How many Noragami manga volumes are there?

Prepare for a divine journey through the fantastic world of manga with our collection of Noragami manga volumes! This series is not your typical action-fantasy manga, and it has an addicting blend of humour, drama, and supernatural elements that will keep you hooked from the first volume! 🌟🎇

How many volumes of Noragami have been released so far? We are about to unfold this mystery. But first, let’s talk about what makes this series such an enchanting read.🔮📚

All Noragami Manga Volumes in Order

From the realm of gods to your doorstep, we have collected all Noragami volumes for your convenience! They are shown below in their publication order for the perfect reading experience. 📚💫

The English version of Noragami is published by Kodansha Comics, and they have done a remarkable job with the translation, keeping the original humour and wit intact. The drawing style is stunning, with intricately detailed scenes and character designs. Each volume is a visual feast, making the reading experience even more enjoyable. 🖌️🎨

Now, did you know Noragami is penned by the dynamic duo, Adachitoka? While the series is their most renowned work, they have worked on a number of other projects. A curious fact about Noragami is that it beautifully intertwines Shinto mythology with modern-day life in Japan. It’s a striking feature that sets it apart from other manga series in the genre.

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What is this manga series about?

Noragami manga plunges you into a world where gods, spirits, and humans intertwine. It tells the story of Yato, a minor deity with neither shrine nor followers, who dreams of having millions of worshippers. The series is a mix of action, adventure, and comedy, and it’s best suited for teens and older due to some mature themes. Yato’s quirky character and his desire to achieve godly status make him a captivating lead.

Noragami has seen a massive success with its sales. The manga volumes continue to fly off the shelves and have been translated into numerous languages worldwide. The unique narrative, combined with striking artwork, contributes to the manga’s incredible impact. Each of the Noragami volumes is a testament to its popularity.

Fans would be thrilled to know that Noragami has been adapted into an anime series, which faithfully mirrors the manga. This adaptation brought the tale of Yato and his friends to the screens, gaining widespread popularity. Though there are no games or movies yet, the anime series is definitely worth a watch!

How Many Noragami manga volumes are there in the Japanese Version? Is it finished?

The Japanese version of Noragami has a total of 26 volumes so far and started in December 2010. It hasn’t concluded yet, keeping the fans on the edge with each new release! It’s published in the Monthly Shōnen Magazine, which has given us many popular manga series.

As for the English version, it’s slightly lagging behind, with 25 volumes available so far. However, the publishers are doing a commendable job in bringing the latest releases to English-speaking fans.

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If you have any questions regarding Noragami manga volumes, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! We are here to help guide you on your manga journey. 🌏🚀

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