Rent a Girlfriend manga volumes

How many Rent a Girlfriend manga volumes are there?

Ready to dive into the roller coaster of emotions that is Rent a Girlfriend manga volumes? Authored by Reiji Miyajima, this series takes you on a hilarious, heart-touching, and sometimes frustrating journey through the chaos of love and relationships. It’s a wild ride, and we’ve got all the volumes you need to enjoy every moment of it. 🎢💘

If you’re wondering how many Rent a Girlfriend volumes there are, well, you’re in for a treat. With numerous volumes available, each one brimming with beautifully crafted storylines and characters, there’s plenty to enjoy in this manga. So buckle up, because you’re about to enter a world full of romantic mishaps and heartfelt moments. 📚💞

All Rent a Girlfriend Manga Volumes in Order

There’s this spectacular box set for Rent a Girlfriend enthusiasts that you definitely should check out. This special edition collection houses the first six volumes of the manga series, perfect for newcomers and those wishing to relive the initial stages of the story. But it doesn’t stop there. Along with the books, the box set also includes two extra-large, reversible posters

As an alternative, you cant get the Rent a Girlfriend volumes individually:

When it comes to the English version of the Rent a Girlfriend manga, the quality is top-notch. Kodansha USA Publishing has done a superb job with the translation, preserving the humor and emotional depth that makes this series so beloved. The drawing style, characterized by its expressive characters and detailed backgrounds, truly brings the story to life. 🖌️🌟

Did you know that aside from Rent a Girlfriend, author Reiji Miyajima has also worked on other popular manga such as “AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei” and “Kanojo, Hitomishirimasu”? All of his works showcase his unique blend of humor, romance, and real-world relatability. If you love Rent a Girlfriend, you might want to check these out too! 🕵️‍♂️📖

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This manga has lots of great characters, here’s our 3 favorites:

If you’re enjoying the unique romantic comedy twists in Rent a Girlfriend volumes, another series you might want to check out is Love is War volumes. This series also uses an unconventional approach to depict the hilarity and awkwardness of young love. In Love is War, two student council members try to confess their love without being the first one to do so, resulting in a fun and thrilling battle of wits! 🥰🔥

On the other hand, if you’re intrigued by the more adult themes and the exciting blend of genres in Rent a Girlfriend, the Super Hxeros manga could be an excellent choice. This series combines action, comedy, and ecchi elements to offer a distinctly unique reading experience. It centers around a group of teenagers with superpowers derived from erotic energy, battling against alien invaders. Expect laughs, action, and a fair share of blush-worthy moments! 😆👽

What is this manga series about?

Rent a Girlfriend volumes
Rent a Girlfriend volumes

Rent a Girlfriend is a romantic comedy manga that tells the story of Kazuya Kinoshita, a college student who, after a painful breakup, decides to use a rental girlfriend service. The service leads him to Chizuru Mizuhara, a seemingly perfect girl who helps him navigate the complex world of love and relationships. But as you’ll find in the Rent a Girlfriend volumes, not everything is as simple as it seems. This series is best suited for teenagers and above due to its mature themes. 🧡💔

The impact of Rent a Girlfriend cannot be overstated. It has not only garnered a substantial fan base but has also led to an anime adaptation due to its popularity. Its sales have been impressive, with the manga volumes consistently ranking high on various sales charts. It’s a testament to the quality and appeal of this series. 📈🏆

Speaking of adaptations, the Rent a Girlfriend anime is a massive hit too. The anime does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life and staying true to the original manga’s spirit. If you’re a fan of the manga, the anime is worth checking out. 📺✨

How Many Rent a Girlfriend Manga Volumes are There in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished?

How many Rent a Girlfriend volumes are there
How many Rent a Girlfriend volumes are there

The Japanese version of Rent a Girlfriend is still ongoing, with an impressive 31 volumes published so far. The series is serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine, known for featuring series from various genres, but primarily focusing on action and romantic comedy series. 📘

In contrast, the English translation of the manga is somewhat lagging behind with a 12-volume delay. But don’t let this deter you – the available English volumes are every bit as entertaining and engaging as their Japanese counterparts. If you’re an English reader, these volumes provide plenty of content to immerse yourself in while awaiting future translations. 🗓️📚 Also, if you like romance, don’t miss the Shatter me series.

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