blood angels books in order

Blood Angels book series order

Here you will find a list with all Blood angels books in order, the IX Legion of the Space Marines is one of the most beloved by fans and dreaded by their enemies due to their violence in combat. We collected the novels, the short stories, and the omnibuses!

The best way to read the Blood Angel books is in order of publication, these are the four novels in the series. We recommend you read them in the following way:

blood angels book order

1. Deus Encarmine

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blood angels books 40k

2. Deus Sanguinius

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blood angels series order

3. Red Fury

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blood angels book series

4. Black Tide

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Now that you know the order for the Blood Angels books, take a look at the Omnibuses!

In case you want to read everything about the Blood Angels, this is the best (and cheapest) option the read about this Space Marine legion. We also included two other book omnibuses, just in case you would find those interesting as well:

The Blood Angels omnibus includes all the four novels, and also all the short stories, this way you will know the complete story of the main character of this series: Sergeant Rafen.

What is the best order to read The Blood Angels books?

We recommend you read the Blood Angel series in publication order. The events narrated in the four volumes are shown chronologically, therefore, if you don’t read them this way you might not understand what is going on with Rafen’s adventure.

There are no alternative reading orders for The Blood Angel books.

A list with all the Warhammer 40k Blood Angels books in order

The books are published by The Black Library, Games Workshop`s publishing company. This series is entirely written by James Swallow, who has also been involved as a writer in other GW series as is the Horus Heresy or Sisters of Battle.

These are all the books about The Blood Angels:

blood angels series order

Blood Angels books order

Blood Angels series


  • The Black Library

Reading order:

  • Deus Encarmine (Blood Angels book 1)
  • Deus Sanguinius (Blood Angels book 2)
  • Red Fury (Blood Angels book 3)
  • Black Tide (Blood Angels book 4)

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What is this story about?

The story centers on Sargent Rafen, his blood brother Arkio is proclaimed the Lord Primogenitor Sanguinius, who happens to be not only the Primarch of this chapter but also the one from which genetic material the Blood Angels were created. Everybody will proclaim their loyalty to Arkio, except for Rafen…

This is an action packed adventure, as you would expect having The Blood Angels legion involved.

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