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London british

Best books by British authors

England is a great cultural exporter both musically and literally but, in this post, we are going to focus on this second aspect. Making lists is not easy but only the brave dare to take on the most difficult challenges, so today we bring you 5 essential books of English literature. Here you have the best books by British authors:

Charles Dickens – Great Hopes

If anyone knew how to portray the lower class of society, it was Dickens, probably because in his childhood he lived in a similar situation which led him to fight against injustice and poverty both as a writer and as a citizen. In this work, the orphan and poor Pip receives an offer that would be tempting for anyone, especially being in a disadvantaged situation. However, there are certain things that can never be bought.

George Orwell – 1984

Eric A. Blair, better known as George Orwell, wrote some of the most important books of the last century. Surely you have all heard of Big Brother, for we owe it to him. With the difference that his term refers to the State and does not intend to make a show with your life to later reward you financially, but instead, in his dystopian novel the Big Brother has the intention is to subjugate citizens to his will and think, act and live as he wants. This work is clearly an exponent of the anti-totalitarian current. As a result, this book is included in the list of classic novels.

J.R.R. Tolkien – The Lord of the Rings

Does this author need an introduction? Humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, magicians, rings with powers… This work has everything. Tolkien’s magnificent writing together with his great imagination came together to give life to this marvelous novel. Page by page we submerge and let ourselves be captured by the universe of this writer who, once in his spider’s web, will not let us escape until we finish the last paragraph. This is why he has well earned the title of the father of modern fantasy.

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein

There have always been those who have played at being God but not all of them have had the transcendence of Victor Frankenstein. Shelley’s character was nothing more than a young student in love with his fiancée Elisabeth and science. This second love would be the one that would make him mad. After finding the formula to give life back to a corpse, he gest scared of the result of his work and the monster, who just wanted to be loved and live in peace with others, gets rejected and mistreated by his appearance, thus beginning to hate and eventually search for revenge on his creator.

William Shakespeare – Hamlet

It’s impossible to think of classic writers and not think of this author. His great works are countless as are the conspiracies about whether he really wrote them, but until proven otherwise, Shakespeare will remain the king of the classics. It is very difficult to highlight one of his works above all the others but, in the end, no one said it was easy to make a list. So we kept Hamlet. The story of the prince of Denmark whose aim is to avenge the death of his father and for that he plans to murder his uncle since he is the main suspect of having ended the life of Hamlet’s father to rise with the Danish crown.

Many works have been left off this list, but there are so many great British authors and so few that fit on Olympus that it is precisely the reason it makes them so special. In short, it is better that there are plenty of great authors to sit at the table than that there are not enough chairs to fill, right?

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best Warhammer fantasy books

The best Warhammer Fantasy novels

If you are seeeking the Warhammer books here you have the best ones for the fantasy wargame. The worldbuilding of this wargame is so rich that there are several Warhammer Fantasy novels. But, are all these Warhammer novels worth reading? Which are the best Warhammer Fantasy books?

In Warhammer Fantasy, aside from humans, there are lots of other races such as elves, dwarfs, orcs, goblins, skavens or ogres, among other creatures. If you want to know where to start with the Warhammer Fantasy books you’ll find these suggestions to be the most fitting for you depending on your favorite faction.

Finding the best Warhammer Fantasy books

Warhammer is a world of Magic with great lore. All these factions have great heroes and commanders who have proved they were worth to lead their armies and were able to crush their enemies.  As a result, lots of books have been written about the universe of Warhammer Fantasy.

It is true that there are lots of novels which center on different characters. In this post you will find the Warhammer fantasy books in order for each of this series. And yes, the Gotrex and Felix books are included here, of course they are!

A List with the best Warhammer Fantasy books:

These are the best Warhammer Fantasy novels for each faction:

The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade books by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee: one of the best Warhammer fantasy books  

Main faction: Dark elves.

