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Kitty series order by Paula Harrison

We finally have a list with all Kitty books in order, a book series by Paula Harrison that centers on Kitty, a girl with cat like superpowers. This is an illustrated story for children, and they are going to love it!

Let’s get straight to the point. This is our recommended order for the Kitty series, if you click on any of their covers you will be able to get the books at the best price we were able to find.

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Do I have to read the Kitty book series in order?

Yes, we recommend you read the Kitty book series in order of publication. The books narrate the events chronologically, and the plot of all the books in the series are connected. Therefore, the best way to enjoy this series is by reading them in the publication order.

We showed them in that order at the beginning of this post, however, the following list might be helpful for you as well.

A list with all the Kitty books in order

The Kitty books are published by Greenwillow Books, and are illustrated by Jenny Lovlie. The books in the series are around 120 pages long, all of the pages have a two-color art on them.

Here you have an updated list with the recommended order for the Kitty books by Paula Harrison:

kitty series book order

Kitty series order

Kitty books by Paula Harrison


  • Greenwillow Books

Reading order:

  • Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue (Kitty book 1)
  • Kitty and the Tiger Treasure (Kitty book 2)
  • Kitty and the Sky Garden Adventure (Kitty book 3)
  • Kitty and the Treetop Chase (Kitty book 4)
  • Kitty and the Great Lantern Race (Kitty book 5)
  • Kitty and the Twilight Mystery (Kitty book 6)

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The last book in the series, Kitty and the Twilight Mystery, is available on preorder. It’s release date being September 7, 2021.

What is the reading of this series and what is it about?

The reading level of the Katty books is from 6 to 10 years old, it has a Lexile Measure of 600L. You can get these books in paperback, Kindle, or Hardcover.

The story centers on the little girl that gives name to this series, Kitty, she is the daughter of a superheroine with catlike powers. The day has arrived when Kitty has awakened her own cat power, and it’s time for her to live her own adventures during the night. But there’s quite a problem: Kitty is scared of the dark, but will she be brave enough to face her fears?

This is a beautiful story that emphasizes bravery, self-confidence,  and friendship. A perfect tale for 6 year old kids to start reading, or also for parents to read to their children when they are going to bed. What a better bed story than one of a girl becoming a superheroine don’t you think?

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Hope that now that we told you the order for the Kitty series you will end loving this series! have you read any of the books already? then leave a comment now and tell us if you liked it!

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