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Magic sword

Magic Swords challenge: Will you be able to answer all these questions?

Hello Wottareaders! You love fantasy novels, enjoy the action, the fights, the magic… lots of these stories have magic swords, weapons with incredible power that will help its wielder in his/her quest. You have read about these swords, it is time to prove your knowledge. Be warned, this quiz is hard, will you be able to get the proper answers for all the questions? Only a true fantasy lover will be able to wield Perfektia, a sword granted for those who get the perfect score in this test.

Will that be you? there’s only one way to know, prove your knowledge of magic swords!

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Next fantasy saga

What should I read quiz

This Which fantasy book should i read quiz is the perfect solution for you to find your next fantasy book. It is super easy, ou only have to answer these questions and this What should I read quiz make the choice for you.

This quiz has more than 25 fantasy book series to choose, so you will surely find that next series you have been waiting for.

Which fantasy book should I read quiz, let’s begin!

Want to start reading? then, click and go! your next novel awaits! Just press start and answer the following answers:

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How did the results of this quiz go?

Didn’t like the fantasy series that this What should I read quiz selected for you? then you got an easy solution, just n make the quiz once again! just a quick tip: the less “I don’t mind” answers the better, since more parameters will be taken into account and therefore it will be easier for the quiz to know your taste.

Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us which fantasy book series this quiz suggested you to read, and if you are going to add to your tbr list. Who knows, maybe thanks to this amazing quiz you will find your most favorite book series ever? Also, the fun thing is that there are so many books in this quiz that once you finish your previous suggestion you can come back here and do the quiz again, amazing isn’t it?

Also, You can take a look at this list of Young Adult fantasy novels in which you will find lots of awesome suggestions.

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Patronus quiz

What is my patronus test, find it out!

This patronus quiz will answer the question you are so ansious to know: what is my patronus? right, answer the questions in order to find out. Before you start, remember: concentrate on an extremely happy memory!

When this spell is casted it can take different forms depending on your personality, and this patronus test will tell you which shape yours will take.

Patronus quiz: What is my patronus?

With this patronus test it is really easy to for you to find out your patronus, just press start and answer these questions as honestly as you can.

How did your Patronus quiz go?

Are you happy with the results of your patronus test? if not, you can always do it again, not judging! the answer of what is my patronus is finally answered, did you get the dragon? yes! you can get a dragon patronus!

what is my patronus

This spell is one of the most popular in the Harry Potter series, as well as one of the most relevants in the series.

With this patronus quiz now you can cast your spell using your wand, how cool is that?

Hope this patronus test was fun for you, there are lots of differents shapes it can take so you can play again to see which other animals are awating you. Remember that you can get a dragon.

Also, don’t forget to tell us what is your patronus, and which one you would actually like it to be? did I hear a thestral? leave a comment now telling us your perfect patronus.

You probably read these books already, but in case you haven’t and you know this series by J.K Rowling because of the movie adaptation then here you have all the Harry Potter books in order so you can start reading this amazing fantasy series about the boy who defeated the one who shall be no named. Or you can check the Mortal Instruments reading order, a series influenced by the HP series.

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Lotr wallpaper

Lord of the Rings race quiz

Ever wondered what Lord of the Rings race are you? with this Lord of the Rings race quiz will tell you. Will you be a powerful wizard? an Ent taking care of nature? or maybe a bad smelling troll? just complete the following quiz to know the answer.

Are you ready to do this Lord of the Rings race quiz? will you survive on the Middle Earth? well, there’s only way to find out.

What Lord of the Rings race are you? quiz

If you want to know which Lord of the Rings race you would be then you only have to press start, and answer the questions, remember to be honest!

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How did your quiz go?

Did you get the race you expected to be? if you are not happy being an orc or an elf, you can play this quiz again and change your answers a bit, this way you will get a different result (don’t worry we will not tell anyone, it will be our secret).

Also, don’t forget to share your results on social networks. Tell to all people out there on Isntagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc which race you are in The Lord of the Rings.

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Of course, don’t miss this Lord of The Rings trivia, so you can prove your knowledge.

There are lots of races in the Lord of the Rings, each of them having different features and personalities. Dwarves are grumpy, wear beards, and love to drink beer; while Elves are a prideful race, with pointed ears, slim and almost immortal. So different, right? yet both nice in their own way.

Tolkien masterfully depicted each race, giving them their own traits and personalities. This is why all modern fantasy is actually influenced by his work, which is quite a big deal if you think about it. Didn’t you know that? it is true, Tolkien is the one who invented the concept we have of creatures such as orcs, elves or goblins; he might not have created the words, but for sure he made up we concept we have of these fictional creatures.

Lord of the Rings race quiz

Which Lotr race did you get? are you happy with the results? then leave a comment telling us how many times you did this Lord of the Rings race quiz before you got the result you wanted, if you want to share such a crucial secret with us of course, your choice.

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