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similar books to Game of thrones

Books similar to Game of Thrones

Looking for some books like Game of Thrones? This epic fantasy series has become one of the most notorious sagas ever written, of course, those who want to know how A Song Of Ice and Fire ends will have to wait a bit more (but let’s hope not as much as the predicted release dates for the last two books in this series). Are there any similar books to Game of Thrones? it is time to find out!

Yes, given that we don’t know when A Song of Ice and Fire will be finished maybe looking for alternatives for Game of Thrones is not a bad idea.

What makes GOT unique? the key to find Books like Game of Thrones

In order to find similar books to Game of Thrones we might want to ask this, what makes this series so peculiar? This series has violence, sex, power struggle all this set in a medieval social order in which fantasy creatures, such as dragons, exist. Such combination is what makes ASOIAF pretty unique.

Is there any book like Game of Thrones? Of course not exactly the same, that would be plagiarism after all, but here you have some similar books to Game of Thrones:

List of books like Game of Thrones:

Here you have a list of suggestions of books like Game of Thrones, if you want to start reading any of this series just click on the book cover so you can buy the first novel on Amazon:

Malazan Book of The Fallen by Steven Erikson: a must in a list about books like Game of Thrones

books like Game of Thrones


Garden’s of the Moon

Malazan is probably the most similar book to Game of Thrones. The story is told from the point of view of different characters, there is violence, war, and even dragons. The main difference is that Malazan is not that focused on politics as GOT, focusing more on war instead. If you like long series Malazan is a great choice, since it is one of the longest fantasy series ever made.

A complex story with different plotlines.

The Swords Choice: an indie book like Game of Thrones

similar books to Game of Thrones

The Sapphire Eruption

This series narrates the story of a exiled boy with a sword of fire, he knows he is the heir of one of the kingdoms but he is not yet strong to clame the throne, so he has decided to face the most powerful enemies in the four kingdoms.

In a parallel story, she is a princess who has been chosen as the heir of the Queendom of Water, but she is not happy about it, will she even be able to awake the powers of the sword of water?

The First Law by Joe Abercrombie: seeking similar books to Game of Thrones but grimdark? this one is for you

books like Game of Thrones


The First Law

If you like grimdark stories, then The First Law is a good alternative. The main story is a trilogy, which is already concluded, aside from that there are some stand-alone novels and a prequel trilogy of which the first book, A little Hatred, was recently published.

The First Law has lots of action, it’s a world where there is a lot of suffering and violence. Even so, the author, Joe Abercrombie, manages to make you laugh more than once throughout his narrative.

Prince of Nothing by Scott Bakker: looking for books like Game of Throne mixed with philosophy? try this one!

books similar to Game of Thrones



The Darkness That Comes Before

A trilogy with a philosophical touch. Prince of Nothing follows the point of view of different characters and the story takes place in the continent of Eärwa. In this story, there are different kinds of magic Gnostic and Anagogic.

One of the most characteristic aspects of this work is the relevance of philosophy in any sense of this story: the plot, the characters, and even the setting.

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

books similar to Game of Thrones



The Wheel of Time

A story written by Robert Jordan and finished by Brandon Sanderson. The Wheel of Time is one of those stories that follows the Hero’s Journey. The world-building in this saga is one of its most appealing aspects along with the politics and of course the story of the main character, Rand Al’Thor.

The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

books simlar to Game of Thrones



The Stormlight Archive

Fancy something different? The Stormlight Archive takes place in Roshar, a place in which an interesting meteorological phenomenon happens quite regularly: the highstorm. This phenomenon brings massive waves of water but this is not the most interesting thing, but the fact that highstorms provide Stormlight, an energy that can be stored and is used by the Surgebinders as a source for magic power.

This series is not finished though. The story is planned to be ten volumes long, until now only three of them have been published.

The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone by Gregory Keyes

books like Game of Thrones



The Briar King

A series that follows the story of Anne Dare, a girl destined to become the Born Queen. As most of the series already presented, the narrative is set with multiple points of views and the world building is great.

