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Similar books to Lord of The Rings

Looking for some books like The Lord of The Rings? Here you will find a list of books similar to lotr, one of the best fantasy series ever written. Lots of authors are influenced by J.R.R Tokien and his work, LOTR, as as result, there are lots of similar books to Lord of The Rings.

The fact that The Lord of the Rings started everything is not a secret. Tolkien’s story changed the fantasy genre forever. Here you will find lots of good books like Lord of The Rings , are you ready?

Defining the genre to find books like The Lord of The Rings

Lotr narrates the story of a journey full of dangers, epic characters in a medieval fantasy setting.

It is time to take you back to a magical world, where spells are possible and heroic and warlike feats are the order of the day. So here we go.

Are there any fantasy books like The Lord of the Rings? let’s take a look.

List of books like The Lord of The rings

If you are looking for adventure, here you have a list of books similar to Lotr:

A Song of ice and fire: this one had to be in a list of books like The Lord of The Rings

A series of heroic fantasy novels that have been awarded on multiple occasions. Written by George R.R. Martin. The first volume saw the light in 1996. Although at first it was thought that it was a trilogy, at present, there are five published volumes and it is foreseen that there are two more. You can also find prequel and short novels for specific characters. You also have Fire&Blood, the prequel of this series.

Surely many people know the saga for the series “Game of Thrones”. It is situated in a medieval fictional world where different races exist, some more friendly than others. But also, I discovered a weird progression in George R.R Martin’s last published novels, This is why you shouldn’t read Game of Thrones….

Martin himself has cited Tolkien as one of his references on more than one occasion, so the similarities with The Lord of the Rings are served.

The Swords Choice: an indie book like Lord of the Rings

similar books to Lord of The Rings

The Sapphire Eruption

Noakhail is the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Fire, he lives exiled and has only his sword of fire to prove he is the heir to the throne. He has decided to visit the four kingdoms and face the most powerful enemies, an impossible quest for which he must survive, so one day he can meet his destiny.

In a parallel story, finally a princess has been chosen to succeed the throne. But for this, she will have to prove that she is not only to wear the crown, but also to awake the powers of the sword of water.

Dragonlance: the most different among these books like Lord of The Rings

A set of epic novels, where there are several trilogies. It was created by Laura & Tracy Hickman and written almost entirely by Margaret Weis and Tracy herself.

For role lovers, like the mythical game “Dungeons & Dragon”, this saga is just mandatory, since these novels are full of references to this game.

The world of Krynn is divided into several continents, one of the most important is Ansalon. The main story is based on a group of friends and their search for any clue that allows them to prove the existence of the gods that disappeared after the Cataclysm.

A series that are not yet finished and in which you will find different similarities to the Lord of the Rings, as are the journeys of its protagonists and the dangers that lurk around every corner. In case you are interested in this series, here you have the Introducing Dragonlance article for further info.

Also, these series have a 3D animated movie and 3D based on the first story in the series, dubbing includes such relevant voice actors as Kiefer Sutherland, Lucy Lawless or Phil LaMarr.

Kingkiller Chronicles: similar books to Lord of The Rings

Although it is a trilogy, the same author (Patrick Rothfuss) has commented that he does not exclude the idea of extending this wonderful saga. The third and last (for now at least) book still has no publishing date.

Join the story of Kvothe, a famous and adventurous prodigy in practically everything who disappears from public life and is found in a remote village, where a character known as Chronicler persuades him to tell him the story of his life, a story of how he became a legend. when is The Doors of Stone coming?

The Pendragon Cycle

Stephen R. Lawhead was commissioned to make a fantastic novel, which is based on Welsh and Atlantean mythology. The story takes place in Britain when the Western Roman Empire is coming to an end.

The last of the five books came to light in 1997, formed by the trilogy and two prequels thanks to the great success of his novels.

As in The Lord of the Rings, you will have magic, cruel battles and an adventure that deserves to be read.

Forgotten Realms

A fictional universe that is also based on the role play “Dungeons & Dragons”. Ed Greenwood was in charge of giving life to this story.

Faerûn is the continent chosen for the most famous characters, with hundreds of places, organizations, plots, and nods to different video games, such as Baldur’s Gate.

You will be able to find a great number of Races like: Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Orcs, Dragons, Centaurs, Satyrs, Goblins, Lycanthropes, Trolls, Demons, Wyverns, and a long etcetera.

Currently, there are more than 30 books that narrate thousands of adventures that you can not miss. If you are interested in this series take a look at this post with the Drizzt books in order.

Hope you enjoy these fantasy books like Lord of The Rings, which will you start reading? don’t forget to leave to comment! You can also take a look at this list with books like Harry Potter.

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