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Magic sword

Magic Swords challenge: Will you be able to answer all these questions?

Hello Wottareaders! You love fantasy novels, enjoy the action, the fights, the magic… lots of these stories have magic swords, weapons with incredible power that will help its wielder in his/her quest. You have read about these swords, it is time to prove your knowledge. Be warned, this quiz is hard, will you be able to get the proper answers for all the questions? Only a true fantasy lover will be able to wield Perfektia, a sword granted for those who get the perfect score in this test.

Will that be you? there’s only one way to know, prove your knowledge of magic swords!

No matter which was your result, if you want to know which Fantasy saga you shall read next make this other Quiz: Do this quiz if you don’t know which Fantasy saga read next.

Want to know which Lord of the Rings race you would be? This is the quiz you are looking for.

Which animal is your Patronus? Check it here.

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Next fantasy saga

This is the next Fantasy saga you will read (Quiz)

Hello Wottareaders! You want to start a new series but don’t know which fantasy saga read next? here you have a fun quiz to know the answer. You only have to answer these 11 questions and let Wottaread make the choice for you. This quiz has more than 25 book sagas to choose, so you will surely find that next saga you have been waiting for.

Want to start reading? then, click and go! your next novel awaits!

Didn’t like the chosen fantasy saga? then you can make the quiz once again! just a quick tip: the less “I don’t mind” answers the better, since more parameters will be taken into account!


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Which race would you be in the Lord of The Rings world?

Ever wondered which race would you be if you were born in The Middle Earth? Will you be a powerful wizard? an Ent taking care of nature? or maybe a bad smelling troll? just complete the following quizz to know the answer:


Hope you are glad with your race, or if not, you can do the quizz again  😀

Also, before you leave, did you know Amazon is producting a new LOTR tv series? just check here to know more.

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