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Some book seriess are really long and it gets difficult to know which is the proper order to read them. Sometimes there are prequels, other times the publishing dates makes are not in chronological order…  all this makes us confused, wondering what is the best order to read certain saga. As a result, we may even give up trying to start reading new series. It’s time to stop that, if you want to know the proper reading order just check here!

This category is pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want to know the best order to read a certain saga just stay tuned.

dark tower reading order

Stephen King’s Dark Tower series in order

Here you will find the Dark Tower reading order, a dark fantasy western series written by no other than Stephen King! yes, the master of horror also enjoys writing fantasy, and he excels at it as well! the first volume of the Dark Tower series, The Gunslinger, introduces us to Roland Deschain, the last member of the gunslingers, an organization that protected the world.

Also, not only you will find Stephen King’s Dark Tower series in order but we’ll also recommend you some other worth reading books that are similar to King’s work. And, of course, we’ll recommend you the best Dark Tower book set we found, so you can get all the novels in this series.

Most recommended Dark Tower reading order – a series by Stephen King

We recommend you read the Dark Tower series in chronological order. Here you have all the novels shown following such recommendation, you can get any of them by clicking on their cover, or click on the blue button to take a look at the reviews of those who have already enjoyed these books:

If you enjoy collecting books, then this Dark Tower book set will be a great addition to your collection. It collects all the books in the series. you can choose between Kindle and Paperback, and it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, having more than 1.800 reviews.

Now that we told you the reading order for The Dark Tower series, take a look at these similar books

We have no doubt that you will enjoy the obscure tone of the Dark Tower books, so you will be willing to read some similar fantasy series once you have read the last novel in the series. Here you have 3 series that you will enjoy as well:

If you enjoy reading fantasy books you probably know these 3 series already. The series by Robert Jordan is known as one of the best fantasy series of all time, here you have this post with all The Wheel of Time reading order.

The lore of the Dark Tower books is just fascinating, if you are into complex worldbuilding then don’t miss The Malazan book of the fallen series, you will really enjoy it as well.

Is there any alternative reading order for the Dark Tower series

The best way to enjoy this series is by reading these novels in publication order. But there’s an exception to this, The Wind Through the Keyhole was written several years later to the other volumes, but since its plot is set between the fourth and the fifth books of the series we believe it’s better you read it after finishing the fourth volume.

However, here goes a list with the Dark Tower series in publication order, so you can decide how you want to enjoy this western fantasy series by Stephen King.

The Dark Tower reading order

Dark Tower series – Stephen King


  • Scribner


  • The Gunslinger (Dark Tower book 1)
  • The Drawing of the Three (Dark Tower book 2)
  • The Waste Lands (Dark Tower book 3)
  • Wizard and Glass (Dark Tower book 4)
  • Wolves of the Calla (Dark Tower book 5)
  • Song of Susannah (Dark Tower book 6)
  • The Dark Tower (Dark Tower book 7)
  • The Wind Through the Keyhole (Dark Tower book 8)

While it is true that The Wind Through the Keyhole was written way later than the rest of the books in the series most readers have enjoyed it and believe that it is a great addition to the Dark Tower series so we encourage you to not skip this novel.

Also, you’ll be glad to know that the Dark Tower series is concluded, which means you don’t have to wait for Stephen King to write any additional volume in the series to know how it ends.

What is this series about?

In this series, we meet Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger. He lives in a fictional world, that has a huge resemblance to the American Old West (if cowboys were able to use magic, of course).

Ronald embarks on a journey to find the Dark Tower, a building that is said to connect all the realities (a sort of multiverse setting), so he can save his own world, which is gradually disappearing or rather, collapsing.

Fun fact, Stephen King got the inspiration to start writing the Dark Tower series from the poem Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came,  by Robert Browning.

the dark tower series

Additionally, you might be aware that there is a movie adaptation of this series, well, most of Stephen King’s works have had a film adaptation, don’t they?. Of which you must know two things. First one, that the film’s plot is set after the events narrated in the Dark Tower books. And second, that the movie flopped, and the general opinion is that it doesn’t do justice to the books at all. The same reason is why the Vampire Academy 2 film was never filmed, the first movie adaptation being extremely bad.

Now that we told you the reading order of the Dark Tower books you can enjoy Roland Deschain’s epic tale. Some fans of Stephen Kings’ works believe this series is his best work, what are your thoughts? leave a comment telling us if you have read this series and which you think is the best book by Stephen King.

