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Interview to author Kim Patrick

Hi there Wottareaders, today I’m interviewing author Kim Patrick! She is here to tell us about her book, Kip the Letter X, a story addressed to children (ages 3 to 7) with an important message of self-acceptance and understanding that it’s fine that each of us is different.

The book has great illustrations which will surely draw the attention of kids. In case you are curious, this is the book:

Let’s get to know the author and her book better, shall we? here we go:

What made you decide to write Kip the Letter X?

I can’t think of a person I know who at one point or time in their life didn’t want to be someone else. Of course, trying to be someone you are not is a quick way to a very disappointing experience. I wanted to take that truth and distill it down into something that kids could connect with and understand. Telling a kid to just “be yourself” is so vague as to be useless, in my opinion. Kip is the letter X, but he thinks he would have more fun and be more popular if he were a different letter of the alphabet. Through a series of events, he learns that being true to who he is offers far more reward and happiness.

How did you get started as a children’s book author?

Actually, this is the first book for children I’ve ever written. I have always been involved in various literary pursuits, though. When I was younger my family and I lived in South Africa for a short while. I believe it was there that the ability to tell a great story was instilled. The people of South Africa are amazing storytellers!

What advice would you give to others wanting to write a children’s book?

Stick with it and believe in it even when no one else seems to. Eventually your enthusiasm for the book, and talking about it to everyone makes it real. Of course, you can’t just sit back and do nothing….

What types of books do you enjoy reading?

Right now, short ones! I am so busy with so many projects that taking time to read for pleasure is a luxury. Currently I’m reading books about animal conservation and the people who are working to preserve many of the animals on the endangered species list.

If you weren’t an author, what else would you be doing?

I’ve always wanted to be involved in some way with film and film production. So, maybe that. But, I really do love what I do, so that’s no likely to happen.

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