Here you have all Malus Dark Blade books, if you want to get any of these you only have to click on their cover (link opens in a new tab and takes you to Amazon):

Malus Dark Blade books


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warhammer lore books


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warhammer lore books

5.Lord of Ruin

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This series tells the story of Malus Dark Blade, a dark elf possessed by the daemon Tz’arkan, Malus Darkblade is an evil elf, even for the dark elves standards, which is a lot to say. The Malus Darblade books are one of the most popular series of Warhammer Fantasy, so make sure you read them.

Skarsnik by Guy Haley: the best Warhammer fantasy novels for orc fans

Main faction: Orcs and goblins.

warhammer fantasy books where to start


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This book narrates the story of Skarsnik, one of the greatest goblin chieftains of all time. Skarsnik, along with his inseparable squig companion Gobla, will threaten the border of the Empire leading his massive greenskin army. In this novel, Guy Haley will tell us how this humble goblin born in Karak Eight Peaks plotted and schemed until he not only became a warlord but a legend.

If you don’t know where to start with the Warhammer Fantasy books then this standalone novel might be a good start.

  The Blackhearts series  by Nathan Long

Main faction: The Empire.

You can get all the novels for this faction by getting this Warhammer Blackhearts Omnibus:

best warhammer fantasy books


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When you are about to be executed, volunteering for a suicide mission in order to recover an ancient relic doesn’t sound like a bad deal compared to the gallows. Led by Captain Reine, this band of criminals will have to face demons, dark elves, skavens and fight for their life with honor. For The Empire!

Archaon: Everchosen by Rob Sanders

Main faction: Chaos warriors.

Warhammer fantasy books


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Everchosen tells the origins of the Chaos warlord with the same title, Archaon, Three-Eyed King and Lord of the End Time chaos. In the northern wastes, Archaon gathers his army, the Followers of Chaos, waiting for the moment to strike the final blow.

Gotrex and Felix books by William King and Nathan Long: one of the best Warhammer Fantasy series ever

Main factions: Dwarves and The Empire.

Here you have the reading order for the Gotrex and Felix books:

The Gotrek and Felix series is the most popular Warhammer Fantasy sagas. As the title says, this series tells the story of Gotrex Gurnisson, a Dwarf who took the slayer’s oath, and Felix Jaeger, a human who swore to follow Gotrek after the dwarf saved his life. Together they will travel along the Old World seeking death.

If you are looking for a fun story about companionship set in the fictional universe of Warhammer this is what you are looking for.

If you want the novels individually,here goes the warhammer books in order for the Gotrek and Felix series:

Gotrek Felix Wallpaper
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Gotrek and Felix books

Gotrek and Felix novels in order


  • Black Library


  • Trollslayer
  • Skavenslayer
  • Daemonslayer
  • Dragonslayer
  • Beastslayer
  • Vampireslayer
  • Giantslayer
  • Orcslayer
  • Manslayer
  • Elfslayer
  • Shamanslayer
  • Zombieslayer
  • Kinslayer: Book I of the Doom of Gotrek Gurnisson
  • Slayer: Book II of the Doom of Gotrek Gurnisson

The Legend of Sigmar by Graham McNeill

Main faction: The Empire.

This Legend Sigmar’s Omnibus collects all the books in this series:

warhammer book series in order

Legend of Sigmar

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Sigmar is the god of the Empire of men. This man was raised to lead men, unifying all the 12 tribes of men eventually becoming what is known as The Empire. Here Sigmar reigned for what it was a prosperous fifteen years.

This series narrates the tales of the mighty hero Sigmar Heldenhammer, as he faces the hordes of orcs, battles the undying forces of Nagash and the forces of Chaos. This is the story of a king, an emperor and a god. The story of Sigmar.

If you want to get them separatedly, here you have the book order for this Warhammer Fantasy series:

Sigmar books
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The Legend of Sigmar novels

Warhammer books order


  • The Black Library


  • Heldenhammer 
  • Empire
  • God king
  • Omnibus: The Legend of Sigmar

Rise of Nagash by Mike Lee

Main faction: Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings.

warhammer black library reading order

1. Unbroken

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warhammer black library reading order


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Nagash,  previously a mere priest of Kemhri, now the supreme lord of death. Will embark upon a quest for immortality which will lead to war and conflict. One of the most powerful wizards of all time, he will seek power and will face the empire he was supposed to protect: Nehekkara, Khemri’s capital and home of Settra the Imperishable.