Dune by Frank Herbert

books similar to Game of thrones




While all the book suggestions until now belong to the High Fantasy genre, this is not so for Dune. This story written by Frank Herbert is a science fiction story. Even though George R.R Martin does not cite Frank’s Herbert work as an inspiration, there are lots of similarities between both stories that make you think that Dune has one way or another influenced the work of George R. R Martin.

I hope you enjoyed this list of similar books to Game of Thrones? Are you going to start reading any of this series? Don’t forget to comment then!

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Game of Thrones RPG Elden Ring Wallpaper

Elden Ring: the collaboration of George R.R Martin and From Software

Amazing news! Days before the E3 2019 some juicy information had been leaked all around the internet: a new videogame developed by From Software, the creators of the famous Dark Souls series, Bloodborne and Sekiro videogames; in which George R.R Martin had been consulted. The first reaction was obvious: it had to be a Game of Thrones Rpg; a roleplaying videogame set in Westeros? that would be epic! However, as it was revealed during the E3, Elden Ring won’t be a Got’s RPG.

The rumors

At first it was just a rumor. It all began with an article George R.R Martin published on May 20, 2019, in which he talked about his future projects. And there was this line, a single line:

“I’ve consulted on a video game out of Japan.”

He was not revealing much, but fans grew suspicious. George R.R Martin traveling to Japan to consult a videogame? Rumors began, but it was that, mere rumors.

The E3 leak

It all happened because of a security flaw on Bandai Namco’s website, this leak revealed three new videogames a Ni no Kuni remaster, a new Tales game, and Elden Rin,g the new videogame developed by From Software for which George R.R Martin was consulted. While it was rummored it would be a Game of Thrones RPG it turns out it is not so.

Elden Ring announcement trailer

During the E3 Elder Ring was announced, here you can watch the announcement trailer.

As you can see it is not related to Game of Thrones at all, as From Software defines it, it will be an action RPG set in a dark fantasy world.

The RPG: Elden ring

There is still not a lot of information regarding this videogame, only that It will be a fantasy action-RPG.  Also, the logo of the videogame was also leaked:

New dark souls videogame

Elden Ring logo

Will Miyazaki be involved in Elden Ring?

Yes, the creator of Dark Souls Hidetaka Miyazaki will be involved in this project.

Are you ready to die?

Given that this is a game developed by From Software it will be hard. The last videogame released by the company, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is an action-adventure that received universal acclaim while at the same time received some criticism due to its difficulty.

Elden Ring release date

There is still no official release date for this new From Software RPG.

Will Elden Ring be like Dark Souls?

Even though there is still not a lot of information about the videogame, it is expected that Elden Ring will have the usual traits of Dark Souls: the high difficulty, a grimdark tone, learning from mistakes, etc.

For which platforms will the game be released?

Elden Ring will be available for Xbox, Play Station and PC.

What do you think Wottareaders? would you have prefered a Game of Thrones rpg?

Take a look at these books like Game of Thrones.

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Game of Thrones wallpaper

What if George RR Martin dies before he finishes Game of Thrones?

if you are a fan of Got, you can´t help but ask will George RR Martin finish Game of Thrones. Now that Game of Thrones season 8 (the latest one) is over and there are still no publishing dates for the two remaining books in the series fans have started making questions.  some even wonder what if George RR Martin dies before he finishes Game of Thrones, truth is, it’s not the first bestselling series that has been left incomplete because the author passed away before finishing it.

But before, so far we know that George RR Martin’s health is quite good, and we wish him a long healthy life. That is the most important thing. About the question, when George RR Martin finish the books, that is quite a difficult question to answer, but we will try to do so.

Will George R.R Martin finish Game of Thrones?

Yes, George R.R Martin will finish Game of Thrones, he said recently on an interview that he was focusing on the next book in the series, Winds of Winter. So he’s working on it, and since the last Season of the tv series adaptation is already filmed, there are not that many distractions for him anymore.

The most pessimist wonder if he will finish the books since they consider him a bit old, he is 70 years old by the way. Given that the publishing gap between the latest novels has only been increased during the latest publications (as you already will know if you read This is why you shouldn’t read Game of Thrones) some think the last book might not be published in time. But let’s only wish George R.R Martin good health and long healthy life.

Even so, let’s face the horrible question:

What if George RR Martin dies before he finishes Game of Thrones?(ASOIAF)?

