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Will Fablehaven become a movie?

Do you want the Fablehaven movie to be a thing? Fablehaven is a bestselling series composed of five books written by the American author Brandon Mull. This series is addressed to children and has a sequel series called Dragonwatch which is currently being written. This fantasy story is published in more than 30 foreign languages, a successful series no doubt. As a result, a lot of fans are asking why isn’t Fablehaven a movie coming out?

Experience a breathtaking medieval fantasy series with elemental magical swords, perfect for teens and fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Are there Fablehaven movies?

Whenever a book series starts selling well this draws the attention of Hollywood. Making a movie adaptation of a bestseller novel is a great way for a studio to ensure they have a big audience that will, as long as your adaptation is decent enough, watch their production. 

As a result, producers option the movie, that is, a particular producer company pays the author in exchange to make sure nobody else can make the movie (for a set period of time). Then, lots of steps ( screenwriting, choosing a director, etc…) and decisions to take that may lead the movie to be produced or not.

In the case of this series, the rights to Fablehaven were purchased by Schaffer Studios in 2012. During that time it was even said that the Studios had teamed up with Brandon Mull on the Project. However, as of 2019, there is no Fablehaven movie.

When will Fablehaven the movie come out?

So far there is no news that a Fablehaven movie will come out. In case this changes, this article will be updated showing the release date.

Meanwhile you can take a look at this post with the Fablehaven series in order, it also includes the new series: Dragonwatch.

Don’t you think it would be great if Fablehaven turned in a movie? hope there is good news soon!

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  • Really is fablehaven ever going to be on the silver screen I think it would be a great series possibly better than Harry Potter in Many ways.

  • I 100% agree. The books are intoxicating! I cant stop reading them. Please bring this adventure the the screen.

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