Brunner the Bounty Hunter by C.L. Werner

Main faction: Mercenaries.

You can get this omnibus with all the Warhammer fantasy novels for this series:

warhammer book series in order


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Brunner is a bounty hunter with no heart, he will fulfill his mission no matter what. There’s no honor in his life, as a mercenary, only gold matters. During his journey he will have to survive the encounters of ogres, dragons, vampires. One of those stories that show the grim dark face of the Warhammer Fantasy world.

If you want to get the novels individually, here goes the series order for these Warhammer books:

Brunner the bounty hunter
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Brunner the Bounty Hunter books

Warhammer book reading order


  • Black Library


  • Blood Money
  • Blood and Steel 
  • Blood of the Dragon 
  • What Price Vengeance  (Short story)
  • Sickhouse
  • Wolfshead
  • Brunner the Bounty Hunter (Omnibus)

Mathias Thulmann: Witch Hunter by C.L. Werner

Main Faction: The Empire.

You can get this omnibus with all the Warhammer fantasy novels for this series:

 Witch Hunters are individuals known for their dedication and zeal against evil and corruption. Mathias Thulmann is a man of action, in this stories his witch hunter will seek the destruction of evil and dark power in the cities of The Empire.

If you want to get these novels individually here you have the book order for this Warhammer Fantasy series:

Witch hunter Warhammer
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Mathias Thulmann: Witch Hunter books

Warhammer books order


  • The Black Library


  • Witch Hunter
  • Witch Finder
  • Witch Killer
  • A Choice of Hatreds
  • Meat Wagon (Short story)
  • Witch Work (Short story)
  • Omnibus : Mathias Thulmann: Witch Hunter (does not include short stories) 

Want to buy Mathias THulkann: Witch Hunter?

The Sundering by Gav Thorpe

Main factions: Dark elves, High Elves

This series tells the story of Malekith, the king of the Dark Elves, the one that divided the race of elves forever. Gav Thorpe will narrate the elves history through the eyes of Malekith, showing us how a civil war will be the beginning of the sundering of the elven race. This book will tell you how the dark elves and the high elves were created.

In which order should I read The Sundering? 

The sundering book covers
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How to read The Sundering


  • Malekith
  • Shadow King
  • Caledor

Tyrion & Teclis by William King

Main faction: High Elves

best warhammer novels

1. Malekith

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best warhammer novels

2. Shadow King

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best warhammer novels

3. Caledor

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This series center on these elven twins. The first a fearsome warrior, the second a powerful sorcerer. The Tyrion & Teclis books narrate the story of these two mighty heroes along with different scenarios such as the jungles of  Lustria  (home of the Lizardmen) or the kingdom of Calendor, where they will have to face no other than the leader of the Dark Elves, Malekith.

Other recommended Warhammer Fantasy Books:

Riders of the Dead by Dan Abnett.

Ambassador Chronicles by Graham McNeil.

Gilead’s Blood by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent.

Fell Cargo by Dan Abnett.

The Burning Shore by Rober Earl.

Headtaker by David Guymer.

Vampire Wars by Steven Savile.

Champions of Chaos by Ben Counter.

Warhammer Fantasy publisher: The Black Library

Most ot these novels are under Games Workshop’s publishing arm, the Black Library. Warhammer Fantasy books are written by diverse authors, therefore the quality of these novels might vary a lot. That’s why we are here.

The Warhammer Fantasy board game has been replaced by Age of Sigmar, however, the Warhammer Fantasy lore books are so great that lots of fan love them. And yes, WH Fantasy is coming back soon!

As you might have guessed, this wargame is influenced by J.R.R Tolkien’s worldbuilding, something usual since Tolkien is the father of modern Fantasy: This is How Tolkien influenced the fantasy genre.

Here you have a lot of Warhammer fantasy novels to enjoy. Elves, goblins, the Empire, Bretonia… which is your favorite Warhammer army? tell us!