Again, let’s hope this doesn’t happen. Not even because of we as fans want to read how his masterpiece ends, but first things first, he’s a human after all and deserves all the respect. However, if we face the worst scenario and he wasn’t able to finish his work this is what would happen.


George R.R Martin has lots of notes and has told the ending of his story to key individuals, therefore, making sure his work will be finished by another writer.

Has any fantasy writer died before ending his/her book saga?

Unfortunately yes, it has happened. Robert Jordan, the author of The Wheel of Time series (which by the way is going to have a Wheel of Time tv series  soon), sadly passed away before his work was finished. He died because of his heart condition, which he was aware of. Because of this, Robert Jordan was cautious and wrote as many notes as he could so in case he died other author finished his most notorious work. Sadly, his worse fears became true and he died before he could write the last book of the series.

It was another author, Brandon Sanderson (who I have introduced in previous articles: Introducing Mistborn or Skyward), who being a fan of The Wheel of Time took all the notes of Robert Jordan and finished the saga. There were so many notes that Brandon Sanderson stated there was too much information to put into a single book, as a result of those notes three books were published.

Would Brandon Sanderson finish writing Game of Thrones?

Seemingly not. Brandon Sanderson posted on Reddit that in case he was offered to finish A Song of Ice and Fire he would decline. And here is a small excerpt of his reasoning:

“But the point is moot, as I wouldn’t say yes to finishing ASOIAF, if asked. (And I don’t think they’d ask me.) I’d respectfully decline. I wouldn’t be right for the job for many reasons, I wouldn’t want to put in the content that the series has, and part of that is due to my religious faith, part of it is just who I am. I don’t shy away from difficult material, but I prefer not to get explicit. Honestly, when I read it in George’s work, I often just cringe. I don’t think it fits in prose; I think it looks tacky. But that’s almost 100% due to the my religious leanings. I realize that others don’t read such scenes in the same way as I do.

However, I’d suggest that this is actually a minor reason why I’d be a bad writer on this series, despite having enormous respect for GRRM and his talent as a storyteller.”

Pretty understandable, don’t you think?
You can read the entire response on Reddit, see here. he posts using Mistborn as his nickname.

Game of Thrones ending book vs tv series

Also, and this might come as a surprise for some, George R.R Martin admitted the ASOIF ending wouldn’t be too different to the one in HBO’s tv adaptation. So, in a way, there will be an ending one way or another.

If that was not enough, let’s not forget the rummaging, some say that the two remaining books, Dream of Spring and Winds of Winter, are already finished and will be published after the ending of the tv series. This might come as a great surprise, and even though it does not seem to be true, such news would be both shocking and welcome.

Who is George R.R Martin

George Raymond Richard Martin is an American novelist best known for his more than famous saga A Song of Ice and Fire, also known as Game of Thrones because of the successful HBO tv series adaptation name. He is one of the most influential people of the world according to the Time. Aside from his fantasy novels, he has also published works for other genres such as the sci-fi Dying of the light, his first novel, or horror stories as Nightflyers. He has also worked as a Screenwriter which lead him to be involved in Game of Thrones as a co-writer of some of the scripts in this tv series.
Take a look at this article: books like Game of Thrones.

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Game of Thrones gifts

These are the best Game of Thrones gifts

If you have a friend who loves Got, or you do, here you  have a list of the best Game of Thrones gifts. HBO’s adaptation ended, the book fans meanwhile will have to wait a bit more since… well, Winds of Winter has not been published yet. And as you might know already, according to this weird progression I found Winds of Winter might be published in 2026: This is why shouldn’t read Game of Thrones. If you are looking the best Game of Thrones gift ever, you wil find it here.

It is time for you to know which are the best gifts for a Game of Thrones fan. Get your sword and your shield, now follow me.

What are the best Game of Thrones gifts?

Anyway, what if you have a birthday party or you just want to make a present? If the receiver is a GOT fan, then you need the best Game of Thrones gifts, you can’t fail! so let’s put it easy for you.

In this list, you will find different alternatives to please every Got enthusiast, unless the birthday girl/boy expects a direwolf… I am afraid those are out of stock (even though that would be the best Game of Thrones gift ever made though)… do not despair, in this article you will find the best Game of Thrones gifts.

