Gabriel allon books in order

Gabriel Allon series in order

If you are seeking the Gabriel Allon books in order is because you want to enjoy a espionage series, and these novels by Daniel Silva are a great choice. This is a best selling series, and the last book in this series was released in 2020. You will find a list with all the Gabriel Allon series in order, including the year in which each of the novels were published.

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Gabriel Allon books in order, discover all the novels in this series

Here you got it, all Gabriel Allon books in order, will any of these books be your next read?

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Enough talk, this is the Gabriel Allon series in order:

Now that you have the Gabriel Allon series in order here goes a bundle

In case you are sure you want to read the series, these two bundles are a great choice for you.

The first bundle includes the first four books in the series in eBook, and it has 4.6 out of 5 stars with more than 120 reviews. The second bundle includes the next four books, and has a 4.7 stars rating with more than one hundred reviews. There are no paperback or hardcover sets collecting the Gabriel Allon books.

A handful list with all Gabriel Allon books in order

In this list you will find all the books by this author, the year when it was published and the series to which it belongs (or if it’s a stand alone):

Gabriel Allon series in order

Gabriel Allon books in order

Gabriel Allon series in order
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Reading order:

  • The Kill Artist 2000
  • The English Assassin 2002
  • The Confessor 2003
  • A Death in Vienna 2004
  • Prince of Fire 2005
  • The Messenger 2006
  • The Secret Servant 2007
  • Moscow Rules 2008
  • The Defector 2009
  • The Rembrandt Affair 2010
  • Portrait of a Spy 2011
  • The Fallen Angel 2012
  • The English Girl 2013
  • The Heist 2014
  • The English Spy 2015
  • The Black Widow 2016
  • House of Spies 2017
  • The Other Woman 2018
  • The New Girl 2019
  • The Order 2020

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A bit of info about this series

Gabriel Allon series centers on the character by the same name, he is a a member of the Israeli intelligence. His first mission was OperationWrath of God, an operation in which they had to hunt down and killl the murderers who had killed the Israel athletes in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. This is a real event, known an attack known as the Munich MAssacre, in this attack a group of Palestinian terrorists murdered eleven Israeli members and one West German Officer.

In this series Gabriel Allon leads a team whose members are versed in different arts of combat and they are always there to support Gabriel in his dangerous missions. This team has no name, so it is just known as Gabriel’s Team.

Mikhail is Gabriel’s driver, as well as his usual partner when the mission requires to execute a target on foot. Yakoov is in charge for interrogations, but he also participates in kidnaps and assaults. Oded is a multitasking man, when he is part of the team he will do any task he is assigned. And the last member, Uzi, will be of great assistance when it is time for combat and firearms.

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