cirque du freak books in order

Cirque du Freak series in order

After so many lists about faery books, it’s time to change to vampires! we collected all the Cirque du Freak books in order, a bestselling series written by Irish author Darren Shan. This story is considered one of the best Best Vampire series for preteens by many readers, the slightly darker tone of this series has enthralled teenagers (and adults too) all around the world.

While this series is actually named The saga of Darren Shan, most people call it by the first volume in the series. In any case, we’ll tell you how many books are there in the Cirque du Freak series, and we also found a superb book set that collects all the volumes!

Cirque Du Freak books in order by Darren Shan

If you want to get the 12 volumes of the series then take a look at this Cirque du Freak book set, which is available in paperback and hardcover formats, it has more than one thousand reviews already, not an easy feat for sure:

On the other hand, if you want to get them individually then The saga of Darren Shan is divided into four trilogies. We recommend you read the Cirque du Freak book series in order of publication, therefore you should start with the Vampire Blood Trilogy. Here you have all the books in the series:

There are different covers for these books, however, we decided to show the one version that we find to be the most appealing.

Now that you found the order of the Cirque du Freak books don’t miss these series

The saga of Darren Shan is one of those series that make teenagers not so fond of reading not being able to keep turning pages. We love when youngsters discover that reading is a fascinating hobby, so here are some books that we believe will catch their attention as well:

Our first recommendation is another series written by author Darren Shan, each of the Demonata books tells the story of a teenager that discovers the existence of another dimension in which demons exist. There’s also Goosebumps by R.L. Stine, the popular series that had a tv series adaptation.

The work of author Joseph Delaney is also a great option for your next read once you have finished all the Cirque du Freak books. Here you will find a list with The Last Apprentice series in order.

What is the saga of Darren Shan about?

The saga of Darren Shan tells the story of a teen boy with the same name (and it’s also the name of its author) who decides to visit a freak show together with his friend Steve. In this show, the most peculiar creatures make their appearance, but one catches Darren’s eyes specially, a huge tarantula that happens to be owned by Mr. Crepsley and he is decided to steal it… however, things will go incredibly wrong, so badly that he will end up making a deal with a dark creature…

The movie adaptation of the first volume in the series didn’t perform well in theatres so no more books in the Cirque du Freak series were adapted. There are many fans that expect the saga of Darren Shan to have a more faithful adaptation to the book,s in fact, there’s this petition on Change Org asking Netflix to do so.

List with all the Cirque du Freak books in order

This series is concluded, so you can start reading these amazing books by Darren Shan. Here goes a list with the Cirque du Freak series in order:

cirque du freak darren shan

Cirque du Freak books in order

The saga of Darren Shan


  • Harper Collins

Reading order:

  • Cirque Du Freak  (Cirque du Freak book 1)
  • The Vampire’s Assistant  (Cirque du Freak book 2)
  • Tunnels of Blood  (Cirque du Freak book 3)
  • Vampire Mountain  (Cirque du Freak book 4)
  • Trials of Death  (Cirque du Freak book 5)
  • The Vampire Prince  (Cirque du Freak book 6)
  • Hunters of the Dusk  (Cirque du Freak book 7)
  • Allies of the Night  (Cirque du Freak book 8)
  • Killers of the Dawn  (Cirque du Freak book 9)
  • The Lake of Souls  (Cirque du Freak book 10)
  • Lord of the Shadows  (Cirque du Freak book 11)
  • Sons of Destiny  (Cirque du Freak book 12)

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This series is addressed to teenagers from 10 to 13 years old, and it’s so captivating that might make teens who don’t enjoy reading discover the fun of it. While the story is not scary, it might be kind of frightening for kids of a lesser age.

Also, if you enjoy medieval fantasy stories then don’t miss the Gotrek and Felix series, which tells the story of a dwarf and a human who travel the lands of the Old World of Warhammer.

Have you started reading the Cirque du Freak book series? did you find it frightening? leave a comment telling us if you are enjoyint the saga of Darren Shan and if you have already watched its movie adaptation.

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