black Dagger Brotherhood does not have an adaptation yet. Streaming service platforms such as HBO, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix are seemingly looking for book series to be adapted by their studios so they become fresh content in their platforms; so the fact that they have not reached an agreement with J.R. Ward is kinda unexpected, don’t you think?

Which actors do you think would be great for a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie (or a tv show)? leave a comment telling us your suggestions!

8 Comments on "Will there be a Black Dagger Brotherhood tv show or a film?"

  • Absolutely!!! There needs to be a BDB series. I love the characters and the storylines are fast moving and the “one liners” are hysterical.

    Oh please, please JR make the series..

    Signed a great fan.

  • Absolutely agree, since I read those books years ago I am expecting a series of it!!! We should start a petition xDD

  • It’s been a long time since we’ve had a great paranormal / supernatural series…I would love for it to happen, my favorite book series. If the right person put it out there it could be unstoppable…. I think Jason Momoa would make a great Wrath….

  • I’ve read the series 3 x bc there is nothing that compares to the thrill ride the brothers give me
    Bring it on!! Soon
    Best example of true mouth watering characters ever assembled

  • Absolutely agree with everyone that there should be a tv show of the black dagger brotherhood. Please J.R Ward. We the fans of the books would love to see it come true. And i know that Jason Momoa will be a great Wrath charactor as well. Please Please make it come True for your fans.

  • Absolutely agree with everyone that there should be a tv show of the black dagger brotherhood. Please J.R Ward. We the fans of the books would love to see it come true. And not a tiny pop version.

  • Agree! BDB Series an absolute must! Love these books so much I have read them several times!

  • Please make a TV series about The Black Dagger books. Love all the books. So much material. It could go on forever…

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