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Fantasy books for kids

Fantasy books for kids to read

We have an amazing list of fantasy books for kids, that they are gonna love to read. The fantasy genre is amazing for children, since it helps them to develop their imagination.

Here you will find lots of fantasy book books for kids to read, they are easy to read and they have lots of magic in them.

Fantasy books for kids: how is it going to help your children?

One of the most sought habits to inculcate in our youngest is the habit of reading. How could it be another way? You came looking for some reading for kids, and that is a great job, since reading has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Stress reduction and mental stimulation.
  • Vocabulary building.
  • Better analytical thinking skills and concentration.

But of course, we usually don’t read because of these benefits but because it is fun! Reading evokes so many feelings, you can feel sad, happy, angry…

As a result of the benefits previously mentioned, reading helps to improve study, as well as speeding it up and reading comprehension. This is why reading has great importance in the future of the youngest. In this sense, there are many schools and institutes that, as part of their subjects, oblige the reading of different books to the youngest as a form of homework.

The books they must read as schoolwork are sometimes those of the most classic literature. And, in some cases, boring.  This is why a lot of kids are reluctant to read, they had a bad experience, they didn’t have fun reading! for those parents who want their children to love reading since they are kids, you might like to check this article where I mention reading websites for children that will teach and motivate them while they have fun.

Best Fantasy books for kids

Luckily, this is a problem that can be fixed: offering some more interesting novels. They only need good books to read, that’s all. What about science fiction and medieval genres?  A nice genre that unleashes the imagination of the little ones.  Showing some fantasy world full of magic, for which there is no age to enjoy, let’s see some affordable examples for children. Reading now is easier than ever, you can find a lot of alternative ways to the traditional printed books, just check this post to learn  more.

It’s time to read some cool books for kids, isn’t it? 😊 here some amazing stories to read:

Mortal Engines: a series of steampunk fantasy books for kids

You probably heard about Mortal engines since its cinematographic adaptation was recently on the big screen. Mortal Engines is set in a post-apocalyptic universe and it’s part of the fantastic and adventure genre. In 2002 this saga won The Gold award in Nestlé Children’s Book Prize (set of annual awards for British children’s books that ran from 1985 to 2007 according to Wikipedia)  in nine to eleven years old category. So yes, this book is a great way to start loving books again. This series consists of four novels, the series taking the name from its first novel. If you want to start reading this series, just check this Mortal Engines reading order post.

Also if you are curious about the film, check this post.

The Hobbit: a fantasy book for kids that everyone should read

The Lord of the Rings is a reference within fantastic literature. Set in the same world and with a much simpler understanding, we have its prequel, The Hobbit.  A shorter story ideal for reinforcing the idea of friendship and companionship. In this, a fellowship of Dwarves and a Hobbit will demonstrate that together they can perform the greatest of feats, such as stealing a treasure from a terrible dragon that had terrified people for years.

This story is quite simple to read and can serve as a perfect introduction to somewhat more complicated novels, such as the aforementioned The Lord of the Rings (which, if you loved it, check this books like The Lord of The Rings).

When it comes to fantasy books for kids The Hobbit is a must, however, The Lord of the Rings gets way more complicated, so leave that one for when they get older.

 The Chronicles of Narnia

Once again in a magical world, which in this case the protagonists’ access through the inside of a wardrobe. We find ourselves before a series of short novels in which the adventures that this group of young people carries out in Narnia are told. Narnia is a magical region that has its own problems, beyond those of the everyday world, in which an evil witch tries to put an end to the prosperity of the region and achieve a reign of tyranny and terror. Magic, adventures and a lot of action, in a fascinating world where the young reader will be able to learn and know a lot of concepts about the behavior of other species since the animals also have an important role in this story.

 The Legend of Drizzt

This is a really long series (you can see the Drizzt reading order) which narrate the adventures of Drizzt Do’Urden, a drow (or dark elf) and his many friends. It is a series of novels with a quite interesting background that makes us reason from a very young age. The dark elves are born in evil and live by and for it, yet the protagonist of the story denies his race and decides to discover the outside world since he was not born to be evil. However, due to the color of his skin and the terrible stories that accompany those of his race, he lives continuously prejudiced by the rest of the inhabitants due to his origins and for racial prejudices.