Halo books order

Halo Book series in order

Are you seeking all the Halo books in order? then you will find them here. If you like this videogame franchise you are lucky, because there are lots of Halo novels for you to enjoy. You’ll will find a useful list of the Halo book series in order, but in case you want to know where to start, Fall of Reach is the first Halo book you should read.

Here goes the most recommended order for the Halo books, also if you click on their cover you will be able to get them. Let’s begin, you should start with the Halo individual novels. By the way, if you want to get any of these books you can get them just by clicking on their cover:

Then you should read the Halo The Forerunner Saga:

Next one is the Halo Kilo-Five Trilogy:

Now it’s time for Halo A Master Chief Story:

And last but not least, the Halo Battle Born series:

So many Halo books! which is great, don’t you think? if you end up loving these stories, which we are confident you will if you like this videogame franchise, then you will have lots of novels to read.

Now that you have all the Halo Books in order, maybe you would like to get a Halo box set?

There are many cool Halo box book sets, here you can take a look at them:

With the Halo book series we will learn more about this amazing universe. And for that, you need this Halo books reading order. Any of these Halo box set recommendations are a great way to start this series.

The Halo books are a must read for anyone who has played any videogame of this popular franchise, and these sets are a great way to get into this series.

Halo Books in order: how should I read these series?

There is a total of 30 Halo books. The best way to read them is starting with the individual novels in publication order, and then read the other four Halo book series.

Halo books in order
Halo books in order

The last book in the series, Halo Point of Light, is written by Kelly Gay and is the sequel of Renegades.

Here you have all Halo books in order. If you want to take a look at any of these books just click on their cover, the link will take you to Amazon where you will be able to read the blurb, see the price, etc (don’t worry, it will open in a new tab).

Halo books series in order list: a super useful list for you

This list might be useful for you. Here there’s all Halo books in order including useful information as is the author, the publication date and the saga it belongs to:

halo book series
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Halo book order

Halo books


  • Gallery Books


  • Halo: The Fall of Reach – Eric Nylund – 2001
  • Halo: The Flood – William C. Dietz – 2003
  • Halo: First Strike – Eric Nylund – 2003
  • Halo: Ghosts of Onyx – Eric Nylund – 2006
  • Halo: Contact Harvest – Joseph Staten – 2007
  • Halo: The Cole Protocol – Tobias Buckell – 2008
  • Halo: Broken Circle – John Shirley – 2014
  • Halo: New Blood – Matt Forbeck – 2015
  • Halo: Hunters in the Dark – Peter David – 2015
  • Halo: Saint’s Testimony – Frank O’Connor – 2015
  • Halo: Last Light – Troy Denning – 2015
  • Halo: Shadow of Intent – Joseph Staten – 2015
  • Halo: Smoke and Shadow – Kelly Gay – 2016
  • Halo: Envoy – Tobias Buckell – 2017
  • Halo: Retribution – Troy Denning – 2017
  • Halo: Legacy of Onyx – Matt Forbeck – 2017
  • Halo: Bad Blood – Matt Forbeck – 2018
  • Halo: Renegades – Kelly Gay – 2019
  • Halo: Point of Light – Kelly Gay –2021 –
  • Halo: Cryptum – Greg Bear – 2011 – The Forerunner Saga
  • Halo: Primordium – Greg Bear – 2012 – The Forerunner Saga
  • Halo: Silentium – Greg Bear – 2013 – The Forerunner Saga
  • Halo: Glasslands – Karen Traviss – 2011 – Kilo-Five Trilogy
  • Halo: The Thursday War – Karen Traviss – 2012 – Kilo-Five Trilogy
  • Halo: Mortal Dictata – Karen Traviss – 2014 – Kilo-Five Trilogy
  • Halo: Silent Storm – Troy Denning – 2018 – A Master Chief Story
  • Halo: Oblivion – Troy Denning – 2019 – A Master Chief Story
  • Halo: Shadows of Reach – Troy Denning – 2020 – A Master Chief Story
  • Halo: Battle Born – Cassandra Rose Clarke – 2019 – Battle Born
  • Halo: Meridian Divide – Cassandra Rose Clarke – 2019 – Battle Born

Are the Halo books canonical?

Halo series order
Halo series order

While the Halo novels take in place in the same universe as the videogames developed by Creative Asssembly, they have their own narrative line. Having said this, it is important to know that the Halo books are actually canonical and even some of the events taking place in the novels have been lately introduced in the subsequent installments of the video game series.

Do I have to play the videogames to enjoy this series?

Actually not, the Halo book series can be read as an standalone and therefore there is no need to have played the video games in order to enjoy it. However, Halo is an amazing franchise and you should give the video games a try if you are a gamer.

