Metro books in order

Metro books in order: How to read Dmitri Glujovski books

If you are seeking the Metro books in order its because you want to read a post apocayptic story taking place in the metro of Moskow, well, probably you weren’t that much of specific, but this is what you are going to read about once you embark on this series. Let’s know more about the Metro series order.

Are you ready to meet Artyom? let’s go for this then!

Metro books in order, in what order should I read this series?

This series is composed of three books, the best read order for Metro series is the publication order which is at the same time the chronological order.

Here you have the Metro books in order:

Metro book covers

Metro books in order

metro series order


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Reading order:

  • Metro 2033
  • Metro 2034
  • Metro 2035

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Metro books in order, want to get them?

Not that you have the reading order of Metro books maybe you want to purchase them? you can buy Dmitri Glujovski books here, you only have to click on the book cover of the novel you want to purchase, the link will take you to Amazon.

Here you can buy the Metro books:

Metro 2033

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Metro 2034

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METRO 2035

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Let’s know more about this series

In Metro series Muscovites must relocate to their city’s Metro system in order to survive, it is the only safe refuge after the nuclear war. The story centers on Artyom, a 24-year-old boy born before the nuclear war who was saved when he was a baby from a horde of carnivorous rats by a military officer, Sukhoi.

One day a man named Hunter will arrive looking for Sukhoi in order to tell him that the Dark Ones, sapient species descended from humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse, are increasing their attacks.

Aside from Dmitri Glujovski’s books, lots of authors have published stories being set in the Universe of Metro 2033. Some of them are

  • Towards the Light by Andrey Dyakov.
  • The Yield by Force by Andrey Erpylev.
  • The Marble Paradise by Sergey Kuznetsov.
  • Road Signs by Vladimir Berezin.
  • Dark Tunnels by Sergey Antonov.
  • Piter by Shimun Vrochek.

If you want a list of all these stories that take place in the Metro universe just leave a comment. Have you played the videogames? if so, the books are a great way to keep enjoying the same world of darkness.

Also, you can take a look at the Expeditionary Force reading order if you want to read about a story taking place in space. Or you can take a look at The Divergent book order if you haven’t read this series as well.

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