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Knowing Victoria Ray

Hi there wottareaders! today we have author Victoria Ray with us! I read her book, Sophia Von X, and it was a superb read, you must definitely check it out! let’s know more about Victoria’s life and her books:

The woman

Who is Victoria Ray, not the writer, but the woman? What can you tell us about you?

I want to believe she is a free woman. The first word is freedom, the second – peace, the third – joy.

Where are you from? Has your country influenced your stories somehow?

I was born in Moscow, but I spent most of my childhood in a small town in Belarus. Of course, my childhood memories are part of the Soviet Union’s history. I guess the country of our birth is always affecting our writing: through parents, friends, food, games, music. Most of my absurd stories are partly real events or based on the incidents from my life.

Writers are such for different reasons, which was your thing that made you decide you wanted to become a professional writer?

The truth is I never dreamed or wanted to become an author or a professional writer. In the ’80s, in my small town, had been only three professions to choose from: an account, teacher, nurse/or doctor.

Well, I’m scared of blood. I can’t count unless it is cash. So, there was no choice.

Let’s jump over the years. Mostly studying and work. Then Sweden. Next – blog. My followers liked my short stories and told me that I could publish my work on Amazon. I checked. I published. I had no one to ask, but I did my best with the knowledge I had.

Any non-book related hobbies you want to share with us?

I’m a shifter (chameleon). I’m shifting between different interests. Well, one day I’m learning Hebrew, next week – guns or nature deities.
Right now, all I’m doing is writing. I have no time for anything else—only my family, dogs, reading, and writing. Ah, and food!

One book, one movie, one song, one food, one sport, and one videogame?

Zero videogames. I never played any. I grew up in the environment without videogames. I never developed the urge to play, don’t understand the drill…

One book. Mmm, hard one. I’m going to say, William Thackeray, his book – Vanity Fair. I read it at least 16 times, maybe more. I’m never tired of it.

One movie. Gone with the wind. Always been my favorite.

One song. Anything from Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. I am also a fan of Shel Silverstein.

One food. I’m going to say – HERRING UNDER A FUR COAT, the link is here

One sport. To watch – hockey. To play? What? No way. Maybe cards?

Pineapple pizza. Yes or no?

Yes. I can eat any if it is homemade. No to the delivery by car.

Aside from being an author, what is for you the perfect job?

Free. Lots of freedom – my kind of job.

If you had to define yourself just using one sentence of your novels, which one would be?

Omphalos of Joy. It is from my dystopian novel.

Omphalos – in ancient Greek means “navel.” In Greek myths, Zeus sent two eagles across the world to meet at its center, the navel of the world. 

The writer

I’d like to know about your first steps, the very first day you decided to become a professional writer, what made you do it? ‘

I was blogging on WordPress, mostly short funny stories and situations from my life. Someone said I could self-publish a book. I did. I didn’t know anything: how, where, what, and why. I’m a doer.

Do you have any rituals for writing? Any kind of habit or goal to achieve every day?

No. First of all, I don’t write every day. I’m writing in bits, here and there… then I’m creating a proper text from it.
When I’m sitting and writing, it should be quiet around me. No music, no tv, no talking. Silence, please!

Do you take real people you know and put them in your stories?

Yes. Often. The stories in my absurd books are the real situations that happened to people I know.  

What advice would you give new writers on how to delve into creative fiction?

Don’t think.
Don’t try to think.
Don’t try.
Don’t try to be perfect.
“Perfect” takes many years.
Do it.

Which would you say was your best and your worst moments as a writer?

The best – the thrill of holding my first book (in print).

The worst – editing process. Often, I hate my book and heroes, because I have to reread the text every damn day at least 4 times.

Let’s talk about procrastination, what is the most absurd thing you’ve been doing when you should be writing?

Learning bridge (cards). I got the sudden urge to learn it in the middle of the editing process of my thriller Sophia von X. Plus, chess, and two languages (at the same time).

The Books

Your book, Sophia Von X, centers on the character by the same name – a badass woman who will kick the ass of anyone who gets in her way. How much of Victoria Ray is there, in Sophia? What was the most fun about writing this story?

There’s nothing from Victoria in Sophia, maybe only the spontaneity… how she goes on the trip, or when she follows Grace into the danger. It seems Sophia is an adventurous spirit. I guess I have it in me too.

From the other side, I don’t think Sophia is 100 % hard-boiled badass. She has her phobias and worries. Maybe she is not a badass, but a smart woman in the middle of the chaos?

Your debut novel, So Absurd It Must Be True, is a book full of bizarre adult stories, how did you come up with this idea?

I don’t know. I guess I just have it in me.
I’m usually writing them as usual short stories, then I’m creating the names, then (at last) I’m adding the erotic scenes in a fun, bizarre way. The scene should make me smile… it should be ridiculous/absurd and a little bit kinky/or gross.

Dulcinea and The Death Code narrates the story of a girl from another reality who appeared on Earth as a baby, some kind of Death Code. This is also the first book of a series. What else do you want to tell us about this story?

Again, I don’t know. This book is written without any plot, chapter by chapter. Dulcinea is the code of Death. She is balancing the life on the Earth and, at the same time, on A-Ria. A-Ria is the Reality itself, the Cloud for all Energy, place where rules Yah & Weh. Dulcinea is also an illusion. She doesn’t exist because she is not a human. It is a complicated story, based only on meditations… I hope I can tell you more in Book 2, The Secrets of A-Ria.

Your series, Out of Standard, is a collection of hilarious and sharp poems, there are more books in this series to come, isn’t it?

Yes, I’m planning Book 3. After that, I’m going to make a bundle. The working title for Book 3 is #NOCLUE.

What are you writing right now?

Right now, I’m working on The Secrets of A-Ria (Child of Illusion Series). Also, I’m writing absurd stories for Book 3, developing The Pearl Territory (absurdist sci-fi/fantasy, 18+) and my new psychological thriller, Almost Faithful (second draft).

Plus, I’m researching for two crime mysteries and one dystopian novel.

Well, this was fun! Thank you so much to Victoria Ray for taking your time to answer these questions!

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