If you are a fan of the scifi series then you can’t miss this list with the best Star Wars books. Speaking of SW, did you know there is a series adressed to kids? take a look at this post with the Jedy Academy books in order.

Discover more on Wottaread.

vampire academy series order

Vampire Academy book series in order

It is time for some paranormal romance, so here you will find the Vampire Academy series in order. Richelle Mead’s books tell the story of Rose Hathaway, a teenage girl who is a dhampir, a kind of vampire, for which she’ll have to attend the St. Vladimir’s Academy.

Also, we will recommend you the best Vampire Academy book set we found, in case you want to get a pack that collects the books in the series. But first things first, here you have all the Vampire Academy books in order. You can get any of them by clicking on their cover:

As we anticipated before, this is the most recommended book set to get all the original novels in this series written by Richelle Mead:

After reading the six books in the original series you can begin with the Bloodline books, which are spin offs, telling us the story of different characters in the series. Here you have them all:

Now that you know what is the best order to read The Vampire Academy book series check out our recommendations!

Your lust for blood has no end uh? no problem, we got plenty for you to sate your voracious appetite. Here go some other recommended books with vampires so you can start them once you have read all the Vampire Academy books:

Do you remember the True Blood show? it’s based on a book series! yes, and the first volume of this series is one of the books we suggested to you on the list above. If you want to know more, check out this post with the Sookie Stackhouse series in order.

In the same way, you might also know about the famous tv series released in 2009, Vampire Diaries, which happens to be based on a book series as well. Check out this post to know how many vampire diaries books are there.

A list with the best order for the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

The best order to read the Vampire Academy books is following the publication order. First you should read the original series, the six volumes. Once you finished those then you should start with the spin off series, The Blood Lines.

This is a list with all the Vampire Academy books in order of publication:

Vampire academy book series in order

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead


  • Razorbill


  • Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy book 1)
  • Frostbite (Vampire Academy book 2)
  • Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy book 3)
  • Blood Promise (Vampire Academy book 4)
  • Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy book 5)
  • Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy book 6)

Wait, before we continue, we have an important question for you. To answer it, please take a look at the cover of the signature edition of the first volume in the series. We are talking about the one shown below, take a look closely to the girl on the cover…

Don’t you think she looks a lot like Angelina Jolie? now you won’t be able to unsee it!

This adult paranomal romance is adressed to teens between 12 and 17 year olds, however, you will enjoy this series despite being older than that age (as long as you have a young hearts, which is what matters after all). The Vampire Academy books have a reading level of grades 7 to 9.

What are these book by Richelle Mead about?

As said before this is the story of a dhampir, which is a kind of vampire, called Rosemarie (or just Rose) Hathaway who wants to become a guardian of her friend, Lissa Dragomi. This teenage girl will attend the vampire academy to fullfill her goal, while here she will get in love with her instructor and mentor, Dimitri Belikov.

The first volume in the series had a movie adaptation, released in 2014, which turned out to be a box office bomb. After the low performance of the movie at the theatres, the project was canceled and the planned movies to cover the entire series were never filmed. There is a lot to tell about this adaptation, so we will dedicate an entire post to talk about this matter, because there is a lot to tell and to explain in further detail.

vampire academy film

Now that we told you what is the best order to read the Vampire Academy book series you will finally be able to enjoy these books, which happen to have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Yes, the novels by Richell Mead are that popular, so you did a great job deciding to start reading them.

Have you read any of the books in the Vampire Academy series? if that is the case then leave a comment telling us what you liked the most about it and who is your favorite character. Also, feel free to criticize the movie as much as you want to.

don winslow books in order

Order for the Power of the Dog trilogy by Don Winslow

Here you will find Don Winslow’s trilogy in order, the famous story that begins with the novel The Power of the Dog and introduces us to an incredibly epic thriller. We find ourselves in the middle of a war against the narcos, and it is a tough, bloody plot.

We are going to tell you what this story is about, and we are also going to recommend sagas that have a similar touch to the Power of the Dog trilogy.

Don Winslow’s books in order for The Power of the Dog trilogy

It is said of these books that they hook and that they narrate a reality that is there and that we are unaware of. Here is Don Winslow’s trilogy in order of publication, which is how we recommend you read this saga. As you already know, if you click on the cover of these novels you will be able to get them, and in the same way you will also be able to read the opinions of those who love the thriller genre and have already enjoyed them:

Somehow, we believe that the covers of this story convey the rawness hidden in these pages. An intriguing read that reveals the secrets in the world of drug trafficking.

