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Golden Age Space Opera Tales by Frank Herbert book review

If you are a scifi entusiast there is no way that you don’t know Frank Herbert or, rather, his most popular work: The Dune series. This is, for most, one of the best series of the entire scifi genre.

However, Dune is not the only work Frank Herbert left us. He also enjoyed writing short stories. More specificly, he wrote space operas, a subgenre of scifi which centers on adventure, chivalric romance, and space warfare.

Golden Age Space Opera is a compillation of Herbert’s most popular works in this subgenre:

  • Operation Haystack
  • Missing Link
  • Old Rambling House

This is an interesting compillation, which surely will be more than enjoyable for those who enjoy scifi adventures, also it’s more than recommended for those who have already read the Dune books.

Operation Haystack tells the story of Orne, a scientist who is investigating the posibilty of a take over. This short tale talks about the usual themes this author likes to cover on his stories, such as government, genetics, etc.

Good thing of reading these tales after Dune is that you will see how he took lots of the elements that he already used for these stories, and included them as part of the many elements of his series. As usual, a well detailed world building is granted when it comes to books by this author.

In case you haven’t read Herbert’s most popular work here you have this post were you will find the Dune series reading order.

Do not miss this antology if you want to read some fast paced short scifi stories. Also, these are a must for those who enjoy Herbert’s work.

Have you read these? then leave a comment and tell us what do you think about these stories. Last, but not least, you can do this quiz to know which dune character you are.

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