glass and steele series in order

Glass and Steele series in order by C.J. Archer

Today we are talking about a USA Today bestselling series. We have a list with the Glass and Steele series in order, the popular story by C.J. Archer set in  Victorian England but with magic in it, what a great mixture don’t you think?

Be prepared for an intriguing plot combined with a great cast of characters, get ready to become part of the search for the maker of the special watch!

Glass and Steele series in order by C.J. Archer

This series is composed of 13 volumes and it’s finished, also, it may be worth mentioning that these books can’t be read as a standalone, instead you’ll have to read the subsequent books so to know how the plot gets resolved. You should read the Glass and Steele series in order of publication, here you have a quick handy list with all the books:

For those obsessed with spelling, no, it’s not Glass and Steel, because Steele happens to be the surname of the main character in the series, and her name is India. Author C.J. Archer playfully named these two main characters this way, will India be strong as this metal and Mathew as fragile and transparent as glass is? that is for you to discover by starting The Watchmaker’s Daughter, the first volume in the series.

Now that we told you the order of the Glass and Steele series don’t miss these books

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What are these books about?

The Glass and Steele books tell the story of India and Matthew. After her father, a watchmaker, dies she finds herself unemployed and homeless, since no other watchmaker in London will want to hire her. 

But then she will meet an American man, Matt Glass, who will hire her for the most peculiar job: they must find a particular watchmaker. 

However, India will find out that Matt is not who he claims to be, but he is a fugitive instead. Should she report him to the authorities or should she keep her mouth shut so she can keep the job? 

The Glass and Steele book series is full of intrigue, mystery, romance, quirky characters, and magic.

A list with the Glass and Steele series in order

As said before, this story by C.J. Archer is concluded. The following list shows all the books in the Glass and Steele series in order of publication, which is how we recommend you read them. 

Glass and Steele books C.J Archer

Glass and Steele series in order

Glass and Steele – C.J. Archer


  • Self published

Reading order:

  • The Watchmaker’s Daughter (Glass and Steele book 1)
  • The Mapmaker’s Apprentice (Glass and Steele book 2)
  • The Apothecary’s Poison (Glass and Steele book 3)
  • The Magician’s Diary (Glass and Steele book 4)
  • The Convent’s Secret (Glass and Steele book 5)
  • The Ink Master’s Silence (Glass and Steele book 6)
  • The Cheater’s Game (Glass and Steele book 7)
  • The Prisoner’s Key (Glass and Steele book 8)
  • The Imposter’s Inheritance (Glass and Steele book 9)
  • The Kidnapper’s Accomplice (Glass and Steele book 10)
  • The Toymaker’s Curse (Glass and Steele book 11)
  • The Spy Master’s Scheme (Glass and Steele book 12)
  • The Goldsmith’s Conspiracy (Glass and Steele book 13)

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Also, this series is self-published, but going indie doesn’t mean you can’t become a bestselling author, and C.J. Archer is great proof of that since she has sold more than 2 million books and her books hit the USA Today bestselling lists several times! A similar thing happened to the Riyria series by Michael J. Sullivanan, his work was originally self-published and now his books are one of the most popular in the fantasy genre.

Have you started reading the Glass and Steele series? then leave a comment telling us who’s your favorite character and what’s for you the most fascinating aspect of this story.

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