By the way, I wrote about racism in literature before, check this post if you are interested in this topic. The novels that narrate the life of the elf teach us that we don’t have to prejudge anyone and that in order to get to know people, the best thing to do is to treat them and discover the good things that each one of them can give us.

Harry Potter

Fantasy books for kids

This series is more than known.  If you haven’t read them these books are a fantastic and magic way to introduce you into reading again. Harry Potter, the boy who defeated You-Know-Who being only a baby and his adventures in Hogwarts school of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Harry Potter series is set in our world, making magical creatures and people coexisting in the mundane world with most of the people unaware of it. Here you have all the Harry Potter books in order. There is no doubt that this series is one of the best fantasy books for kids.

If you already read Harry Potter, you might like these other books like Harry Potter by the way.

I really hope you liked these fantasy books for kids suggestions! Also,  if you are looking for free reading websites for kids, make sure you visit this post! Do you know any Fantasy books for kids to read? then leave a comment telling us!

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historical fantasy books

Historical fantasy novels

HIstorical fantasy books mix our world with the magical elements that only the fantasy genre can provide. Historicalfantasy is a perfect genre for understanding fantasy from another point of view.

These books have no fictional worlds, but they are set in in the real world. They, of course, incorporate fantastic elements, this is what defines the genre of historical fantasy novels.

Understanding historical fantasy books

This crossover is quite common but interesting in the same way.  Allowing authors to create fantasy deriving or inspiring from real events or periods from history. There are different approaches when it comes to Historical fantasy books, such as creating an alternate history (as happens for example in The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud). Maybe making magical or mythical creatures coexisting in the mundane world with the majority of people being unaware of it (like the Harry Potter series).

Here are some book suggestions where you can see different approaches of historical fiction fantasy:

H.P Lovecraft novels: Historical fantasy books with horror

From the American writer H.P Lovecraft. We can find a good number of books set in the ’30s and where some imaginary cities alternate with real ones. These imaginary cities are an inspiration of other real cities such as Orleans or New York but even so stories happen in the American continent.  Making his characters travel around the country while trying to stop the attempts of the sectarians to try to awaken creatures from another world. These books are a series of horror stories with a slight touch of mystery.  In these, the presence of grotesque monsters completely alters the atmosphere of our planet.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

The same goes for J.K. Rowling’s series of books, Fantastic Creatures and where to Find Them. This has been brought to the big screen after its success in literature. These books are about magic, in a world that serves as background to Harry Potter’s (which if you liked you will like these books like Harry Potter for adults). These explain how important the magic has been on the earth.  From the foundation of the different schools of magicians to all the trouble caused by the evil use of magic.

In this case, we find ourselves in a parallel world. In this, ordinary people live unaware of all these wanderings of the magicians. So it could be said that there is a world completely different from the one we understand despite the fact that both will share the same destiny.

His Dark Materials: a series of historical fantasy books

This saga, written by Philip Pullman. Northern lights became more famous due to its adaptation to the world of cinema under the name of the Golden Compass. This is a story of a steampunk atmosphere. We find a mixture of magical worlds where animals have a great relevance throughout history.

In this case, once again the problems between various worlds end up joining ours.  The protagonist, Lyra, a girl living in Oxford, ends up wrapped in an adventure of epic magnitudes. The story will make her face all sorts of conflicts among fantastic races and evil witches.

Take a look at His Dark Materials reading order.

The Ender’s game

historical fantasy novels

Ender’s Game

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Book set in an alternative future. The most intelligent children of the planet are trained to be virtual space pilots to wage a war against other worlds, which will eventually try to invade ours. A work of science fiction that combines passages from our earth with intrepid adventures in a space station. Some of you might know this book was adapted into a movie, I´ll write about this soon.

Hope you liked these suggestions,  and keep reading! If you liked this post you will enjoy this list of classic novels.

