Dirk pitt books in order

Dirk Pitt novels in order – Clive Cussler

We collected all the Dirk Pitt books in order, the famous adventure series written by author Clive Cussler. Since 2004 new releases in this series have been written by his son, Dirk, who gave the name to the main character in these stories.

Should you read Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels in order of publication, or is there a better approach? that’s a good question! let’s find it out

Dirk Pitt books in order by Clive Cussler

We recommend you read the Dirk Pitt adventure series in chronological order. This series is composed of 26 novels (the first 17 written by Clive Cussler, then his son Dirk):

There are many Dirk Pitt book sets, the following ones collect 4,8, and 16 novels respectively (so far there’s no set that collects all the books in the Dirk Pitt series, not even the ones written by Clive Cussler):

The first novel was published in 1973, and because of this, there are many different covers for these books. We like the new ones better, they look cooler and way more modern, maybe you love the classic ones? leave a comment and tell us which style you fancy the most.

Now that you know the order of the Dirk Pitt books don’t miss these novels

Still seeking more adventure? great, because we have 3 great suggestions. Once you have read all the Dirk Pitt novels in order you can start reading these other series:

While it’s true that Clive Cussler is best known for the Dirk Pitt series, he has written many other works. Our first recommendation is the first novel in The NUMA Files series, which tells us about Kurt Austin, a team leader in NUMA’s special division.

If you are looking for adventure then don’t miss the Jack Reacher series, a bestselling thriller with top-notch action.

Also, don’t miss our post with the Harry Hole series in order, you’ll really find this series incredibly entertaining as well.

What are these books about?

dirk pitt novels in order
Dirk Pitt novels in order

The Dirk Pitt books tell us about the adventures lived by the character of the same name. A former major in the military, now working for an underwater marine agency, he’s witty, a leader, and risky situations won’t prevent him from being humorous. His stories are full of perils, and there’s a lot of escapism.

The plot of all the books in the series has a similar structure: there’s an evil guy (usually a delirious despot) who is willing to change the world forever. However, Dirk and his friends will deal with him to make our world a safe place again… or at least, until the next book in the series.

The novels in the Dirk Pitt series are self-conclusive. However, we believe it’s better that you read the Dirk Pitt adventure series in chronological order. This is the best approach since the novels reference events from the previous books. Because of this, you should start with Pacific Vortex, which was published in 1983. You might have frowned upon this because earlier in this post we stated that this series began in 1973, which is true. Thing is, while Vortex was the first novel in the series Clive Cussler wrote, it was not released until a decade later. This is because the author believed it was not as good as his subsequent works, therefore he decided not to publish it.

Because of this, lots of fan of the series believe the first novel in the series to be far from being his best work. However, we encourage you to start reading it, you’ll see it’s a great introduction to these adventures.

A list of all the Dirk Pitt books in order

What better way to end this post than with a list of the Dirk Pitt adventure series in order? here you have all the books author Clive Cussler and his son Dirk Cussler have written:

Dirk Pitt books in order

Dirk Pitt – Clive Cussler


  • Bantam

Reading order:

  • Pacific Vortex (Dirk Pitt book 1)
  • The Mediterranean Carper (Dirk Pitt book 2)
  • Iceberg (Dirk Pitt book 3)
  • Raise the Titanic (Dirk Pitt book 4)
  • Vixen 03 (Dirk Pitt book 5)
  • Night Probe! (Dirk Pitt book 6)
  • Deep Six (Dirk Pitt book 7)
  • Cyclops  (Dirk Pitt book 8)
  • Treasure  (Dirk Pitt book 9)
  • Dragon  (Dirk Pitt book 10)
  • Sahara  (Dirk Pitt book 11)
  • Inca Gold  (Dirk Pitt book 12)
  • Shock Wave  (Dirk Pitt book 13)
  • Flood Tide  (Dirk Pitt book 14)
  • Atlantis Found  (Dirk Pitt book 15)
  • Valhalla Rising  (Dirk Pitt book 16)
  • Trojan Odyssey  (Dirk Pitt book 17)
  • Black Wind  (Dirk Pitt book 18)
  • Treasure of Khan  (Dirk Pitt book 19)
  • Arctic Drift  (Dirk Pitt book 20)
  • Crescent Dawn  (Dirk Pitt book 21)
  • Poseidon’s Arrow  (Dirk Pitt book 22)
  • Havana Storm  (Dirk Pitt book 23)
  • Odessa Sea  (Dirk Pitt book 24)
  • Celtic Empire  (Dirk Pitt book 25)
  • Clive Cussler’s The Devil’s Sea  (Dirk Pitt book 26)

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These novels have no sex scenes, foul language, or anything nasty. They are targeted to an adult audience, however, teenagers older than 14 years old might find this series enthralling. Also, did you know that there have been two movie adaptations? in the first movie, this witty character was portrayed by Richard Jordan while in the second one it was Matthew McConaughey.

Do you happen to enjoy cozy mysteries? if that’s the case here’s the Miss Julia series in order, you’ll be enthralled by her adventures!

We hope you really enjoy these novels! We are curious, will you read the Dirk Pitt books in order as we suggested or will you just cherry pick the ones you find the most appealing? leave a comment and tell us!

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