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Harry Potter subjects quizz

Which subject will you teach at Hogwarts? QUIZ

Have you ever wondered of which subject would you teach at Hogwarts? this personality quiz will tell you! Will you teach Transfiguration as Professor McGonagall? or maybe you will be the next professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts?

Ready to know which subject would you teach at Hogwarts?

It is time to know the answer. Just press the start button and answer the questions. You will not need your wand or any potion to answer, just be honest.

How did it go? are you happy with the subject you are going to teach? don’t forget to tell others that from now on you must be addressed as Professor.

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Hogwarts quiz

Controversial Food choices: which Hogwarts House Would You Be In? -Quiz-

What if your food choices were the only thing the Sorting Hat considered in order to select your Hogwarts House? In this quiz your answers about these food controversies will make the Sorting Hat choose the proper House of Hogwarts for you. Remember what Dumbledore said: “It is our food choices, Harry, that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Okay, he didn’t say the word “food”. But this time it will be your food choices that will decide your House! are you ready for this random and crazy quiz?

Hogwarts House Food Quiz

Get ready, to answer these questions and know your House! You are not happy with the House you got? remember this is a joke quiz, don’t take it too seriously.

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If you don’t want to share it on Facebook but you want to see the results here is how: Press “Share on Facebook” (it won’t share yet), a Facebook pop up will show up (don’t press share on this one but close it), and your results will show. If you don’t have Facebook the process is exactly the same. Remember that a new Harry Potter videogame is on the way!

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Harry Potter iconic items

Important items in Harry potter

There are lots of Harry Potter iconic items, but some of them are particulary special, so we decided to make a list with all of these. Want to know the best? you will be able to get these Harry Potter props, how cool is that?

There are lots of important items in Harry Potter. This wizarding series has a lot of iconic props that bring us back to Hogwarts. For all those who love this fantastic world created by J.K Rowling, these are some of the most iconic Harry Potter items that you must have in your collection.

A list of the most iconic Harry Potter items

Let’s get started, if you want to get any of these Harry Potter props, it’s as easy as clicking on them (the link opens in a new tab so you can keep reading this post):

Golden Snitch: the most iconic Harry Potter item for lots of fans

The Snitch is the smallest ball used in Quidditch, flying around the field until one of the Seekers catches it and gets the one-hundred and fifty points while ending the match. This beautiful recreation of the Golden Snitch is a lamp, so it will light your room during the night.

 Horcrux Locket: one of the most important items in Harry Potter

important items in harry potter

 Horcrux Locket

▷See Now!

This piece of jewelry belonged to no other than one of the four founders of Hogwarts: Salazar Slytherin. This locket eventually was in possession of Lord Voldemort, using it as one of his Horcruxes. You might not be able to hide a fragment of your soul here, but even so, this is a beautiful piece of memorabilia. If you are a Slytherin, what better object to honor your House?

Felix Felicis: an iconic Harry Potter item that grants you luck

Speaking of Harry Potter iconic things, are you in need of some luck? here you have a replica of  Bottled good fortuneFelix Felicis, or Liquid Luck, will make the one who drinks it lucky for a period of time. Remember that this potion is toxic in large quantities and is also banned in Quidditch matches!

 The Elder Wand

items in harry potter

The Elder Wand

▷See Now!

When it comes to items in Harry Potter this Deathly Hallow is in a special place. This is a replica of the most powerful wand in the series: The Elder Wand. Owned by Dumbledore and passing from one owner to another until Harry Potter became its true master. With this wand in your power, you will only have to get the other two Hallows to become the Master of Death.

Hermione’s Time Turner

The Time Turner was introduced to us in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Hermione used this magical device in order to attending extra classes during her third year at Hogwarts.  Given how relevant this artifact turns out to be in the outcome of the story, it has become one of the most memorable items in the series. This Time-Turner is a high-quality replica coming in a wooden display case.

