Ghoulia books in order

All the books in the Ghoulia series

Here you will find the Ghoulia books in order, a series by Italian author and illustrator Barbara Cantini which centers on a cute little zombie girl! A very fun story that is not scary at all by the way, instead, it’s hilarious!

These are all the books in The Ghoulia series, this is our recommended order. Also, if you click on their cover you will be able to get any of the books in this series at the best price we found:

ghoulia book 1

1. Ghoulia

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ghoulia book 2

2. Mysterious Visitor

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ghoulia book 3

3. The Ghost with No Name 

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The illustrations of these books are just incredibly well done, with a high level of detail and a dark charming tone.

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In what order should I read the Ghoulia books?

The best way to read the Ghoulia book series is in order of publication. While each of the books in this series narrates a self conclusive story, it is better if you read them in our recommended order, this way you will understand better how the characters progress and how the new ones are introduced.

As a result, you should start reading this series by reading Ghoulia Making New Friends Can be scary, which is the first book in this not so scary series. While there are no alternative reading orders for the Ghoulia books you can actually read them without following our suggested order if you don’t mind missing how the characters get introduced since this story is quite easy to follow.

A list with all the books in the Ghoulia series

So far there are only three books in the English version of the Ghoulia series, however, there are at least two more to be released. This is an updated list with all the books in the Ghoulia series:

ghoulia book series

Ghoulia books in order

Ghoulia reading order


  • Harry N. Abrams

Reading order:

  • Ghoulia (Ghoulia book 1)
  • Mysterious Visitor (Ghoulia book 2)
  • The Ghost with No Name  (Ghoulia book 3)

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What is this series about?

The story centers on a zombie girl called Ghoulia, she has no friends because other kids would be scared of her. She lives in a huge mansion together with her aunt and her dog. Ghoulia is tired of not having any friends, so she has got what she thinks is the best plan ever: Halloween is getting close, so she will join one of the parties and will make some friends, nobody will suspect of her because everybody will think she’s just wearing a great disguise! it’s the perfect plan, there’s the part when she will have to tell them the truth, but she will figure out something when that time comes.

The recommended reading level for the Ghoulia books is from six to eight years. These books have astonishingly gorgeous illustrations, having some slight resemblance to the art by Tim Burton, like Nightmare before Christmas or the Corpse Bride. Also, these stories are very easy to read, so it is a good way for children to start reading.

As said before, this is not a scary story, despite the fact of having a zombie girl as the main character. Instead, it is very funny, kids will love it for sure.

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Have you read any of these books? if that is the case you already know what to do! leave a comment telling us your opinion about this series! a zombie girl as the main character, what do you think? tell us now!

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