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The most unique bookmarks ever

If you are looking for some cool bookmarks we have made a compilation of the most original and unique ones. These will not only allow you to pick up the story you are reading, but some of them will make you smile every time you see them because they are incredibly funny. We are going to show you several options, both for children and adults.

Are you ready to get one of these unique bookmarks? you will find it really hard to get just one. Now you will see why.

Let’s find some cool and unique bookmarks for you!

These are the most unique bookmarks we found on the internet. Also, you can get any of these by clicking on the one that captivated you:

Are you finding it hard to decide which one to get? we told you it was no easy feat! and we are going to make it even harder because we have some extra suggestions for you.

Here you have more cool bookmarks for books

We have also collected some cool bookmarks for children. Of course, you can buy them no matter your age, just get the ones that make you happier!

There are lots of really cool bookmarks, now it’s time for you to decide which one fits your style the most. Some of them are incredibly funny, it is true that they may be addressed to a children’s audience, but as said before that shouldn’t stop you from getting one of those if you like them.

Certainly, with one of these, it makes you want to pick up your novel where you left off and keep reading. No doubt, if you have small children, they will love some of these to use them to mark where they left off for their favorite book. Some of these unique bookmarks would fit perfectly with the Isadora Moon books and with their incredibly cute main character.

What book are you reading now? You can leave a comment telling us with which books you will use your new super cool bookmarks for the first time, if you have no idea of what to read next, you should not miss the Blood Angels book series if you love the Warhammer 40k universe.

Have you already decided which one to buy or give as a gift?

unique bookmarks
A rose is surely a quite unique bookmark

If you were looking to buy some incredibly unique bookmarks to give as a gift, surely some of the ones we have suggested will work great. Although you know how it is, each person is different and therefore there is a bookmark that is the most suitable for each of us. In a way, it is similar to wands bought at Ollivander’s, remember? the wands choose their wizard, and not the opposite (a Harry Potter reference in case it was not obvious enough).

For instance, the ones we like the most are the ones with squashed animals. They may be oriented to kids, but we love them because there’s no denying that they’re well-made, and they’re also incredibly cute and funny, what more could you ask for?

Because, that’s another thing, do you think there is a more fitting type of bookmark depending on the literary genre you are reading, or do you think you can use the same one for all? We know people that depending on the genre of book they are reading they use a bookmark or another, something that we find very curious. Maybe you are one of those people, so if this is your case leave a comment telling us about your amazing collection of cool bookmarks. And speaking of cool stuff, do not miss these amazing Harry Potter bookends, they are just awesome!

We also want you to tell us what has been your most atypical bookmark because we have seen everything. Doctor’s prescriptions, guitar picks… long etcetera! so leave a comment and tell us which one is yours.