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Free ebook download: The Defender of Rebel Falls

Ey Wottareaders, It’s Friday again, woohoo! Do you know what that means? It’s Freeday book! If you don’ know what to read next, why not download a free ebook and see if you love it? This Freeday suggestion is: The Defender of Rebel Falls. An e-book you can download for free on Amazon’s website, link in the next section.

The Defender of Rebel Falls book cover

The Defender of Rebel Falls book cover

What is The Defender of Rebel Falls about

The Defender of Rebel Falls is the first volume of The William Whitehall Adventures written by the Canadian Erik Christensen’s. This is a science fiction series with a different and interesting approach. As the name of the saga suggests, this series is about the adventures of William Whitehall, a seventeen-year-old man. This boy is neither a knight nor a powerful wizard, actually, his job does not fit a hero at all. He is just a librarian. But since when our job defines our true power? William’s fate changes after meeting a nobleman who will entrust him an important mission: saving his kingdom.

As I mentioned earlier, this series has an interesting approach. before the story begins the author states that this adventure story is inspired by fantasy and medieval styles but in a scientific manner. This story has a different premise, dragons exists, but they don’t dwell in caves protecting treasures but, instead, they live in another world.

If you are thrilled about this tale and you want to read it right now, just click here to get this free ebook on Amazon’s site.

Any other free ebooks by the same writer?

The second volume in the series, The Skyrider of Renegade Point, was recently published (not even a month ago) and you can purchase it on Amazon. This book is not free though, but you can purchase it at a reasonable price. if you liked the first book the second one is a must. As previously mentioned in Rise of the Dragons Freeday, it is quite common that authors let you download their first volume of a series for free so you get to know their stories.

If you loved Erik Christensen’s writing, you might want to check his stand-alone novel set in the same universe: The Smugglers of Tighpool. This novel is a collection of short stories that also happen in Esper which you can download for free too. See? Not one, but two free ebooks to get online for free. In order to get this free ebook, you will have to sign up to the author’s blog website, your choice here of course!

Don’t be sad if you don’t have a Kindle, you can easily convert the Kindle Mobi format into others that might work on your eReader such as epub, how? just search Google, and you will find the answer. It’s really easy to convert these files, just one click.

So get your Kindle ready, download this book for free on Amazon’s website, and join the adventures of William Whitehall! Two ebooks for free! happy uh?

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