List of the best Game of Thrones gifts

Here are the best gifts for a Game of Thrones fan. You will find the link for every product in case you’d like to purchase it, of course before buying take a look at the alternatives since here only one example is shown, so there may be other alternatives that might be cheaper or might be a better choice for what you are exactly looking for.

Ready for the best Game of Thrones gifts ever seen?

Hand of The King Pin Brooch Replica: surely among the best gifts for a Game of Thrones fan

Those who carried this Brooch before didn’t have the best of lucks, even so, this brooch represents one of the most powerful positions in the Seven Kingdoms. Do you want to become the Hand of the King? beware the dangers of the palace.

“What’s the line? ‘The King shits, and the Hand wipes.'” Jaime Lannister

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs Collectible Set: the best Game of Thrones gift ever seen

game of thrones gifts for him

Dragon Eggs

▷See Now!

Want to feel like the mother/father of dragons? Then no better gift than this Egg collectible set. While this set is smaller than the ones shown in the show and also they might not hatch either, who knows? If you want your own dragon army then this is only the beginning. Remember the magic word “Dracarys!”

Valar Morgulis coin

In the books, as in the tv series, Jaqen H’ghar gave this black iron coin to Arya. Use this coin wisely and become one of the Faceless men, this bravoshi piece of iron could save your life someday. A simple yet cool present, this is why it’s one of the best Game of Thrones gifts.

 Arya crossed her arms against her chest. “Valar morghulis,” she said, as loud as if she’d known what it meant.
“Valar dohaeris,” he replied, touching his brow with two fingers. “Of course you shall have a cabin.”

Game of Thrones House Targaryen Tournament Banner

 game of thrones gifts for her

Targaryen Banner

▷See Now!

Do you know his/her favorite House? The banners are a great choice as a present. Here you have House Targaryen’s tournament banner, which looks both impressive and threatening.

With their house words being “Fire and Blood” this banner couldn’t represent better such philosophy. Speaking about Targaryens, have you already read the prequel of Game of Thrones? A novel that displays Westeros when the Targaryens reigned the Seven Kingdoms and dragons ruled the sky: Fire and Blood the last book by George R.R Martin.

Game of Thrones – Longclaw Letter Opener

gifts for game of thrones fans


▷See Now!

This series has a lot of famous swords, one of the most relevant being Longclaw, the sword carried by Jon Snow after Jorha Mormont gave it to him. Here you have a letter opener in the shape of Longclaw, a less dangerous Game of Thrones gift than a blade…

Did you want a real sword? Then no problem, a replica of Longclaw can be bought and it was already shown in this article: Nine must have items for a fantasy novel fan.

Game of Thrones Westeros Essos Antique Map

The lands of Westeros are vast and dangerous, this is the continent where most of the action of these novels takes place. At its right, separated by the Narrow Sea, stands Essos, where the Nine Free cities are located.

In this map replica, you will be able to explore in deepness all the secrets of these two continents.

Hope you liked this list of the best Game of Thrones gifts, which did you choose? with such epic birthday gifts, they will love you forever!

Also, ever wondered what would happen if George R.R Martin didn’t finish GOT? see this article Will George rr martin finish game of thrones to know what would happen.

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Game of Thrones wallpaper

This is why you shouldn’t read A song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

Hello there Wottareaders! I know what you are thinking, is the title wrong? how can I.M Redwright suggest not to read Game of Thrones when he’s all day suggesting books and sagas to read? has he gone crazy? I’m afraid not, the title is right: This is why you shouldn’t read A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). Or at least, not yet 😊.

A song of Ice and Fire is already a success. I don’t mean it’s a bestseller saga, no, it is a social media phenomenon. People love Game of Thrones, so much that some even name their children as some of the most popular characters. And I don’t mean they name their kids Jon or Robb, which they may too, but the most popular GOT names are the most exotic, names such as Aria or Khaleesi. A brief pause here, how can Khaleesi, which is actually a title, be a more popular name than Daenerys? whatever. If you don’t believe it, just check this article .

With the upcoming season 8 of Game of Thrones this tv show is coming to its end, and then comes the following question: what about the books?

