The Magic of Xanth reading order

Xanth books in order by Piers Anthony

If you want to know The Magic of Xanth reading order here you will find it.   Piers Anthony series is a high fantasy world full of magical creatures and powerful warriors. Let’s see The Magic of Xanth books in order.

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 The Magic of Xanth reading order: Piers Anthony books in order

In case you want to know the proper reading order for the Xanth series, I recommend you read the Xanth books in order of publication. The Magic of Xanth is a really long saga, with 41 novels already published and four more to be published.

Here you have The Magic of Xanth novels in order. In case you want to get any of these it’s as easy as clicking on their cover, the link takes you to Amazon:

These are the ten first volumes in the Xanth series, if you want a complete list of xanth books go to the third section of this post.

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A list with all the Xanth books in order by Piers Anthony

Here you have a list with all the Xanth novels in order, which are published by Nelson Doubleday Publishing. There goes the full list with Piers Anthony Xanth series:

The Magic of Xanth reading order

The Magic of Xanth reading order

The Magic of Xanth book series order
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  • Nelson Doubleday

Reading order:

  • A Spell for Chameleon (Xanth book 1)
  • The Source of Magic (Xanth book 2)
  • Castle Roogna (Xanth book 3)
  • Centaur Aisle (Xanth book 4)
  • Ogre, Ogre (Xanth book 5)
  • Night Mare (Xanth book 6)
  • Dragon on a Pedestal (Xanth book 7)
  • Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn (Xanth book 8)
  • Golem in the Gears (Xanth book 9)
  • Vale of the Vole (Xanth book 10)
  • Heaven Cent (Xanth book 11)
  • Man from Mundania (Xanth book 12)
  • Isle of View (Xanth book 13)
  • Question Quest (Xanth book 14)
  • The Color of Her Panties (Xanth book 15)
  • Demons Don’t Dream (Xanth book 16)
  • Harpy Thyme (Xanth book 17)
  • Geis of the Gargoyle (Xanth book 18)
  • Roc and a Hard Place (Xanth book 19)
  • Yon Ill Wind (Xanth book 20)
  • Faun & Games (Xanth book 21)
  • Zombie Lover (Xanth book 22)
  • Xone of Contention (Xanth book 23)
  • The Dastard (Xanth book 24)
  • Swell Foop (Xanth book 25)
  • Up in a Heaval (Xanth book 26)
  • Cube Route (Xanth book 27)
  • Currant Events (Xanth book 28)
  • Pet Peeve (Xanth book 29)
  • Stork Naked (Xanth book 30)
  • Air Apparent (Xanth book 31)
  • Two to the Fifth (Xanth book 32)
  • Jumper Cable (Xanth book 33)
  • Knot Gneiss (Xanth book 34)
  • Well-Tempered Clavicle (Xanth book 35)
  • Luck of the Draw (Xanth book 36)
  • Esrever Doom (Xanth book 37)
  • Board Stiff (Xanth book 38)
  • Five Portraits (Xanth book 39)
  • Isis Orb  (Xanth book 40)
  • Ghost Writer in the Sky (Xanth book 41)
  • Fire Sail (Xanth book 42)
  • Jest Right (Xanth book 43)
  • Skeleton Key (Xanth book 44)
  • A Tryst of Fate (Xanth book 45)

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We told you, the Xanth series is really long!

What are Piers Anthony books about?

Piers Anthony series narrates the story of different magicians. In the world of Xanth, every human is born with a magical ability, called talent. The first two novels in this series have Bink as the main character, a human that apparently was born without any magical ability. However, in the subsequent novels, the main characters will vary being some of them: Ivy, Dor or Jordan the Barbarian.

 In this story humans are born with magical abilities, known as talents. Regarding the worldbuilding, it’s a well built universe, lots of the settings from this story are inspired in places from our world. This fantasy series was intended to be a trilogy, instead,  Piers Anthony series is one of the longest fantasy series of all time

If you were wondering The Magic of Xanth reading order here you have the answer. Keep reading!

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