The selection books in order

The Selection book order: Kiera Cass books in order

If you are looking for The Selection series order it’s because you are up for some romance. This is dystopian young adult romance series, The Selection by the American author Kiera Cass is what you are looking for if you want a mix of Cinderella and T. Here you will find The Selection books in order.

But not only we will tell you what is the best order to read Kiera Cassbooks, but we also have an amazing book set recommendation for you, which you shouldn’t miss at any costs!

The Selection books in order: What is the best order to read Kiera Cass books?

If you want to start reading these books I suggest you read The Selection series in order of publication instead of chronologicallly. The original series, that is, the first three books in the following list, are considered the best in the series.

After this comes The Prince & The Guard, which narrates the story from the point of view of supporting characters. Lastly, The Queen and The Favorite are prequels, also centered on supporting characters.

Here you have The Selection series in order. If you want to check them out just click on the cover you’d like to know more, the link will take you to Amazon (opens in a new tab don’t worry):

the selection series order

The Selection

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the selection series order to read

The Elite

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the selection series books in order

The One

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the selection series books in order

The Heir

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the selection series books order

The Crown

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the selection series order to read

The Queen

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the selection series order to read

The Favorite

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Now you know The Selection series order, Kiera Cass books have good reviews so you will enjoy The Selection for sure.

Now that you know the best order to read The Selection series , maybe you’d like get this book set?

Not that you know The Selection series order you may want to purchase Kiera Cass novels in a cool set? in that case, you can do it here.

Here you can buy The Selection series, you can buy them individually or you can get The Selection 5-Book Box Set, which includes the first five novels in the series. It has a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating, and it has more than 600 reviews already:

This The Selection box book set is a great addition to your shelf, the book covers look so nice don’t they?

A list with the complete The Selection book order by Kiera Cass

Here you have a list with all The Selection books in order so you can print it or take a snapshot:

The selection books in order

The Selection series in order

The Selection series order to read
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  • HarperTeen;

Reading order:

  • The Selection
  • The Elite
  • The One
  • The Crown
  • The Prince & The Guard
  •  The Queen
  • The Favorite

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You might not be able to read The selection online for free but if you like Audiobooks you can have The Selection audiobook for free using Audible Trial (see on Amazon). The Selection is narrated by Rachel F. Hirsch.

Let’s know a bit more about these novels

The Selection takes place in a futuristic world in which society is divided into castes. The plot centers on America Singer, a girl who is a Five, that is, who belongs to the artist caste.

Girls from each of these castes are selected in order to live in palace, where they will have to conquer the heart of prince Maxon Schreaves. A competition in which whoever wins will not only marry him, but of course also wear the crown. This is a great chance for all these girls, who are up to compete against each other for such an ambitious price. But the main character of this story, America, does not want to win, since he already loves somebody.

The author of this series, Kiera Cass, said that she was inspired by both Cinderella and Esther ( the Jewish queen of a Persian king Ahasuerus ) to write this series. She stated that she began wondering if those both character would be happy with their lifes, ending up being married with a prince, and from such a premise she wrote The Selection series.

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So here you have it, hope this post about The selection series in order was useful for you. Will you start this series right now or it is just in your To Be Read list? any other book you would like to share with us that might be similar to The Selection? do not hesitate to leave a comment with your suggestions

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