How many manga volumes of Oshi no ko are there?

Welcome to your ultimate guide to the Oshi no Ko manga volumes! Penned by the talented duo of Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari, this series has captivated readers with its unique blend of drama, humor, and life under the spotlight.

🔎🧩 You might be wondering, how many “Oshi no Ko” volumes are there? Stick around, we’re about to delve into that, and much more about this fan-favorite manga.

All Oshi no Ko manga volumes in order

Here you have the English translation of all the Oshi no Ko volumes in publication order. Click on the link to get them.

The English version of Oshi no Ko manga is a real treat, with high-quality translation that maintains the essence of the original work. 🌟📘 The art style is dynamic and captivating, with Mengo Yokoyari’s distinctive flair bringing the characters to life. The manga is published by Kodansha USA, a publisher known for bringing some of the most acclaimed manga series to the English-speaking world. 🌍🎉

A fun tidbit about Oshi no Ko – it combines the talents of Aka Akasaka, best known for Kaguya-sama: Love is War,and Mengo Yokoyari, the artist behind Scum’s Wish If you enjoyed either of those series, you’ll likely find a lot to love in Oshi no Ko.

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What’s this manga about?

“Oshi no Ko” takes a dive into the dazzling yet cutthroat world of entertainment, where every smile hides countless secrets. 🌟🎭 The series is a captivating mix of comedy, drama, and mystery. Our main character is an obstetrician who finds himself reincarnated as a baby in his favorite idol’s family. He navigates his new life with the knowledge of his past one, leading to many humorous and heart-wrenching moments.

“Oshi no Ko” volumes have been selling like hotcakes, with fans captivated by its unique premise and engaging storyline. It’s not just the fans, though – critics have lauded the series for its sharp commentary on the entertainment industry and the price of fame. 🏆📚

There are no current adaptations of Oshi no Ko into movies or videogames, but with its growing popularity, who knows what the future might hold? 🎥🎮

How many Oshi no Ko manga volumes are there in English and Japan? Is it Finished?

As of now, the Japanese version of “Oshi no Ko” has 12 volumes and counting, having started in 2020 and still ongoing! This thrilling series is published by Shueisha in their Weekly Young Jump magazine, well-known for its diverse selection of seinen manga. 📖🇯🇵

The English version, on the other hand, is a bit behind with only 4 volumes currently released. However, the translations are high quality, and reading them is definitely worth the wait! 🌟📘

If you have any other queries or want more detailed information about each volume, check out our comprehensive collection of “Oshi no Ko” manga volumes below. Enjoy the journey! 😃📚

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