interview author ronald l ruiz

Interview with author Ronald L. Ruiz

Hello Wottareaders, here is my interview with author Ronald L. Ruiz, but before we get to that, did you know that he just released a new book? here it is, Lost and Found:

Abel had worked tirelessly to earn respect in the courts, avoiding any semblance of a personal life to achieve his goals. Now, his personal and professional lives had collided and he found himself being rejected by the community that had previously supported and admired him.

What can you tell us about you?

I was an attorney for 36 years in California, for 31 years in criminal law as a deputy district attorney, a deputy public defender, and in my own private practice.

I have published 7 novels and 1 memoir.

One book, one movie, one song, and one videogame?

My favorite book is All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy.

My favorite movie is Apocalypse Now.

My favorite song is I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free Feel to be Free by Nina Simone.

I’ve never played any videogames.

If you had to define yourself just using one sentence of your novels, which one would be?

I can’t think of one sentence.

Do you have any rituals for writing? Any kind of habit or goal to achieve every day?

I try to spend two to three hours each day writing. For the first draft, I pick up one day where I left off the day before. For the second draft, I re-read what I worked on the day before.

Do you take real people you know and put them in your stories?

Never. That would open me up to lawsuits. I go out of my way to hide any resemblance to real people.

Let’s talk about procrastination, what is the most absurd thing you’ve been doing when you should be writing?

Watching an NBA basketball game on television.

Tell us about your book, what do you think is the most interesting aspect of it?

This book is about identity and the affect racism has on the identity of the lead character.

What are you writing right now?

I am currently writing about three youngsters who are about to be released from a juvenile correctional facility.

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