To Cook a Bear book review

To be honest, the reason I decided to read the book was because of its peculiar title. Is this really a guide about how to cook a bear? I thought. Of course, I already knew the answer, but the book had already caught my attention, and now I had to discover what it was about. And, I am glad I read it.

Luckily, this is not a book recipe for cooking bears and making them taste as good as possible. Instead, this novel by Mikael Niemi is quite an interesting approach to a murder investigation. This book takes place in Sweden and is set in middle 1800s. It tells the story of LAestadius, a preacher, and a boy who is his apprentice. A woman dies, seemingly by the attack of a bear, but the preacher believes that this is actually a murder.

To Cook a Bear was actually a great story, well written and with some twists that you would never expect. Laestadius and his pupil have a great chemistry, they will investigate what they believe is a murder, and surrounded by this will come lots of philosofical moments that add a great feeling to this tale.

This book was published in January 2021 by Penguin Books.

Does the author’s name sound familiar to you? that is because he wrote Popular Music From Vittula, a novel that has sold sold over one million copies worldwide and for which the author was awarded with the Swedish Best Book of the Year Prize.

If you like historical fiction you can also take alook at the Wolf Hall series by Hilary Mantel, which narrates the story of the Tudors dinasty.

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