The Deathly Hallows necklace

This necklace is a beautiful replica of the one carried by Xenophilius Lovegood’s necklace during the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. The necklace depicts the Deathly Hallows representing the Elder Wand, the resurrection stone and the invisibility cloak.

Probably not the most important item in the Harry Potter series, but certainly one of the coolest, and you can wear it everywhere!

Harry Potter crests

This set includes a Hogwarts bookmark and also a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff themed bookmarks. You will be able to support all the Houses!

The Marauders map

Harry Potter props

Marauders Map

▷See Now!

The  Marauder’s map shows every corner of Hogwarts castle (except for the Chamber of Secrets)  while also identifying every person including animagi. Use your Marauders map wisely, and make Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prong proud of your mischief. Don’t forget about tapping it and recite, “Mischief managed”  when you are done with it!


Harry Potter props


▷See Now!

This magical device was designed and used by the Hogwarts Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. After his death, he left the Deluminator to Ron Weasley.  This replica might not be able to remove light sources from its immediate surroundings, even so, it still stands as a great prop with a led light for the effect.

Hope you liked these articles! and if you haven’t read this series yet, take a look at the Harry Potter books in order.

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Harry potter quiz

Harry Potter trivia questions: how much you really know about HP series?

With this Harry Potter trivia questions you will have to prove how much you know about the HP series. Do you think you know everything about Harry Potter? this quiz is the perfect chance to prove your knowledge then. Be warned, this is a hard Harry Potter trivia, so don’t think it will be easy for you to get the perfect score.

In this Harry Potter trivia quiz you will have to answer some questions related to the world of Harry Potter, do you think you know enough to pass this hard challenge? it’s time to prove it.

Hard Harry Potter trivia questions: time to prove your knowledge

This hard Harry Potter trivia has 16 tough questions, which will rank you depending on your performance! it is not easy, and only the wisest will get the perfect score. But let’s not talk anymore, it’s time for your challenge, are you ready? if so, press start

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How did this quiz go?

Did you achieve the rank of Hogwarts Headmaster/Headmistress? only the ones who know all the answer get such an honorable title. Was you the one who got the perfect score? if no, you can try again, this is a hard Harry Potter trivia quiz after all.

Hope you proved you are an expert in Harry Potter!Do not worry if you didn’t know all the questions in this quiz, it is hard to remember all the small things in such a detailed series as is Harry Potter. Who knows, maybe it’s is time to read J.K Rowlin’g s books once again and refresh your memory?

If you get a high score do not forget to share it on your social networks so people can see how much know about the Harry Potter series. Also, if you know anyone that claims to be an expert in this series you can challenge him to do this test so they can prove that they know as much as they claim to. Fun, isn’t it?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite wallpaper

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: ready to defend the world?

Hello, Wottareaders and Harry Potter fans! ever wondered of walking around with your wand casting spells? well, congrats, Harry Potter Wizards Unite will be launched soon. In this upcoming Harry Potter title we will cast spells and keep the magic world safe.  Seems like Harry Potter’s world is still alive! by the way, for those who want miss magic here you have some similar books to the Harry Potter series.

In 2016 Niantic, an American software development company released a virtual augmented reality mobile games based on the world of Pokemon: Pokemon Go. It was a massive success, millions of people downloaded the game and joined the phenomenon. While some may think nobody plays Pokemon Go anymore, they couldn’t be more mistaken, turns out Pokémon GO grossed $205 million during the first quarter of 2019 which is an increase of 40% compared to the same period in 2018. Daed gaem? seems not. Niantic did a good job as developers and knew how to update the game and keep the fans interested in their app. Let’s not forget about Ingress, which started it all.

From Niantic also, in cooperation with Warner Bros (the studio which owns the rights to the Harry Potter series) comes this big announcement. Get ready for a new experience on your mobile phone, Harry Potter Wizards Unite will let you travel between the real world and the virtual world of Harry Potter.

By the way, for those wondering, this is not the Harry Potter RPG videogame I posted about a few weeks ago.

