Mitch Rapp series in order

Mitch Rapp books in order

The greatest list with the Mitch Rapp series in order is awaiting for you. This is the story of a CIA counter-terrorist who has had a traumatical past after losing his love in highschool because of a terrorist attack. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking the Mitch Rapp books in order of publication or chronologically, you will find both here.

This is a series created by Vince Flynn, after his death in 2013 due to a cancer the series was continued by the American novelist Kyle Mills.

Mitch rapp series in order of publication: what is the best reading order for this saga?

I suggest you read the Mitch Rapp books in order of publication. However, if you want the mitch rapp books in chronological order you will find it below.

Here you have the Mitch Rapp series in order of publication. If you would like to check out any of the books in the list you only have to click on the cover, the link will take you to Amazon (it opens in a new tab):

Now that you got all the Mitch Rapp books in order would you like to get a book set?

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Mitch Rapp series in order: chronological order list

Here goes a handful list if you want to read the Mitch Rapp books in chronological order. As you see, it also includes who wrote each of the novels and the year of publication.

Mitch Rapp series in order

Mitch Rapp series in order

Mitch Rapp books in order
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  • Simon & Schuster Audio

Reading order:

  • American Assassin (2010) Vince Flynn
  • Kill Shot (2012) Vince Flynn
  • Transfer of Power (1999) Vince Flynn
  • The Third Option (2000) Vince Flynn
  • Separation of Power (2001) Vince Flynn
  • Executive Power (2003) Vince Flynn
  • Memorial Day (2004) Vince Flynn
  • Consent to Kill (2005) Vince Flynn
  • Act of Treason (2006) Vince Flynn
  • Protect and Defend (2007) Vince Flynn
  • Extreme Measures (2008) Vince Flynn
  • Pursuit of Honor (2009) Vince Flynn
  • The Last Man (2012) Vince Flynn
  • The Survivor (2015) Kyle Mills
  • Order to Kill (2016) Kyle Mills
  • Enemy of the State (2017) Kyle Mills
  • Red War (2018) Kyle Mills
  • Lethal Agent (2019) Kyle Mills

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What is this series about?

If you were seeking the Mitch Rapp series in order you will probably know what these books are about, but in case you have here by coincidence and this series caught your interest let’s talk a bit about these novels.

The Mitch Rapp series centers on the fictional character by the same name. Rapp had been offered a scholarship from different universities, but he decided to attend the Syracuuse University because his high school sweetheart, Mauren Eliot, was attending this university. However, Mauren was killed during the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

After her death, aMitch was recruited by the CIA by the director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center (Irene Kennedy) so he would be part of the newbly assembled Orion Team. At this time Mitch Rapp was 22 year old and his first works were not official. Soon, he would become the most decorated member of his team.

One of the main treats of this character is that he does not believe in bureaucracy, and has a radical think about how things should be done in order to fight terrorism.

No excuses now, you have the Mitch Rapp series in order so it is time to start reading this amazing series. Also, in case you have read any of the books in this series don’t forget to leave a comment telling us if you liked it or not.

Before you leave, in case you want to read the complete work by this author you can take a look at this post with all Vince Flynn books in order.

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  • I thought Tom Clancy novels were good. The Mitch Rapp series is by far much better.
    I quite often can’t stop reading. Last year (2019) I read all the books for the second time one after the other and finished just in time for Lethal Agent arrival.

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