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classic fantasy books

Five classic novels that will blow your mind

These Classic novels are a must read for everyone who enjoys reading. There are those books we enjoy. Maybe because its main character was inspiring or because the plot was intriguing and made you turn pages like crazy. In this post you wil find some must read classic books.

A list of classic books to read

Here are some good classic novels everyone should read:

1984 by George Orwell: a must in a list of classic books

classic books


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You probably heard about this one. Published on June 1949, the English writer George Orwell wrote what he thought would be a dystopian future, the novel is set in 1984. Funnily, his book is becoming an astonishing accurate reflection of reality as years go by.

This novel tells the story of a world in perpetual war, where Government has an omnipresent vigilance and propaganda. This government, ruled by The Party, will use different methods in order to control citizens. These methods are such as manipulating recorded history or creating a new language This language, Newspeak, is an alternative English version with restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, meant to limit the freedom of thought.

The protagonist of this novel, Winston Smith, is a man who secretly hates The Party and everything related to the government, but how is he going to tell anyone when in the Newspeak words as rebellion don’t even exist?

Animal Farm by George Orwell: a classic novel with animals

classic books to read

Animal Farm

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Another novel by the same author. In this story, George Orwell uses farm animals as an allegory to describe the early years of the Soviet Union (URSS). This story begins with Old Major inspiring his fellows to revolt against their master, Mr. Jones (a human), the owner of Manor Farm.  After Old Majors dead, two pigs raise to lead this revolt, Snowball and Napoleon, they Will lead the entire farm to fight Mr. Jones who Will flee in despair after being attacked by his animals.

The animals rule the farm after that even, everything is perfect, they decide what is best for them. They even have commandments that state that all animals are equal. The pig Snowball is the most popular in the farm, the animals consider him a hero for his actions against Mr. Jones and also teaches his fellow animals to read and write. The other pig, Napoleon, Will eventually get jealous of Snowball and Will start plotting against him.

When it is about classic books to read the name of George Orwell comes at least twice.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: must read classic books

list of classic books

Fahrenheit 451

▷See Now!

This novel is about censorship. Fahrenheit 451 tells the story of Guy Montag, a fireman. He lives in a world where books are illegal thus censoring knowledge, a metaphorical way of suppressing dissenting ideas. Firemen’s are exactly the opposite to firefighters, their job is not to extinguish fires but to set fire to books and the houses that hide them. Guy Montag never questioned his job until he meets a Young neighbor, Clarisse, who Will tell him about a past where one saw the world through the books instead of the televisión. The fireman Will begin to question all he knows, he Will start hiding books in his home becoming an outlaw.

Just if you were wondering, Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

must read classic books

Brave New World

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A story depicting a futuristic world state with an intelligence-based social hierarchy and genetically modified citizens. This book is about a world dominated through cunning, the hidden influence of elites and mass control. The story is set in 632 After Ford (AF) since Henry Ford is revered as a god due to his assembly line manufacturing process.

If you like this book you can also read Brave New World Revisited (1958). This is a reassessment on which the author considers if such years (the 1950’s) resemble the future world he created in his previous novel.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

classic novels

Atlas Shrugged

▷See Now!

This story sets in the United States. It depicts a dystopian society in which business and enterprises suffer under over regulations and taxes. In this Danny Taggart, Will fight to keep her company alive facing the economic depression and government control over successful companies. While the government keeps taking control over industries some of the most brilliant businessmen in the country start disappearing mysteriously.

Be critical, and question everything, one of the best ways to learn. 😀

classic books

It is no surprise that a lot of these are dystopian stories, undesirable and even frightening alternative futures that we wish would never come true such as tyrannical government, environmental disasters or utter dehumanization. These books are a way for us to realize where the world is going (or might go), allowing us to reflect on it and doing our best to avoid these futures.

There are so many reasons we love books, isn’t it? But aside from loving them, there are those books which give you something different. You know that feeling right?

I mean those books that, despite having a fascinating plot, are able to blow your mind. These books are really powerful because they won’t only entertain you but they Will make you think and reflect. These books remind us how Little we know, and how much reading can provide us:  different insights, new concepts, and ideas or even just a new life philosophy.

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