Lisa Gardner books in order

All books by Lisa Gardner in order

Diving into the exhilarating world of Lisa Gardner books in order is the perfect way to experience the thrilling narratives and complex characters that this renowned author has to offer. With each turn of the page, you’ll find yourself further captivated by the gripping suspense and emotional depth that sets books by Lisa Gardner apart from the rest.

Lisa Gardner is the acclaimed author of three distinct series: The ‘Detective D.D. Warren’ series, the ‘FBI Profiler’ series (also known as the ‘Quincy and Rainie’ series), and the ‘Tessa Leoni’ series. There are also standalone novels that she has written.

All Lisa Gardner book series in order & standalone novels

If you wish to delve into the Lisa Gardner books in order, it would be logical to read each series from the beginning, in the order they were published.

Detective D.D. Warren series: (remember that you will be able to get each of these books by clicking on their title)

  1. Alone
  2. Hide
  3. The Neighbor
  4. Live to Tell
  5. Love You More
  6. The 7th Month
  7. Catch Me
  8. Fear Nothing
  9. The Laughing Buddha
  10. 3 Truths and a Lie
  11. Find Her
  12. Look For Me
  13. The Guy Who Died Twice
  14. Never Tell
  15. When You See Me

The following set collects most of the books in this series:

FBI Profiler series:

  1. The Perfect Husband
  2. The Third Victim
  3. The Next Accident
  4. The Killing Hour
  5. Gone
  6. Say Goodbye
  7. The 4th Man
  8. Right Behind You

Tessa Leoni series:

  1. Love You More
  2. Touch & Go
  3. Crash & Burn

Frankie elkin novels:

  1. Before She Disappeared
  2. One Step Too Far

Standalone novels: Now that we collected all lisa gardner book series in order it’s time for the standalone novels:

  1. Waking Nightmare
  2. The Other Daughter
  3. Marrying Mike… Again
  4. The Survivors Club
  5. Walking After Midnight
  6. Shadow’s Flame
  7. At the Midnight Hour
  8. Hiding Jessica
  9. Quiet One
  10. The One Worth Waiting For
  11. One Who Almost Got Away

While each series can stand alone, there is a crossover between the D.D. Warren and Tessa Leoni series. Therefore, after reading the first four D.D. Warren books, you might want to start the Tessa Leoni series before returning to continue the D.D. Warren series. This will ensure you experience the shared storyline in the most chronological way.

For her standalone novels, they can be read at any time, but you might want to intersperse them amongst the series books to vary your reading experience.

Now that you know the order of Lisa Gardner books don’t miss these

From gripping suspense to raw emotional drama, books by Lisa Gardner are a perfect blend of intrigue and realism, capturing the essence of modern mystery. If you like her novels we are confident you will find these novels captivating as well:

Embarking on a literary journey through Lisa Gardner’s books in order presents you with a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of her storytelling. From her earliest works to her latest bestsellers, Gardner’s writing prowess and ability to weave intricate plotlines come to life in a thrilling sequence. The series shown above will provide you great intrigue as well.

There’s an undeniable thrill that crime fiction enthusiasts derive from following the evolution of a character across a series of books, and that’s a pleasure common to fans of both Lisa Gardner and Harlan Coben. In Gardner’s Detective D.D. Warren series and Coben’s Myron Bolitar series, readers are introduced to characters that are not just solving mysteries, but are complex individuals dealing with their personal lives and pasts. Both authors masterfully intertwine personal narratives with professional challenges, leading to gripping tales that go beyond the confines of crime-solving. Just as D.D. Warren’s cases often shed light on her own past and personality, Myron Bolitar’s sports agency work often intertwines with his personal life, creating plot lines that are intriguingly layered

Lisa Gardner’s books bear a compelling similarity to the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter, particularly in the way both authors approach their characters and themes. Gardner’s FBI Profiler series, for instance, parallels Slaughter’s Will Trent series in their exploration of the characters’ personal and professional lives. Both series feature protagonists who use their unique perspectives and personal experiences to solve the cases they encounter. Trent, like Gardner’s characters, often grapples with his traumatic past while solving intense criminal cases. Moreover, both authors have a knack for creating suspenseful narratives filled with unexpected twists, making both Gardner’s and Slaughter’s books captivating reads for anyone seeking a thrilling and thought-provoking journey through crime fiction.

What makes Lisa Gardner’s series so amazing?

Books by Lisa Gardner in order
Books by Lisa Gardner in order

There is something unique and special about the books written by Lisa Gardner that has earned her a permanent spot in the hearts of thriller enthusiasts worldwide. From her meticulous character development to the raw, sometimes unsettling portrayal of suspense, each book reflects a mastery of the genre that consistently keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Lisa Gardner, a New York Times bestselling author, has captivated audiences worldwide with her books in order. This powerhouse writer, known for her raw and suspenseful storytelling, has made an indelible mark in the world of crime fiction with her intricate plotlines and nuanced character development. You can also check more about her on her website.

Critical Acclaim and Bestsellers

When considering the most prominent books by Lisa Gardner, it’s hard not to mention the success of her Detective D.D. Warren series, which has become a staple in modern crime fiction. Garnering rave reviews from critics and readers alike, Gardner’s books consistently rank on bestseller lists and have sold millions of copies globally.

Lisa gardner books reviews
Lisa gardner books reviews

One of Gardner’s most notable successes is “The Neighbor,” a book from the D.D. Warren series, which won the Best Hardcover Novel Award from the International Thriller Writers in 2010. “Fear Nothing,” another entry in the series, also gained widespread recognition, with Amazon selecting it as the Best Mystery and Thriller of 2014.

Gardner’s journey to becoming a renowned crime novelist is an intriguing story in itself. She was working in management consulting when she first began writing. She would often pen her novels during cross-country flights, using the time in the air to delve into the fascinating world of crime and law enforcement.

Lisa Gardner book series in order (alternative version)

Some readers prefer to follow specific characters through their journey. Given that Gardner’s series sometimes intersect, you may choose to follow one character’s arc to the end before moving on to another. For instance, you could read all of the Detective D.D. Warren series first, followed by the FBI Profiler series, and then the Tessa Leoni series.

If you’re drawn to certain themes or types of stories, you might want to group the books based on the central themes or type of crime involved. For instance, if you are particularly interested in serial killer stories, you might start with “The Perfect Husband” from the FBI Profiler series, followed by “The Next Accident,” and then jump to “Alone” from the Detective D.D. Warren series.

Remember that Gardner’s standalone novels can be slotted in anywhere, as they don’t directly relate to the series’ characters or arcs.

Reader Reviews-Based Order

You might also want to check out reader reviews and read the books in order of popularity or reader ratings. This approach allows you to start with the books that have been most appreciated by readers and gradually work your way through Gardner’s catalog.

Whatever approach you choose, Lisa Gardner’s books offer a thrilling and engaging reading experience.

As we explore the thrilling world of Lisa Gardner’s novels, we can’t help but wonder: Will you dive into her books following the chronological order, follow a character-centric path, or perhaps opt for a thematic or reader reviews-based approach? Each method presents a unique way to experience Gardner’s gripping narratives and complex characters.

Whether you’re a seasoned Gardner reader, or just starting to discover her work, remember there’s no ‘right’ way to read her books – it’s all about personal preference. So, how will you begin your Lisa Gardner journey?

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or need more information. Happy reading!

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