scaredy cat books in order

Scaredy Bat series order

In this post we will tell provide you all the Scaredy Bat books in order, a series written by Marina J. Bownan. There’s only one thing that is cooler than a vampire, a vampire detective! this is the case for Ellie, she enjoys solving mysteries.

Here you have the reading order for the Scaredy Bat series, also, we collected them at the best price we found. Here you have the trilogy in order:

Since you already know the order of the Scaredy Bat series, what about reading some new books?

We have no doubt that you will be seeking some new series after you finish the Scaredy Bat books, therefore, we have three great recommendations for you.

Lovely suggestions don’t you think? those who have read the Scaredy Bat book series usually read them, that’s why we know you will love them as well. Also, if you like detective stories you can check out the Enola Holmes series.

In what order should you read The Scaredy Bat series?

We recommend you read this series by Marina J. Bowman in order of publication. In each of the books in this trilogy, Ellie will do her best to solve a fun and intriguing mystery, however, it is better that you follow our recommended order, this way you will witness how the main character’s personality progresses.

A list with all the Scaredy Bat books in order

This is an updated list including all the books in the Scaredy Bat series. So far it is a trilogy, and there is no news for new installments. These books are published by Code Pineapple, and you can get them in Kindle, Paperback, and they are also available on Audible.

Scaredy bat series reading order

Scaredy Bat book series order

Scaredy Bat books


  • Code Pineapple

Reading order:

  • Scaredy Bat and the Frozen Vampires
  • Scaredy Bat and the Sunscreen Snatcher
  • Scaredy Bat and the Missing Jellyfish

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This is a great story for bedtime reading for example. Just in case, these books are not scary, don’t let the fact that the main character is a vampire to fool you, Ellie is a cute vampire who is actually scared of everything.

What is the reading level of these stories and what is it about?

The reading level of the Scaredy Bat boos is six to ten years, this is an easy tale to read, great for kids to start reading on their own.

These books narrate the story of Ellie, she is a twelve-year-old vampire who happens to be different from the rest of the vampires, not only she does not enjoy scaring people, but instead, she gets scared of everything! loud noises, spiders… everything scares her.

Ellie has a dream, she wants to become a detective, and her attending to a royal vampire wedding will turn out to be the perfect chance to start practicing, since for some unknown reason all the guests to the wedding have been frozen solid.

A super fun story, that kids will enjoy for sure. Now that you know the order for the Scaredy bat books you can start this amazing series. If you want to read more stories about vampires then you can check out the Isadora Moon series, whose main character is half a vampire half a fairy.

That would be all, have you gotten your Scaredy Bat book already? then leave a comment telling us if you enjoyed it or not!

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