princess in black series order

Princess in Black books in order

It’s time to get back to the palace! because we have a list with The Princess Black series in order, a story about Magnolia, who is a princess by day but a sort of cute vigilante by night, or rather, when the monster alarm sounds!

She’s not Batman, but her enemies fear facing her. Because when the Princess in Black shows up the monster party is over, and it’s time for regret and begging for mercy instead.

The Princess in Black series in order by Shanon Hale

These books are written by Shannon Hale and her husband Dean Hale, and its illustrated by LeUyen Pham. We recommend you read the Princess Black books in order of publication, here you have all the 9 volumes shown following that recommendation:

Oh, and there’s also this boxed set that contains the first 3 volumes in the series, in case you want to check it out as well:

Don’t you think this princess is adorable? but she is also brave and fights on her own!

Now that you know the order of the Princess in Black series, don’t miss these books

We make a shortlist of series that fans of the Princes of Black books would enjoy, so here are our 3 recommendations:

You may already know some of this series because some have already been mentioned on this blog. That is the case for the Ivy and Bean books, for example, a story that talks about two girls who hate each other but end up becoming great friends.

The Kitty series may also be a great choice for you, because it tells of a girl who has superhero powers and wants to become as great as her mom.

What is this series about?

This is the story of Magnolia, she seems a cute princess like any other, but when her glitter-stone ring starts going sounds like bring it’s a signal that there’s a monster around causing some trouble. So it’s time for her to dress in black, and turn her scepter into a staff.

Her castle is quite close to the ceiling of Monster Land, that’s why she has had to learn all her ninja and monster-fighting moves so she can deal with their continuous invasion attempts.

Before you start reading the Princess in Black books it might be worth mentioning that some readers get offended when they discover that the name of princess Magnolia’s steed is Blacky. We tell you this in advance so you can decide if this bothers you or not.

A list of The Princess in Black series in order

This series is not concluded, which is great because that means that there will be more releases in the future! we will collect them all in this list with the Black Princess books in order of publication:

the princess in black book series order

The Princess in Black series in order

The Princess in Black – Shanon & Dean Hale


  • Candlewick Press

Reading order:

  • The Princess in Black (The Princess in Black book 1)
  • The Perfect Princess Party (The Princess in Black book 2)
  • The Hungry Bunny Horde (The Princess in Black book 3)
  • Takes a Vacation (The Princess in Black book 4)
  • The Mysterious Playdate (The Princess in Black book 5)
  • The Science Fair Scare (The Princess in Black book 6)
  • The Bathtime Battle (The Princess in Black book 7)
  • The Giant Problem (The Princess in Black book 8)
  • The Mermaid Princess (The Princess in Black book 9)

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These books are quite short, each of the volumes being slightly less than 100 pages long- The recommended reading age for this series is between 5 to 8 years old.

Also, if you like animals then we believe you’ll really enjoy the Guardians of the Ga’hoole series, the main characters are owls! how cool is that?

What is your favorite book in the Princess in Black series? leave a comment telling us which of all the volumes you like the most!

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