the kissing booth books in order

The Kissing Booth book series in order

Fancy a romance story? great, because we have a list with all The Kissing Booth books in order, and this is a young adult series full of romance. Some of you may know this series due to the movie adaptation produced by Netflix, so let me tell you something: the books are way better.

These novels by author Beth Reekles have become a huge success, and it’s time for you to discover this ya romance story.

The Kissing Booth books in order by Beth Reekles

This series is a trilogy, and author Beth Reekles published the novels narrating the story chronologically. Therefore, the one and only way to read The Kissing Booth books is in order of publication. Here you have the three novels that compose this trilogy, you can get any of them by clicking on their cover:

As you might have noticed, the books have the movie posters as their cover, both in the Kindle and paperback version. Which we are not very on, despite the fact that it’s very common, and that we know that makes sense from a business standpoint.

Now that we told you the order for The Kissing Booth books don’t miss these series

We are aware that you will devour The Kissing Booth series in no time, and once that happens you will be craving for more Ya romance stories. Here are three novels that will help you fill your literary void:

Also, if you want to read more novels by Beth Reekles then you can take a look at the Rolling Dice novel, a standalone story telling the story of Madison Clarke, a young girl who moves from Maine to Florida, a city in which she will meet Dwight, and her life will change…

But Beth Reekles is not the only Wattpad sensation, because there’s Ana Todd as well, and if you don’t know the After book series you should really start reading it because it’s quite simliar to the Kissing Booth books.

Remember that you can always leave a comment telling us about similar books that you think fans of The Kissing Booh series would enjoy, we are open to suggestions!

What is this story about?

the kissing booth book series

Rochelle is a pretty popular girl, known by everyone as Elle, she has never kissed a boy. But then she runs a kissing booth during her school’s Spring Carnivel, and her lips will meet with Noah’s, who happens to be a rude boy.

What seemed to be just an innocent kiss will actually become way more. The start of a love story but so many ups and downs. As said before, the Kissing Booth book series has had a movie adaptation on Netflix, and it didn’t get the best scores on websites like ImdB, however, the books are way better so you really should give a chance to the novels even if you didn’t enjoy the movies that are based on them.

A list with all the The Kissing Booth books in order

The following list collects all The Kissing Booth books in order, this is a trilogy and is concluded. However, there may be a prequel or a sequel sooner or later, you never know, so we’ll keep this list updated.

the kissing booth series order

The Kissing Booth books in order

The Kissing Booth – Beth Reekles


  • Ember

Reading order:

  • The Kissing Booth (The Kissing booth book 1)
  • Going the Distance (The Kissing booth book 2)
  • One Last Time (The Kissing booth book 3)

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Have you started reading The Kissing Booth books? tells us if you have already watched the movies or if you’ll wait to watch them once you have finished the novels.

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