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Mitford series in order: Jan Karon books

Trying to find the Mitford series in order? this is a Christian fiction story written by the American novelist Jan Karon. Let’s know the order of the Mistford series.

The story takes place in the fictional village of Mitford and centers on the life of Father Timothy, an episcopal priest.

what is the proper reading order for Father Tim series? let’s see.

Mitford series in order: In what order should you read Jan Karon books

Mitford series is composed of 14 novels. The best way to read Mitford is the publication order which is at the same time the chronological order, it is advised to follow such reading order because along the story there are a lot of interactions among the characters and you might miss these details if you don’t follow such order.

Here you the Mistford series in order. If you want to check out any of the books just click on its cover, it will take you to Amazon (don’t worry, it opens in a new tab):

Now you know the reading order of Mitford, a New York Times bestselling series. If you like Christian themed series then you definitely have to start reading The Mitford Years.

Now that you have the  Mitford series in order maybe you are looking for a Mistford box set?

Here you can buy Jan Karon books, you only have to click on the book cover of the novel you want to purchase, the link will take you to Amazon.

You can buy the Mitford book sets if you like them, this one includes the first nine books in the series.

Will you start reading the Mitford books now? which is your favorite Christian themed book? don’t forget to leave a comment!

A list with the Mitford series in order

mitford series in order

Jan Karon Mitford series in order

The Mitford series in order

Reading order:

  • At Home in Mitford
  • A Light in the Window
  • These High, Green Hills
  • Out to Canaan
  • A New Song
  • A Common Life: the Wedding Story
  • In this Mountain
  • Shepherds Abiding
  • Light from Heaven
  • Home to Holly Springs
  • In the Company of Others
  • Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good
  • Come Rain or Come Shine
  • To Be Where You Are

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