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Controversial Food choices: which Hogwarts House Would You Be In? -Quiz-

What if your food choices were the only thing the Sorting Hat considered in order to select your Hogwarts House?


In this quiz your answers about these food controversies will make the Sorting Hat choose the proper House of Hogwarts for you. Remember what Dumbledore said:

It is our food choices, Harry, that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Okay, he didn’t say the word “food”. But this time it will be your food choices that will decide your House! are you ready for this random and crazy quiz?

Hogwarts House Food Quiz

Get ready, to answer these questions and know your House!

Are you ready?

How do you eat your Oreos?
I don't like Oreos at all
I dip the Oreos in milk
Separate the Oreo, lick the filling, then put it all in my mouth
I just put it in my mouth and eat it



Do you put ketchup on fries or keep it on the side for dipping?

On the fries
On the side
I never put ketchup on fries
There are so many dipping sauces for fries that are better than ketchup...



Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it up?

Cut it up
I am not a fan of spaghetti
I use a spaghetti spoon



Which of these drinks do you prefer?
Mountain Dew
Dr. Pepper



Which of these is a must have topping in your burger (this is a magic burger so if you are vegan this is a vegan burger)



Do you fold the pizza slice or not?

Yes, everytime
I am against folding a pizza
Only if the slice is too big
Only when I eat pizza on the go



Do you think pineapple is acceptable on pizza?

It's the best topping ever
Pineapple on pizza? are you crazy?
I am glad it exists, not my thing though
I won't eat fruit, not even on pizza



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Hogwarts House food quiz

The result of my test was %%personality%%


But also %%personality%%



You are not happy with the House you got? remember this is a joke quiz, don’t take it too seriously.

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