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Harry Potter RPG videogame!

It has been everywhere! A Harry Potter RPG videogame is on the way, and it looks amazing! Some say this upcoming title will be a a masive multiplayer online game, that is, it will be a Harry Potter MMORPG isn’t that amazing?

Are there any news of this upcoming videogame? just keep reading to know.


How this all Harry Potter MMORPG Crazyness started

This wonderful news was published on Reddit, where a user published the following post “Unannounced Harry Potter RPG has killing and unforgivable spells!” in this he linked to a youtube video where you could see a gameplay of this new Harry Potter videogame. Warner Bros blocked the video to avoid the leakage, but unfortunately (or maybe the opposite) it had already spread all around the internet. A lot of people think that the fact that the video was taken down by Warner Bros just proves that the game is actually being developed, which makes sense. Just think about it, if it was a fake video why would Warner Bros want to take it down?

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The leaked video is still on youtube so you can watch it here:

Similarly, the attention this videogame has thanks to that leakage will have hinted the producers how hyped Harry Potter fans are with this new videogame.

What will Harry Potter Magic Awakened be about

This videogame seems to be titled Magic Awakened. However, it seems it’s not the final title yet.

For what is known (which is not much, to be honest) you will be able to create your own character and play in an open world. As you can see in the video you will be to make potions and cast different spells. The story is also unknown but according to the leaked video, we will start this experience in Hogwarts.

There is no release date yet or available platforms but I will update this post. Also, there is no official announcement by the developers.

According to the leaked images and comments all around the internet, this is an RPG videogame. In this title, you will be able to choose your side, that is, Dark or Light sides. As it usually happens in RPGs you will have different classes to pick. RPG games usually have diverse class roles, such as healers, tanks, damage dealers

In the trailer, we can see familiar scenarios, such as the Great Hall or the dungeon in which Potions classes take place. In addition, we can see the player uses some known spells such as “lumos” or “reparo”.

How could class roles be adapted into a Harry Potter RPG?

Well, why not the  Hogwarts subjects? Just take it this way: in order to create your own character, you must choose the subjects you were good at Hogwarts, depending on your choices you might have a different role. That is, if you picked Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms, for example, you could be a damage dealer, while if you pick Herbology and Potions you could be a healer. This would be a cool way to create unique and specialized roles, somehow each subject providing different abilities and spells. Just to be clear, this is pure speculation.

Just think about the possibilities! you pick the transfiguration spell and you can transform into an animal, or maybe pick Care of Magical Creatures and you could summon a magic companion! With Alchemy you could transmute substances for your advantage… see what I mean?

Well, what would happen if you pick Muggle Studies or History of Magic? I’ll leave these two for you!

What is expected from a Harry Potter RPG videogame? Will it be online?

A lot actually! a lot of questions are yet unanswered: Will we be able to play Quidditch in Magic Awakened? Will the sorting Hat choose our House? Regarding this one, a YouTuber had a great idea, suggesting the Hat sorted us using the info available in our Pottermore profiles. Will we be able to visit other places aside from Hogwarts? Hogsmeade is expected, but what else?

Also, this Harry Potter open world video game should be online in order to let players have the greatest experience. Imagine selecting your wizard or witch and walk the Hogwarts corridors with other people online! It would be amazing!

What about you, what would you like this Harry Potter RPG videogame to include? Also, before you leave, want to know which animal would your Patronus be? check it here!

What happened to the upcoming Harry Potter game? [Update]

Some months have passed since this article was published so it is time for an update. Where is this Harry Potter open world coming out?

First of all, it seems that we can’t call this Rpg as Magic Awakened anymore. Since it is confirmed that such title is used for another Harry Potter videogame: a card game with rpg elements developed by the Chinese company NetEase.

This title is only available in China and can be played in iOs and Android platforms. Here are are some images of how this Harry Potter card game looks like:

harry potter rpg
Harry Potter magic awakened Card game
Looks great, but not as good as the other one…

Does this mean the trailer of the Harry Potter MMMORPG was a fake?

No, this only means we shouldn’t call this videogame Magic Awakened anymore.

As of December 2019, there is no news about the Harry Potter RPG leak so lots of fans started thinking the trailer was a fake.

This issue was discussed on Reddit, in which a game designer stated the following.

It doesn’t look fake from the technical point of view. I just believe it was very early in the production and the developing team “finished” just this demo short film to give a preview and see the reaction of the viewers. I think it will not be released anytime soon but it’s definitely coming.

See thread here.

It is a relief to know that the game looks good enough to not be a fake. It is obvious that this game will not be released in 2019, but how long will we have to wait? who knows. One thing is clear, Harry Potter Magic Awakened will be a real game.

Will Harry Potter rpg videogame be playable on PS4?

It is yet unknown for which platforms will this Harry Potter role playing game be available. Given that there is still no news about the release date, this title might be released in late 2020 or even 2021.

This, together with the fact that Sony has officially confirmed the PS5 will release in holiday 2020 might lead to think that Harry Potter might not be available on PS4 but on Play Station 5 instead. Again, this is not confirmed.

⚡ Other upcoming Harry Potter videogames

The last videogame based on this famous franchise was Harry Potter Wizards Unite. A Title that wasn’t as successful as was expected to be.

Aside from Magic Awakened (the new mobile card rpg) there is no news or official announcements of other upcoming Harry Potter videogames.

⚡ Ever wondered which spells would Harry Potter have if he was a League of Legends champion?

If you like both Lol and Harry Potter, then here you have how would Harry Potter look like if he was a League of Legends champion.

harry potter rpg tabletop
Harry Potter League of Legends

How balanced are they? would you pick them for battle?

Harry Potter rpg 2020

In this section I will post any updates regarding the upcoming Harry Potter MMORPG, so far there are no news about this upcoming title.

Funnily, in a previous post, I theorized about the stolen postcard on which J.K Rowling had written a short prequel story of Harry Potter and what would have happened if a true fan had stolen it. It is pretty similar to what could happen to this leaked trailer.

For those fans who are looking for something similar to Harry Potter, here are some book suggestions for you.

Hope you are excited about this Harry Potter rpg game. It looks like the release date will not be 2019, but let’s hope it won’t last too much because we want to play this open world game now! And let’s hope it is online.

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2 Comments on "Harry Potter RPG videogame!"

  • I really hope this Harry Potter MMORPG becomes real!

  • Any new Harry Potter game shouldn’t be solely online and shouldn’t only be available on PS5 because fans have had too
    long a wait. Potentially this could be an excellent rpg but CHOICE ought to be the watchword. If other players want an
    online, multiplayer experience on ps5, fine, as long as I’m not excluded because I prefer to insert a disc into my ps4 and
    play singleplayer, and third person by the way, without having to conduct online transactions which I distrust utterly. I’ve already been disappointed by the phone app, by
    Castlevania, Lords of Shadow(not available as a disc) and if a
    much anticipated Harry Potter game expects me to either buy a ps5 and/or buy online, I’ll be disgusted enough about
    excessive corporate greed to not bother .

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