Now that we have told you the order of Don Winslow’s books, check out these similar series

As soon as you finish the third and last book by Don Winslow belonging to this series you will be in the mood for more action. And so here are three suggestions that also belong to the thriller genre, and that we hope will grab you with their plot (or their cover):

On the other hand, you can also take a look at this post with the Jack Ryan books in order, you probably already know these books written by the bestselling author Tom Clancy, time to start reading them if you haven’t yet!

What is this saga about? a brief synopsis

We are in the 60’s, specifically in North American lands. The U.S. government is trying to deal with drug trafficking from Mexican cities, the protagonist of this story, Art Keller, is a young member of the DEA that will end the life of the local boss, and thus, the empire of this murky business will fall into the hands of Adam Barrera, and that is not good news at all…

The Cartel book, the second of this saga, will tell us the story of Adan Barrera and how he will want to end the life of Art Keller, and why? You will have to read this second volume to discover his dark reasons.

Just in case you still haven’t figured it out, here you have the order of Don Winslow’s trilogy. In which you can see that you have to start with the book The Power of the Dog, since in this volume we will be introduced in this intriguing and dangerous story.

The Power of the Dog Trilogy

Don Winslow books


  • The Power of the Dog


  • The Power of the Dog (Don Winslow book 1)
  • The Cartel (Don Winslow book 2)
  • The Border (Don Winslow book 3)

Although it has a very different tone, we also want to recommend a popular saga written by a Spanish author who is dedicated to crime novels, you may know who we are talking about in fact, here you have the books of Domingo Villar in order.

Have you read any of Don Winslow’s books? His novels are usually catalogued as very intense, as well as authentic masterpieces. But we also want to know your opinion, so if you have already read any of the books of this trilogy then tell us what you thought and give it the score you think it deserves.

hilary mantel trilogy

Wolf Hall series order by Hilary Mantel

It’s time for a great historical series, so here you will find all Hilary Mantel books in order, the famous Wolf Hall series which narrates the story about The Tudors dinasty. A family of which there is much to know, and to surprise us with, so it’s time to move to the England of the sixteenth century and meet this family.

Do you want to get the Wolf Hall trilogy? then click here to check out an amazing book set that collects the three books in this series. Also, we will recommend you some similar series to these books by HIlary Mantel.

Order of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Half series

We strongly advise you to read The The Wolf Hall books in order of publication, this way you will enjoy the story better. TAs you already know, if you click on the cover of each of the novels of this saga you can get it and also read the reviews of those who have already read them. Here you have all Hilary Mantel books in order:

The first book in this series has more than eight thousand reviews already, so yeah, people seem to love this series it seems!

Now that you know the order of Hilary Mantel’s trilogy of books, check out this book set

Want to get the three books ? then the best choice for you is to get this amazing book set:

The day will come when you finish the last book by Hilary Mantel in this series, and you will face that well of loneliness where that question that causes you so much anxiety will not stop echoing in your mind, what book should I read now? so we have three suggestions that will serve to silence that voice once and for all:

And speaking of recommendations, if you like to read while you are lying in bed then we have a perfect suggestion so that your back doesn’t hurt. We refer to these amazing models of reading light, so even the darkest night won’t stop you from reading.

Synopsis of this series

As we have previously told you, the Tudor novels focus on the character of Thomas Cronwell, telling us a somewhat biographical story that reads well. To put you a little more in context, we are in the British lands, in the year 1520, scenario in which we will witness how King Henry VIII sees how he fails to obtain a son who can succeed him in the crown, which is why he intends to obtain a divorce so he can marry Anne Boleyn, but for that he needs the approval of the pope, and so far all he has obtained have been refusals to his request.

Thomas Cromwell will arrive at court, and with them his multiple reforms in the English system, which will gradually make their way through parliament and will be able to captivate a king who seems more interested in other areas of a more romantic nature.

So that you have no doubts, here you have the order of Hilary Mantel’s books although this time in list format. And that way you know how to read this story about The Tudors that will catch you and that will teach you about the history of England:

Hilary Mantel trilogy

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel


  • Wolf Hall


  • Wolf Hall (book 1)
  • Bring Up the Bodies  (Wolf Hall book 2)
  • The Mirror & the Light (Wolf Hall book 3)

On the other hand, if you like thirllers then don’t miss this post where we you can find all the Myron Bolitar books in order, so should not miss them!

Have you already read the book Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantell? if so, tell us what you think about this story and if you think it is an interesting way to learn about the past of the British country.