What is Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter is a new augmented reality videogame based on the world of Harry Potter. The videogame will be available for both Apple iPhone users and Android users, as happens with Pokemon Go.


New footage of this videogame can be watched, here you have Harry Potter Wizards Unite trailer:

Cool isn’t it? but not much revealing to be honest, luckily there is already footage of the gameplay.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite will be very similar to Pokemon Go in concept despite being a bit more complex.

How does  Harry Potter Wizards Unite work

Similarly to its predecessor, we will have to walk around the real world, in this case the map will reveal Traces of magic mostly in places known as Foundables. We will have to cast our spells in order to protect these Foundables. Also, there will be fortresses, in which we will fight against powerful creatures (such as Death Eaters), these battles will be hard so make sure you join other players to defeat them since this is a  multiplayer battle.

We will be able to download Harry Potter Wizards Unite for free (no matter the Store), but despite being free-to-play we will have some features to buy as happens in Pokemon Go.

This video game’s story is that magic is at risk of exposure, so we as wizards must help contain it:

“Please resist the urge to panic. Traces of magic are appearing across the Muggle world without warning and in a rather chaotic manner. We worry it is only a matter of time before even the most incurious Muggles catch wind of it. We call on all witches and wizards to help contain the Calamity or risk the worst of times since You Know Who. Brush up on your spells, get your wand ready, and enlist immediately.”

Under this premise, we will be joining the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, and our objective will be containing the Calamity. Sounds fun!

This was posted in Harry Potter Wizards Unite official website.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Gameplay

Also, we can take a look at a Harry Potter Wizards Unite gameplay:

As you can see in the Gameplay, instead of a Pokeball we will use a magic wand (as it could be no other way) which we will have to move properly in order to perform our spells. With this, we will have to face different enemies or challenges, such as defeating Death Eaters,  Werewolves and also Boggarts (don’t forget it! Riddikulus!).

The gameplay also shows how you can use potions to make your spells stronger. And yes, we will be able to use one of our favorite spells: the Expecto Patronum. So, before you download Harry Potter Wizards Unite make sure you do this quiz: Which animal is your Patronus? 🦄

Harry Potter Wizards Unite professions

This time, instead of choosing a team (Instinct, Valor or Mystic in Pokemon) we will be able to choose a profession or class. These professions are Auror, Professor, and Magizoologist. Seems that in this game, in contrast to Pokemon Go, the profession you choose will matter.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite professions

Regarding the professions, it won’t work the same way as in Pokemon’s videogame. In Pokemon Go, the other teams were your rivals, since you had to fight to gain Gym Control. Meanwhile, in this game there won’t be such rivalry, which makes sense being called Wizards Unite, isn’t it? Instead, each class or profession will be particularly good at something and you will be able to change your profession at will.

As the official website says “Each (profession)have their own unique skills and abilities that will come in handy at different times, particularly during Wizarding Challenges”

Which profession choose in Harry Potter Wizards Unite? that is for you to decide of course, here are the main features of each profession:

Auror class

As an Auror you will be good at spellcasting and defeating dark wizards, as it could be no other way. The skill tree of this profession is Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Professor class

As a professor you will have magical knowledge, meaning you will be good at solving puzzles.

Magizoologist class

Magizoologists are the best to fight against magical beasts.

Seeing the features of each profession, it will be no wonder that most of the players will end up being Aurors.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date

Harry Potter Wizards Unite has no official release date yet. However, is known it will come out this very same year 2019. Even though it is not official, it is said it will be launched in June 2019.

Reserve your name!

For both Ingress players and Pokemon Go trainers, Niantic announced that they could reserve their name so they could use it in this upcoming title, hurry up because April 30th will be the last day! You can reserve your name here.

Hope you are expectant for the launch of this videogame! Will you play it? Do you know which profession you will pick? Comment! Also, if you haven’t read this series yet here you have all the Harry Potter books in order.

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