The novel: A song of Ice and Fire

Let’s not forget that this tv show is actually a movie adaptation of the novels. Or at least it was until season five, but now, the last season is about to be released (April 14, 2019, for those who didn’t know) while the next book in the series, Winds of Winter, has not even a release date. This is why I said in a previous article, that George R.R Martin could have published his prequel, Fire & Blood, after publishing Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, the last two volumes of this saga, which someday (maybe?) will have a release date.

True, George R.R Martin stated that the last books were going to be 1.500 pages long each, which is fairly long even for his standards. It is totally understandable that the writer takes his time to finish his manuscript, his story has a lot of characters and subplots and he wants everything to fit in. Of course, it is his story and he can take all the time he needs and wants, that is out of the question.

Got release dates

Having said that, just take a look at these terrifying release dates and you will understand why you shouldn’t read A Song of Ice and Fire, at least not for now:

  • A Game of Thrones. Release date: 1996.
  • A Clash of Kings. 1999.
  • A Storm of Swords. 2000.
  • A Feast for Crows. 2005.
  • A Dance with Dragons. 2011.
  • The Winds of Winter.Release date: who knows.
  • A Dream of Spring.Release date: who knows.

You see it don’t you? no? let me help, 5 years from A storm of Swords to A Feast for Crows, 6 years from this one to A Dance with Dragons. See the progression? now, if you do the maths, you might expect The Winds of Winter to be released seven years after, which would be 2018. But that did not happen, George R.R Martin didn’t publish Winds of… wait, wait for a second, we are forgetting something, didn’t he publish a book recently?

Fire & Blood book cover

Fire & Blood book cover

Fire &Blood

Publication date: November 20, 2018.

2018! exactly! is the author doing it on purpose? don’t think so, but somehow, consciously or not, the progression is working.  Do you realize what this means? with such formula we don’t need to wonder anymore when the two remaining books are going to be published, we already know the answer! I’ll do the numbers for you:

  • The Winds of Winter. Release date: 2026.
  • A Dream of Spring.Release date: 2035.

We just hacked A song of Ice of Fire publishing dates! here you go, this is why you shouldn’t read this saga unless you don’t mind to read the last book in 2035 but that is, of course, your choice.

By the way, if you want to start reading A Song of Ice and Fire here you have the proper reading order to start this epic fantasy saga:

How to read A Song of Ice and Fire

Now that Game of Thrones tv series has ended you might want to start reading A Song of Ice and Fire, the original epic fantasy series that inspired the drama television series Game of Thrones. You might not be happy about how season 8 ended, so why not revisit the Seven Kingdoms through the books? If you want to know how to read A Song of Ice and fire, here you will find the answer.

I don’t think A Song of Ice and Fire needs to be introduced, even so here’s a small summary: ASOIAF is an epic fantasy series written by the American author George R.R Martin. This saga shows a grim and dark world, the main action taking place in the Continent of Westeros and Essos, in an interwoven story told from the point of view of different characters. A Song of Ice covers revenge, drama, fantastical creatures including dragons, medieval noble houses, war, politics and so much more.

In what order should I read A Song of Ice and Fire?

In case you are considering the proper order for this series,  I recommend you reading them in published order. A Song of Ice and Fire consists of seven books. Unfortunately, two of them have not been published yet (and don’t have a publishing date either).

Here you go, this is the best order to read A Song of Ice and Fire:

How to read A song of Ice and Fire

Keyword read order


  • Penguin


  • A Game of Thrones.
  • A Clash of Kings.
  • A Storm of Swords. 
  • A Feast for Crows.
  • A Dance with Dragons.
  • The Winds of Winter (unpublished)
  • A Dream of Spring (unpublished)

Here you go. ASOIAF is a really entertaining saga. For those who watched the tv series and haven’t read the books, you will be surprised to know that some of the characters that get killed in the tv adaptation are still alive in the books and according to George R.R Martin not all of them will die as it happens in the adaptation. Who knows? maybe even the ending will be different?

Hope you enjoyed this article, let’s hope George R.R Martin’s progression is not a real thing, please not, I am not watching the tv show until the books are released and I don’t want to wait until 2035. Please make a reboot if that happens.

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